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  • Steel Indian Profile Gallery Target

    Lot: 1116
    Estimate: $200 - $300

    Steel Indian Profile Gallery Target, America, late 19th century, with hinged base, custom metal stand, ht. 6 1/8, wd. 3 7/8 in. A Flushing, New York, Collection ...

  • Black-painted Cast Iron Gothic Hitching Post

    Lot: 1179
    Estimate: $800 - $1,200

    Black-painted Cast Iron Gothic Hitching Post, Excel Manufacturing Company, Pottersville, New Jersey, second half 19th century, the tapering post with openwork quatrefoils and circles, marked "SOVEX ...

  • Sheet Aluminum Airplane Weathervane

    Lot: 1765
    Estimate: $300 - $500

    Sheet Aluminum Airplane Weathervane, America, mid-20th century, the sheet metal body with copper landing gear and coiled iron wire wheels, with custom stand, lg. 26, wd. 24 in. ...

  • Green-painted Wood and Metal Folding Model of a Playground Slide

    Lot: 1769
    Estimate: $400 - $600

    Green-painted Wood and Metal Folding Model of a Playground Slide, 20th century, possibly a salesman's sample, unmarked, standing ht. unfolded 29 1/2 in. ...

  • An Incurable Collector, these items represent Gordon Lankton's passion for the culture and history of Africa.

    Lot: 1
    Estimate: $3,000 - $5,000

    An Incurable Collector, these items represent Gordon Lankton's passion for the culture and history of Africa. This sale represents the conclusion of the Gordon Lankton Collection of African Art. ...

  • Group of Decorative Items

    Lot: 1318
    Sold for: $113$90

    Group of Decorative Items, including an Art Deco fishbowl on stand, an Art Nouveau sconce, and a modernist metal sculpture. ...

  • Sixteen Metal-mounted Glass Inkwells and Ink Stands

    Lot: 1436
    Sold for: $406$325

    Sixteen Metal-mounted Glass Inkwells and Ink Stands, including an iridescent art glass and five sterling-mounted. ...

  • Two Frankart Figural Lamps

    Lot: 263
    Sold for: $677$550

    Two Frankart Figural Lamps, New York, c. 1930, verdigris patinated metal, one depicting two kneeling female nudes flanking a globe shade, molded mark "Frankart Inc.," single porcelain candelabra ...

  • Scott Amrhein (American, 20th Century) Slumped Glass Bowl with Bronze Rim and Stand

    Lot: 473
    Sold for: $246$200

    Scott Amrhein (American, 20th Century) Slumped Glass Bowl with Bronze Rim and Stand, iridescent mercury glass bowl with stylized twig and branch metal rim, set on wood dowel and metal stand, incised ...

  • New Guinea Bone Dagger

    Lot: 1278
    Sold for: $74$60

    New Guinea Bone Dagger, Middle Sepik River Province, cassowary bone dagger with clay mask at top, decorated with paint, shells, and boar tusks, with metal stand, (tip broken), ht. not including ...

  • Male Yoruba Ibeji Figure

    Lot: 1279

    Male Yoruba Ibeji Figure, standing on a circular base, with raised feet, legs set apart with the arms detached from the body and hands on thighs, square shoulders beneath the oval face, with metal ...

  • Yoruba Double Figure Statue

    Lot: 1424

    Yoruba Double Figure Statue, standing male and female figures, on atop the other, with metal stand, (age cracks in the wood), ht. 26 in. ...

  • Yoruba Gelede Helmet Mask

    Lot: 1466
    Sold for: $185$150

    Yoruba Gelede Helmet Mask, hollowed-out hemispherical form pierced on the rim, elongated face with protruding mouth and nose, coffee-bean pierced eyes with heavy lids, wearing a large and complex ...

  • Baccarat for Schiaparelli "Le Roy Soleil" Gilt Glass Perfume

    Lot: 1039
    Sold for: $8,610$7,000

    Baccarat for Schiaparelli "Le Roy Soleil" Gilt Glass Perfume, France, 1946, designed by Salvador Dali, the enameled and gilt textured body reminiscent of the sun reflected off the ocean, the base ...

