American Ceramics

Skinner’s American Ceramic offerings, made both in America and abroad, include redware, stoneware, mochaware, historical Staffordshire, Chinese export porcelain, Liverpool jugs and presidential ceramics.



Ceramics in early America encompassed a full range of use and aesthetic, from the sturdy utilitarian earthenware of the kitchen, to the fine and delicate Chinese export porcelain of the parlor, and the Staffordshire transfer-decorated pottery of the dining room. Whether used for storing pickles or displaying status, ceramic objects used in the United States during the 18th and 19th centuries were made to satisfy the growing demand of American households and came from makers in England, France, and China as well as domestic producers.

Antique ceramics survive as evidence both of everyday life and special occasions. Reasons for collecting range as broadly as the styles: folk art collectors gravitate toward hand-wrought look of redware and stoneware; others search for transfer-decorated wares depicting historic scenes, famous buildings and landscapes, or Chinese export products with particular family crests or arms; presidential collectors seek out entire china services; and mochaware’s abstract designs appeal to those with modern sensibilities.

Skinner offers American Ceramics at auction year round and has achieved world record prices for highly unusual forms. The earliest pieces and those in mint condition garner the best price at auction, but every collector will find something to suit their tastes and budget. Consider selling your fine ceramics collection with Skinner. Learn more about consigning to auction.


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