From silver age comic books to baseballs signed by Babe Ruth and Coca-Cola memorabilia, Skinner offers rare and iconic Collectibles at auction.



The drive to collect beautiful or interesting things begins at a young age with baseball cards, sets of dolls or cars, movie posters, and even candy wrappers. As teenagers and young adults, the great moments in history and culture — from Marilyn Monroe standing on a New York City grate to Neil Armstrong walking on the moon — become a part of our identity. Any object that we gather and keep is called a collectible, but the most valued items are the rare and iconic pieces that inspire nostalgia.

The first baseball cards weren’t made to last. Kids collected them, traded them, and eventually threw them away. Because so many people remember their childhood collection and famous baseball players fondly, and because so few early cards survived in pristine condition, they are worth a lot to collectors today. Baseball cards made after 1960 or 1970, on the other hand, aren’t nearly as rare, and therefore typically won’t garner the same interest. The same holds true for other collectibles – the more unlikely it was for an item to survive, and the more strongly that item connects to a memory or important person, the more valuable it will be.

As generations pass, certain collectibles rise in popularity while others fade from memory. Few young people today remember Humphrey Bogart, but the Beatles still reign supreme. If a person or event holds a special place in our cultural consciousness, then there are people out there who want to own a representative signature or poster or figurine.

Skinner excels at bringing important collectibles to auction that are fresh to the market. Exceptionally rare and desirable collectibles, such as the No. 1 issue of The Incredible Hulk or a Babe Ruth signed baseball, have brought prices in excess of $5,000.

From important moments in rock and roll history to advertising memorabilia, a Collectibles auction is a treasure trove of memories embodied in objects both large and small, delicate and sturdy. If you ever think, “I wish I still had that today,” consider visiting a Skinner Collectibles auction – there’s a good chance somebody kept it. Learn more about buying at Skinner.


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