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  • White Metal Mantel Clock

    Lot: 1027
    Sold for: $163$130

    White Metal Mantel Clock, with a seated Classical figure on a claw-footed base, the dial with roman numeral indicators, ht. 15, wd. 17 1/2 in. ...

  • White Metal Figural Lamp

    Lot: 1075
    Sold for: $250$200

    White Metal Figural Lamp, depicting a young lamplighter leaning against a lamp post, ht. 34 1/4 in. ...

  • Collection of Ancient Greek Sculpture Museum Replicas

    Lot: 1108
    Sold for: $138$110

    Collection of Ancient Greek Sculpture Museum Replicas, large Cycladic female idol, ht. 16 1/4, small Cycladic female idol, ht. 4, two Cycladic heads, 4 3/4 and 5, a Cycladic bowl, dia. 6, all with ...

  • Three Export Gilt-decorated Lacquer Items

    Lot: 1067
    Sold for: $281$225

    Three Export Gilt-decorated Lacquer Items, China, 19th century, an oval box and cover; a rectangular bureau with two hinged doors on front, eight inner drawers inside, the hinged cover with four ...

  • Nine Bronze and Metal Decorative Items

    Lot: 1104
    Sold for: $469$375

    Nine Bronze and Metal Decorative Items, including a grand tour figural stand, pair of lions, a winged lion with paw resting on a book, nude sculpture, and a portrait medal. ...

  • Fifteen Metal Items

    Lot: 1123
    Sold for: $313$250

    Fifteen Metal Items, including a painted cast iron dresser mirror, a painted cast iron kissing lovers door knocker, a brass dog door knocker, a red-painted star-form mirror, a Mobile Pegasus plaque, ...

  • Greenstone Mezcala Figure

    Lot: 1
    Sold for: $313$250

    Greenstone Mezcala Figure, slender form, standing with grooved arms low on the torso, with sloping shoulders, face with grooved mouth and eyes, and brow line, with metal stand, ht. 5 3/4 in. ...

  • Mezcala Stone Figure

    Lot: 2
    Sold for: $1,250$1,000

    Mezcala Stone Figure, standing on tapering legs with grooved arms held at the chest, with sloping shoulders and broad face with recessed mouth and nose and brows in relief, with metal stand, ht. 5 ...

  • Stone Mezcala Figure

    Lot: 3
    Sold for: $125$100

    Stone Mezcala Figure, rounded torso with defined arms, recessed mouth and eyes, on metal stand, (broken and restored in two places), ht. 4 1/4 in. ...

  • Indonesian Ancestor Figure

    Lot: 20

    Indonesian Ancestor Figure, Flores Island, elongated torso without arms, simple face and topknot on crown, weathered surface, with metal stand, ht. 26 in. ...

  • Stone Tanimbar Figure

    Lot: 22

    Stone Tanimbar Figure, South Moluccas, Indonesia, standing on heavy legs, with thin arms carved in relief, holding hands to the chest, the head a separate stone with open mouth, crescent ears, long ...

  • Five Wood Dayak Amulet Figures

    Lot: 25
    Sold for: $938$750

    Five Wood Dayak Amulet Figures, Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia, three wood charms, a figurative stopper and a mythological creature, on a metal base, ht. 6, 4 1/2, 4 1/2, 4 1/4, and 4 in. ...

  • Dayak Wood Coffin End

    Lot: 26

    Dayak Wood Coffin End, 19th century, Kayan, Dayak, Borneo, Indonesia, large anthropomorphic Aso figure, possibly a dog or dragon, once attached to the end of a coffin, with large glass bead eyes and ...

  • Kendayan Dayak Hampatong Ancestor Cult Figure

    Lot: 27
    Sold for: $2,125$1,700

    Kendayan Dayak Hampatong Ancestor Cult Figure, Western Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia, standing on a rectangular block support, with articulated arms held out to the sides and hands open, with a ...

  • Batak Shaman's Lime Squeezer

    Lot: 28
    Sold for: $375$300

    Batak Shaman's Lime Squeezer, Batak, Sumatra, Indonesia, 19th century, seated ancestor figure, with legs drawn up slightly and hands on knees, the delicate arms with small cutout between arm and ...

