Historic Arms & Militaria

Military antiques at Skinner include weapons, equipment, flags, uniforms, and documents that can be traced to a war or historical military use.



Important pieces of history can send a shiver up your spine. It’s one thing to read about a decisive battle that turned the tide of a war, and quite another thing to hold a musket in your hand that was fired during that battle. Historic arms and military antiques bring history to life and tell the story of soldiers, generals, and others whose lives were changed by war.

From the start of the American Revolution on April 19th, 1775 to the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944, important battles and wars mark off chapters in human history. Collectors of antique arms and militaria remember these moments with reverence and are honored to be the custodians of weapons, uniforms, documents, flags, and other memorabilia from these important historical times.

Weapons from early history around the globe also inspire awe and interest at Skinner on-site and online auctions. American Indian tomahawks, Persian swords, and early Asian weaponry can all be quite valuable to the right collector.

Skinner appraisers understand the importance of provenance and careful research in the sale of historical arms. The name of the man who owned a musket can lead to military service records detailing which units that soldier fought in, and which battles that musket might have been used in.

Christopher D. Fox, the Skinner specialist dedicated to historic arms and militaria, brings years of experience and an enduring passion for the material to every appraisal and auction. Whether you have one great piece of military history, or a major collection of military antiques, contact us to learn more about consignment at Skinner.


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