Asian Art

Asian art offerings at Skinner include paintings and calligraphy, prints and manuscripts, textiles, ceramics, swords, netsuke, bronzes, Buddhist sculpture, and furniture from China, Japan, Korea, Tibet and India.



Vast in its expanse, the continent of Asia has been the source of many of the world’s finest works of art and decorative arts for more than 7,000 years. For centuries, artists and artisans from the diverse cultures of China, Japan, Korea, Tibet and India have produced ceramics, textiles, paintings, prints, sculpture, scholar objects, precious stone and iron works, and furniture.

Although isolated from each other both geographically and politically, the many cultures and countries of Asia developed alongside one another, and at times, in spite of one another, with each culture influencing its neighbors. The result was a shared and complicated history and a similar aesthetic in arts and architecture. More than any other nation, China in particular proliferated centuries of technological innovations that brought about the most important advances in artistic and material culture. These remarkable works have endured, and today, the Asian aesthetic is increasingly popular with collectors who favor its natural motifs and quiet, simple designs.

Collectors of Asian arts are a growing demographic the world over and Skinner has cultivated this sophisticated, multi-cultural audience for the past 40 years. Our knowledge of the Asian arts market and its fluctuations, both past and present, is what makes us uniquely qualified to work with collectors interested in consigning their collections to auction.

Judith Dowling, director of Skinner’s Asian Works of Art department, has lived and traveled widely throughout the continent of Asia. A master of Harvard University’s East Asian Studies program, Judith understands the complexities of this market and what makes for a successful auction consignment. If you’re a collector of Asian works of art, either antique or contemporary, contact Skinner to discuss selling your collection at auction.


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