Antique and vintage furniture includes fine American, English, European, and Asian offerings from the 16th through 21st centuries. Skinner achieves record-breaking prices for the sale of furniture at auction.



Have you ever noticed that few things feel more empty and forlorn than a room devoid of furniture? A space that at one time could have felt warm or cheery, relaxing or invigorating, cozy or thought-provoking, is now just four walls facing off against each other. It’s a blank canvas, an empty stage – and just the thought of it conjures all the appeal of a cardboard box.

Furniture, at its best, has the ability to transform every room in a house, thereby making it a home. The right furniture helps to define living spaces, creating the perfect ambiance and a sense of atmosphere. It not only fills out a room, it fills out our lives. Its proper form, scale and proportion ensures comfort, invites conversation, welcomes celebration, offers sustenance, and gives way to reflection and rest.

At Skinner, we believe in the transformative power of fine furniture and offer our clients the very best in American, English, European, and Asian offerings from the 16th through 21st centuries. We understand how to assess quality, craftsmanship, design, rarity, condition and provenance, and how these factors affect the value of fine antique and vintage furniture.

Whether you’re a buyer hoping to complete the look of your home, a seller needing to downsize, or a collector eager to pass on your passion for fine furnishings, Skinner can be a valuable auction partner. Contact Skinner to discuss your needs and how we might assist you with our many services for fine furniture.


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