  • Indonesian Kris Handle

    Lot: 29
    Sold for: $313$250

    Indonesian Kris Handle, hardwood, carved abstract human figure, smooth, dark patina, with metal stand, ht. 4 1/8 in. Provenance: Private collection, Westport, New York; Dave DeRoche, San ...

  • Massim Wood Staff

    Lot: 40
    Sold for: $813$650

    Massim Wood Staff, Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea, late 19th century, truncated example, the finial with two stylized ancestor figures, decorated with lime-filled incised scrollwork, with metal ...

  • Three Papua New Guinea Lime Spatulas

    Lot: 44
    Sold for: $875$700

    Three Papua New Guinea Lime Spatulas, Massim, Trobriand Islands, late 19th century, made from palm wood, two with anthropomorphic crouching figures atop the long blades, the third from Adzera, ...

  • New Guinea Flute Ornament

    Lot: 53
    Sold for: $938$750

    New Guinea Flute Ornament, Iatmul, Middle Sepik River Province, early 20th century, the large hornbill with exaggerated beak, perched atop a long-nosed figure with shell eyes and hair, with a ...

  • Dogon Figure

    Lot: 110
    Sold for: $875$700

    Dogon Figure, hardwood, abstracted human figure, legs, arms and head defined by broad cutout grooves in the wood, with dry encrusted patina, on metal stand, ht. 11 in. Provenance: Private ...

  • Group of Dogon Figures

    Lot: 111
    Sold for: $5,313$4,250

    Group of Dogon Figures, Mali, fragmented array of male and female figures, with classic beards, angular arms, with flat top, encrusted patina, with metal stand, ht. 10 1/2 in. Provenance: ...

  • Lobi Standing Female Figure

    Lot: 120

    Lobi Standing Female Figure, standing on heavy feet and legs, with cutout arms at sides, swollen abdomen and pronounced belly button, the thick neck supports the head turned to the left in profile, ...

  • Lobi Figure

    Lot: 121

    Lobi Figure, Burkina Faso, standing on heavy feet, with long legs, arms held at the side and head turned to the right, encrusted patina, on metal stand, ht. 26 in. Provenance: Private ...

  • Standing Mumuye Figure

    Lot: 133
    Sold for: $3,500$2,800

    Standing Mumuye Figure, Nigeria, thick angular legs below an elongated torso with two protruding belly buttons, long cutout arms at sides with long-fingered hands, with sloping shoulders below the ...

  • Tanzania Wood Human Effigy Staff

    Lot: 146
    Sold for: $625$500

    Tanzania Wood Human Effigy Staff, long hardwood shaft with human figure on the end from the waist up, the narrow arms to the side, with white inlay bead eyes, with long metal collar on the bottom, ...

  • Ethiopian Gurage Panel

    Lot: 147
    Sold for: $1,875$1,500

    Ethiopian Gurage Panel, wood panel in the form of a human figure, with round, flat head, with linear engraving on the face, rounded neck, and torso with deep-cut grooved lines, on a metal stand, ...

  • Northwest Coast Argillite Pipe

    Lot: 224
    Sold for: $1,750$1,400

    Northwest Coast Argillite Pipe, Haida, mid-19th century, the bowl in the form of a Euro-American seaman's head, with a figure in western dress sitting on the stem and holding on to the bowl, with ...

  • Northwest Coast Horn Spoon

    Lot: 230
    Sold for: $500$400

    Northwest Coast Horn Spoon, fourth quarter 19th century, mountain goat horn, carved in two sections and joined by a copper rivet, with shallow pear-shaped bowl, the tapering handle with an elongated ...

  • Northwest Coast Horn Spoon

    Lot: 232
    Sold for: $1,250$1,000

    Northwest Coast Horn Spoon, Haida, 19th century, in two fitted sections, with small shallow bowl carved with a head on the tapering end, the handle with a bear's head surmounted in turn by a shaman ...

  • Northwest Coast Bone Amulet

    Lot: 251
    Sold for: $500$400

    Northwest Coast Bone Amulet, whalebone figure of a human with a fish coming out of their mouth, cut on the crown for suspension, with a Mathias Komor label verso, on a metal base, lg. 4 3/8 in. ...