Modern Design

Modern Design at Skinner includes furniture, lighting, pottery, art glass, metalwork, and textiles from iconic tastemakers throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.



The turn of the 20th century marked an important time in the history of art and design.  The modern age carried with it a whole new sense of what was possible, imaginable, and fashionable in art, architecture, and design. Modern design movements and artist groups such as The Bauhaus influenced the public understanding of the importance of craftmanship, and  the melding of form and function.

Industrialization, technological advances in transportation, and the increasing prevalence of electricity in the home changed the way we lived, entertained, traveled and understood the world as a whole, and design throughout the past 100 years reflects these changes.

As the influence of modern life on design has evolved, visionary artists and craftsman continue to innovate and explore the meaning of “modern” — pushing the envelope in construction, materials, and aesthetics.

Modern design encompasses many styles including Art Nouveau (“New Art”),Arts & Crafts, Art Deco, Industrial Design, Mid-Century Modern, and the Studio Movement. More popular now than ever, original modern design furniture, art glass, lighting, pottery, metalwork, and textiles find great favor with collectors of this now classic genre.

Skinner has had a long and highly successful presence in the modern world, being one of the world’s first auction houses to offer this specialty collecting category at auction. Works by modern tastemakers such as Frank Lloyd Wright, George Nakashima, Wendell Castle, Sam Maloof, Hans Wegner, Charles Rohlfs, Paul T. Frankl, Paul Evans and others sell often in our auctions.

If you love modern design, Skinner has much to offer you – auctions dedicated to the sale of this material, and appraisal and auction services aimed at achieving maximum value for your consignments.


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