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  • Paint-decorated Box

    Lot: 1153

    Paint-decorated Box, Pennsylvania, early 20th century, the red-painted box decorated with green and yellow floral scrollwork on the front and sides, the lid with a painted winter scene bordered by ...

  • Pair of Large Tin, Green-painted, Seven-light Lighting Devices

    Lot: 936
    Sold for: $2,091$1,700

    Pair of Large Tin, Green-painted, Seven-light Lighting Devices, early 19th century, the tubular forms with conical finials and bases, each post issuing seven scrolled wires ending in circular candle ...

  • Northeast Finger-woven Wool Sash

    Lot: 299
    Sold for: $9,225$7,500

    Northeast Finger-woven Wool Sash, Huron, first half 19th century, arrow style with five rows of light green and indigo blue arrow devices on a red background, outlined in white beads, with similar ...

  • Export Porcelain Master Salt

    Lot: 44
    Sold for: $277$225

    Export Porcelain Master Salt, China, 18th century, the shaped recessed center flanked by foliage, on a shaped base, allover decoration in light green, red, and black incorporating foliate devices ...

  • East Anatolian Prayer Kilim

    Lot: 4

    East Anatolian Prayer Kilim, 19th century, the olive green stepped mihrab with remnants of metal thread and a central "tree of life" flanked by cypress trees, magenta spandrels inset with similar ...

  • Serab Long Rug

    Lot: 169
    Sold for: $1,169$950

    Serab Long Rug, Northwest Persia, late 19th century, the abrashed terra-cotta field with five light green sawtooth diamonds connected by a long bar and arrow-shaped pendants, enclosed by stylized ...

  • Four Uzbek Textiles

    Lot: 184
    Sold for: $923$750

    Four Uzbek Textiles, 19th century, a mounted silk Lakai Suzani with spoked roundels in shades of aubergine, light blue, and red, within multiple highly stylized meandering vine borders, 4 ft. 3 in. ...

  • Four Modernist Rugs

    Lot: 227

    Four Modernist Rugs, second half 20th century, one with overlapping apple green, apricot, light red, and yellow rectangles outlined in black on a light beige ground, 3 ft. x 3 ft. 10 in., one ...

  • Lakai Ilguch

    Lot: 37

    Lakai Ilguch, Uzbekistan, late 19th century, the red field with four spiral-edged medallions enclosing a central hooked diamond and subsequent hooked motifs all in gold, ivory, green, light blue, ...

  • Soumak Carpet

    Lot: 45
    Sold for: $2,091$1,700

    Soumak Carpet, Northeast Caucasus, late 19th century, three medium blue and light green lobed medallions on a central axis flanked by octagons and pointed triangular devices along with stylized ...

  • Seichour Rug

    Lot: 52
    Sold for: $1,476$1,200

    Seichour Rug, Northeast Caucasus, dated 1893, the royal blue field with two "St. Andrew's Cross" motifs in ivory, red, and light blue, with green and gold highlights and latch-hooks, flanked by ...

  • Two Lakai Needlepoint Belts

    Lot: 137

    Two Lakai Needlepoint Belts, Uzbekistan, second half 19th century, one with a row of six large polychrome teardrop-shaped devices on a beige ground flanked by small ivory and orange palmettes, and ...

  • Soumak Carpet

    Lot: 45
    Sold for: $2,460$2,000

    Soumak Carpet, Northeast Caucasus, late 19th century, the red field with three large flattened and diamonds in midnight blue flanked by eight ivory octagons and bell-like devices with eight-pointed ...

  • Tekke Rug

    Lot: 46
    Sold for: $2,214$1,800

    Tekke Rug, West Turkestan, late 19th century, three rows of seven guls in ivory, blue/green, and light red, flanked by two rows of "tshemtshe" minor guls all upon a red-brown field and within an ...

  • Ersari Main Carpet

    Lot: 269
    Sold for: $2,460$2,000

    Ersari Main Carpet, West Turkestan, late 19th century, five octagons on a midnight blue "herati" variant filled field within multiple borders containing eight-pointed stars in octagons, and other ...

  • Sewan Kazak Rug

    Lot: 1468
    Sold for: $923$750

    Sewan Kazak Rug, Southwest Caucasus, late 19th century, the ivory cruciform center medallion inset with a smaller light green gabled and hooked medallion and surrounded by polychrome hooked ...

