Glass & Lighting

Glass and lighting at Skinner includes a wide range of time periods and forms, from Art Nouveau and Art Deco to Modern and contemporary art glass and lighting.



Glass has a mysterious beauty; it is both solid and fragile, sheer and luminous. This illumination brings an antique crystal chandelier or Tiffany lampshade to life.

Humanity has been making and using glass since prehistoric times for both practical and decorative purposes, although until the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, glass was a luxury item. Glass is now commonplace in our homes, but studio artists such as Dale Chihuly still create elaborate and stunning contemporary works out of this remarkable material.

Skinner understands the delicate beauty of glass and the important role lighting plays in any home design decision. With over thirty years of experience selling mosaic glass lamps, important art glass, vintage mirrors, and both antique and modern lighting fixtures, Skinner excels at bringing museum-quality collections to on-site and online auction.

Important glass makers and lighting designers come from around the world. Famous names include Thomas Webb and Wedgwood in England, Louis Comfort Tiffany in America, Loetz in Austria, and the Daum brothers and Emile Gallé in France. At a Skinner auction, you can find glass and lighting in any style that suits your design aesthetic – from the 19th century to contemporary works.

Collectors of art glass in all its forms prize elegant or unique designs, complex workmanship, and impeccable condition. It takes the deft touch of a master craftsperson to create a piece with no flaws, and it takes the loving care of a collector to usher the glass through the years without damage. The most valuable glass pieces are the masterpieces of design and craftsmanship that have lasted in pristine condition through the years.

If you have a period or signed piece, or a collection of art glass that you or a family member has gathered over the years, a Skinner expert would be happy to discuss the appraisal and consignment process with you.


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