  • Indonesian Ancestor Figure

    Lot: 5

    Indonesian Ancestor Figure, Flores Island, elongated torso without arms, simple face and topknot on crown, weathered surface, with metal stand, ht. 26 in. ...

  • Geelvink Bay Shield

    Lot: 17

    Geelvink Bay Shield, early 20th century, subtle hourglass shape, the front carved with typical curvilinear designs, handle at back, on metal stand, ht. 26 in. Provenance: Sotheby's London, ...

  • New Guinea Canoe Stanchion

    Lot: 35
    Sold for: $923$750

    New Guinea Canoe Stanchion, Dampier Straits, Tuam Island, elongated form, the domed base supporting an oblong pierced shaft ended by a circular motif, all surmounted by a crescent-shaped terminal ...

  • Simbai River Shield

    Lot: 36

    Simbai River Shield, Papua New Guinea, Karam group, early 20th century, hardwood, decorated with a centrally raised and carved foliate design, with bush fiber carrying strap, metal stand, 37 x 18 ...

  • Large New Guinea Conch Shell Trumpet

    Lot: 44
    Sold for: $431$350

    Large New Guinea Conch Shell Trumpet, Schouten Island, early to mid-20th century, pierced at the bottom for fiber decoration, with smooth blackened patina, with metal stand, (minor loss at the end), ...

  • New Britain Hardwood War Club

    Lot: 47
    Sold for: $1,353$1,100

    New Britain Hardwood War Club, Gazelle Peninsula, 19th century, double cone butt end with long tapered shaft terminating in pointed cone, old label reads "New Britain Club," smooth dark patina, with ...

  • Vanuatu Dance Stave Head, Teme

    Lot: 48

    Vanuatu Dance Stave Head, Teme, Malekula Island, early to mid-20th century, made with wood, boar tusks, bark cloth, spider web, natural pigments, rattan, banana fiber and modeled clay, with metal ...

  • Kanak Bird-head War Club

    Lot: 69

    Kanak Bird-head War Club, New Caledonia, 19th century, long shaft with defined handle, typical bird head and long beak, with metal stand, (loss to head), lg. 28 in. ...

  • Fijian Hardwood Paddle Club, Culacula

    Lot: 89

    Fijian Hardwood Paddle Club, Culacula, 19th century, broad flat club with two slightly protruding arms, with unfinished incised design, pierced lug at butt for a hand strap, with metal stand, (both ...

  • Fijian Hardwood War Club, Totokia

    Lot: 90
    Sold for: $861$700

    Fijian Hardwood War Club, Totokia, 19th century, shaft decorated with tavatava carving for handle grip, the head terminating in a point surrounded by small nubs, with metal stand, smooth dark ...

  • Fijian Hardwood Dance Club, Kiakavo

    Lot: 91

    Fijian Hardwood Dance Club, Kiakavo, 19th century, thick shaft, bulbous butt end with traces of sennit wrapping, terminating in spur at top, with metal stand, lg. 37 in. ...

  • Fijian Rootstock Club

    Lot: 95

    Fijian Rootstock Club, 19th century, hardwood, worn tavatava handle, the head with protruding nubs, with metal stand, (age cracks), lg. 38 in. ...

  • Tongan War Club

    Lot: 104

    Tongan War Club, 19th century, short shaft with hole for wrist strap, with four-sided long blade terminating in a low pyramid top, dark brown patina, with metal stand, lg. 37 in. ...

  • Three Hawaiian Game Stones

    Lot: 116

    Three Hawaiian Game Stones, pre-contact period, the largest made from coral, with metal stand, dia. 4, 2 3/4, and 2 in. ...

  • Two Hawaiian Stone Fishing Sinkers

    Lot: 117

    Two Hawaiian Stone Fishing Sinkers, pre-contact period, bread loaf shape, with metal stand, ht. 3 and 1 3/4 in. ...

  • Large Hawaiian Stone Octopus Lure Sinker

    Lot: 118
    Sold for: $246$200

    Large Hawaiian Stone Octopus Lure Sinker, pre-contact period, flat back with central groove, with a metal stand, lg. 4, wd. 2 1/2 in. ...