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Skinner’s offerings of Fine Wines feature both new and old world wines and mature and rare vintages and spirits from single bottles to entire cellar collections.





For thousands of years, wine has offered a powerful allure – bound by the earth and cultivated by man, it has evoked our passions, roused our intellect, stirred our souls, soothed our woes, and delighted our senses.  So it is no surprise that such a thing might be coveted and collected by those seeking the warmth and wisdom of its company.

More than any other collecting discipline, the area of fine wines is extremely personal and gloriously ephemeral. When you collect wine, you’re not buying something to hang on a wall, keep time with, or claim as an historic relic. Instead, you’re investing in an experience – one that is fleeting, but enormously pleasurable – both in the anticipation of it and in the memories created from it.

Those collectors in search of solid, fine tangibles offering financial leverage are wise to remember that the wine itself carries with it more than the story of its terroir – it often represents a percentage of a well diversified investment portfolio.

Skinner understands this duality of appeal and how it translates to real value in the worldwide marketplace. We work with both buyers and consignors over the long-term, as their wine knowledge, tastes, and cellars evolve; we accept a full-range of consignments that reflect these collectors’ devotion and passion over the decades. What’s more, Skinner wine auctions feature not only fine wines and spirits, we’ve recently added select ales into the mix.

Skinner’s unique and agile approach enables us to capitalize on value for our consignors by presenting the very best across the board to the most serious collectors from around the world.

Skinner auctions of Fine Wines have been heralded as among the most professional wine auctions in the country by the Quarterly Review of Wines. If you’re a wine collector interested in either buying or selling wines from your collection, come share your story of collecting wine with Marie Keep, head of Skinner’s Fine Wines department. Consign today.



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