  • Kungrat Ilgich

    Lot: 219
    Sold for: $984$800

    Kungrat Ilgich, Uzbekistan, early 20th century, the magenta, dark green, light blue, and ivory center medallion flanked by polychrome stylized scorpion devices and similar size alternating roundels ...

  • Six Glass Vessels and Lighting Devices

    Lot: 666
    Sold for: $431$350

    Six Glass Vessels and Lighting Devices, a pair of etched Stiegel wineglasses, a pair of green pressed glass decanters with sterling silver rye and scotch liquor labels, and a pair of colorless glass ...

  • Mosaic Glass Table Lamp Attributed to Gorham

    Lot: 6
    Sold for: $2,640$2,200

    Mosaic Glass Table Lamp Attributed to Gorham Art glass, bronze Providence, Rhode Island, early 20th century The shade with small panes of light green glass geometrically arranged and terminating ...

  • Mosaic Glass Table Lamp

    Lot: 624
    Sold for: $3,600$3,000

    Mosaic Glass Table Lamp, America, 20th century, the shade with lattice-style panes of turquoise glass grounding a quatrefoil design of scrolls, and shell and foliate devices in burgundy, pink, and ...

  • Pieced and Appliqued Red and Green Leaf Pattern Quilt

    Lot: 751
    Sold for: $1,140$950

    Pieced and Appliqued Red and Green Leaf Pattern Quilt, America, late 19th century, hand-stitched cotton quilt with nine large blocks of red floral-printed four-lobed floral devices, alternating with ...

  • Framed Silhouette of a Gentleman

    Lot: 76
    Sold for: $2,640$2,200

    Framed Silhouette of a Gentleman, America, c. 1830, hollow-cut silhouette of a young man with printed jacket with pencil details, under a reverse-painted mat with yellow star border with green and ...

  • Three Glass Lighting Devices

    Lot: 336
    Sold for: $270$225

    Three Glass Lighting Devices, a pair of colorless and frosted pressed glass dolphin candlesticks, ht. 7 1/2, a Victorian oil lamp, pressed glass oil reserve, and floral-decorated globe base in cast ...

  • Six Paint-decorated Tole Lighting Devices

    Lot: 1330
    Sold for: $119$100

    Six Paint-decorated Tole Lighting Devices, a pair of Classical-style gilt and green-painted sconces, a pair of red-painted shield-form sconces, and two three-light chandeliers, (all electrified). ...

  • Eleven Early Lighting Devices

    Lot: 424
    Sold for: $415$350

    Eleven Early Lighting Devices, 19th century five made of tin: a mustard-painted spout lamp, a red-painted spout lamp, a red-painted hand lamp with kerosene burner and glass chimney, a globular ...

  • Art Deco Style Chandelier

    Lot: 425
    Sold for: $593$500

    Art Deco Style Chandelier Art glass and wrought iron Round ceiling cap suspending dark bronze patinated wrought iron frame with applied wrought grapevine and leaf devices suspending a central ...

  • Two Studio Pottery Vases in the Style of Hamada

    Lot: 733
    Sold for: $474$400

    Two Studio Pottery Vases in the Style of Hamada Ceramic Late 20th century One rectangular, decorated about the sides with dark blue leaf devices and stripes on a light blue-gray ground; the other ...

  • Plains Beaded Hide Rifle Scabbard

    Lot: 340
    Sold for: $14,220$12,000

    Plains Beaded Hide Rifle Scabbard, Lakota, c. last quarter 19th century, fringed at mouth and barrel, green trade cloth edging, the beaded panels with hourglass and cross devices on a light blue ...

  • Nine Assorted Early Lighting Devices

    Lot: 1190
    Sold for: $459$375

    Nine Assorted Early Lighting Devices, a pair of black-painted tin sconces, two punch decorated tin lanterns, a pair of black-painted metal lanterns with red and green glass shades, two tin lanterns, ...

  • Group of Miscellaneous Wood and Glass Articles

    Lot: 1413
    Sold for: $593$500

    Group of Miscellaneous Wood and Glass Articles, a green-painted circular wood lap-sided pantry box and wooden counter scale, a wooden adjustable lighting device, and two colorless blown molded glass ...