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Skinner is the only major auction house in New England to offer fine wines and rare spirits at auction. By hosting five auctions a year in conjunction with our retail partner, Lower Falls Wine Company, we break new ground annually and continue to achieve highly competitive prices. With the department now in its second decade, we welcomed the Rare Spirits division in 2014 adding another layer of expertise to our dynamic team. Skinner’s unique and agile approach enables us to capitalize on value for our consignors by presenting the finest cellars to the most serious collectors around the world.



More than any other collecting discipline, the area of fine wines is extremely personal and gloriously ephemeral. When you collect wine, you invest in an experience – one that is fleeting but enormously pleasurable, both in the anticipation of it and in the memories created from it. Collectors in search of fine tangibles offering financial leverage are wise to remember that the wine itself carries with it more than the story of its terroir – it can represent a solid percentage of a well-diversified investment portfolio. Skinner understands this duality of appeal and how it translates to real value in the worldwide marketplace. We work with both buyers and consignors over the long-term, as their wine knowledge, tastes, and cellars evolve; we accept a full-range of consignments that reflect these collectors’ devotion and passion over the decades.

Whether you have long-forgotten wines in an old New England cellar or a modern collection in professional storage our experts are poised and prepared to assist. We welcome you to submit images via our online evaluation form or contact us at for more information.

Please visit our webpage to learn more about Fine Wine Appraisal and Consignment .

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