Fine sculpture at Skinner includes traditional works in marble, bronze, and alabaster through modern and contemporary pieces of varying sizes and media, from captivating kinetic sculptures to large, inviting garden sculptures.



Sculpture inhabits space in a way that two-dimensional works do not, inviting interactions that feel surprisingly real as we experience these works. Sculpture changes appearance as we view it from different vantage points, and as our experience of sculpture changes, so do our reactions to it.

These three-dimensional works of art may be placed in unexpected places: on the floor, on a shelf or mantle, hanging from a ceiling, or outside in a garden or public space. Some sculptures incorporate moving or changing elements, adding to the variability and mystery of the piece. Other times, viewers are invited to walk through or even touch a sculpture, increasing the accessibility and appeal of the art for people of all ages.

Skinner has a proven record of excellent auction results for fine sculpture. With an established reputation for handling traditional academic works by artists such as Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington, and Paul Howard Manship, Skinner has increased its focus on modern and contemporary masters from around the globe.

Skinner auctions fine works of sculpture to an international audience of art museums, collectors, and dealers. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston acquired this pair of life-sized great danes by Huntington. The scale and exquisite quality of the sculpture make this piece the quintessential example of her work.

The Arnaldo Pomodoro sculpture Rotante primo sezionale n. 1 is another outstanding example of an artist’s work. Skinner sold this modern sculpture for $468,000. The spheres, created in different sizes for both indoor and outdoor display play with contrasts of rough and smooth, with reflecting surfaces and gritty ones.  On a much smaller scale, the delightful and diminutive Alexander Calder work, Shoe with Split Heel, is full of the artist’s playfulness and brought $148,125 at a Skinner auction.

Skinner is continually sourcing outstanding examples of the sculptor’s art, and our sculpture appraisers are available to evaluate your fine works of art. Led by department director Robin Starr, Skinner fine art experts bring a wealth of knowledge and a deep appreciation for the art to every sculpture appraisal. Contact Skinner to learn more about consigning traditional or modern sculpture to auction.


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