Antique Vehicles

Antique motor vehicles auctioned at Skinner include automobiles and motorcycles from 1918 through the 1960s, featuring touring, racing, and muscle cars.



The curve of a fender or the power under the hood of a fine antique vehicle can inspire awe and nostalgia. For many, our experiences in and around automobiles define important phases of our lives. Classic cars have also come to represent specific times in American history, world history, and popular culture.

The most famous vehicles by Mercedes, Ferrari, Jaguar, Ford,  Packard, Chevrolet, and others represent a perfect pairing of technology and fine design and often visual and mechanical breakthroughs. Collectors understand that classic cars and motorcycles are an art form unto themselves, transcending their traditional role as an everyday means of transportation.

Skinner has a long history handling antique motor vehicles and working with collectors and dealers in the field. When Skinner auctioned The Antique Motorcycle Collection of Arthur Sigal, Founder of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America (AMCA),eager competitors flocked to the gallery for a chance to bid on items such as a 1920 “Ace” with sidecar. At the time, it was the oldest extant operational example.

Whether you are looking to sell a single antique vehicle or an entire collection, Skinner offers personalized customer service. From presale preparations and careful research to captivating, informative photography and effective, targeted marketing, Skinner provides in-depth auction services with efficiency and expertise.  As a premier auction house with experience in many areas, Skinner is in the unique position to cross-market vehicles to fine art and design collectors around the world.

Contact us to discuss consigning an important collection or a single antique vehicle at auction.

Please send a copy of the vehicle title and any maintenance or restoration records along with your inquiry. An assessment of the body, mechanics, and condition of the vehicle may be required. Though Skinner primarily handles antique vehicles from 1918 through the 1960s, we consider later year vehicles on a select basis. Provenance is an important part of your vehicle’s history. Single items or historical collections that have not yet been offered on the market tend to perform best in the competitive auction environment. 

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