Fine works of pottery and porcelain at Skinner come from the kilns of the best American, European, Asian and Modern makers and studio potters from the 15th through the 21st centuries.



Made from clay, water and fire, ceramics are the alchemy of the earth. Evidence of the first ceramics, crude pottery vessels, dates back to 8,000 B.C., but it took until the 6th century for the Chinese to create porcelain, its harder, more durable cousin. Since that time, man has sought to master the design for making and the process for firing ceramics, elevating both pottery and porcelain to near perfect art forms.

Nearly every ancient and modern culture on earth has tried its hand at producing ceramics, and arguably some of the very best examples reign from China, Japan, Korea, England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, and America. Each country and region brings its own artistic sensibilities and cultural influences to bear for the benefit of the beholder.

The result has been an enormous range of offerings worldwide to delight collectors of any taste or budget: There are the soft pastels and neoclassical forms of English Wedgwood, the fanciful decoration and bold color of Italian majolica, the folksy charm of early American stoneware and the abstract beauty of mocha ware; the stunning portrait beauties adorning KPM plaques, the organic forms of American art pottery, and the quiet simplicity of Japanese and Chinese wares.

Skinner is among the world’s leading auction houses and a major force in the sale and appraisal of fine ceramics. Our auctions repeatedly achieve world record prices for fine ceramics and our reputation for honesty and integrity makes Skinner a trustworthy auction partner for both buyers and consignors of fine ceramics.

If you’re a collector considering consignment, contact Skinner today to discuss how we can help you achieve maximum value for your fine ceramics collection.

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