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  • Six Books on Chinese Furniture

    Lot: 1038
    Sold for: $338$275

    Six Books on Chinese Furniture, Bruce, Dreams of the Chu Tan Chamber and the Romance with Huanghuali Wood: Dr. S. Y. Yip Collection of Classical Chinese Furniture; Wang, Classical Chinese Furniture; ...

  • Twenty-nine Books on Chinese Art

    Lot: 608
    Sold for: $3,998$3,250

    Twenty-nine Books on Chinese Art, Hugh Moss, By Imperial Command - An Introduction to Ch'ing Imperial Painted Enamels, Hong Kong, 1976, text and plate vols.; National Museum of History, Splendor of ...

  • Modern Painting

    Lot: 1360
    Sold for: $424,000$370,000

    Modern Painting, Zhang Daqian (1899-1983), colors on paper, depiction of blue and green mountains, dated a summer day in guiyi year (1953), inscribed "Boyuan dao di fa jiao, Daqian di Zhang Yuan," ...

  • Calligraphy Couplet

    Lot: 1361
    Sold for: $1,067$900

    Calligraphy Couplet, Wu Zishen (1893-1972), "Dou shi shi an ju, jia bin gong lai zhuo" (tiny room is still a sweet home, honorable guests come and drink together), dated the winter of xinchou year ...

  • Calligraphy Couplet

    Lot: 1362
    Sold for: $533$450

    Calligraphy Couplet, Ma Muxuan, "Chun ri tong he shuo shuang fang shu, nan shan zheng gao bei hai du shen" (the spring sun harmonizing and the glittering frost conflating, the south mountain ...

  • Calligraphy

    Lot: 1363
    Sold for: $11,850$10,000

    Calligraphy, Wu Hufan (1894-1968), inscription "Liang He San Jue," dated the eleventh month of xinwei year (1931), title page to Liu Yangchong's "Miao Hui San Jie," 45 x 12 1/2 in. Provenance: Ex ...

  • Handscroll

    Lot: 1364
    Sold for: $23,700$20,000

    Handscroll, China, 19th century copy, "Denghuai yuan jing ji tu" (Fine Collection of Paintings of Chenghuai Garden), Huang Yue, ink and light colors on paper, depiction of scholars gathering in ...

  • Handscroll

    Lot: 1365
    Sold for: $130,350$110,000

    Handscroll, Zhang Ruocheng (1722-1770), "Le quan jing she tu" (Painting of the Elegant Studio of Lequan), ink on paper, depiction of a contemplative scholar outside his studio in a rustic landscape, ...

  • Album Leaves

    Lot: 1366
    Sold for: $10,073$8,500

    Album Leaves, Zhang Du (1830-1904), twelve album leaves, wood covers, ink or ink and colors on paper, twelve landscape paintings imitating ancient masters' styles and brushstrokes, each signed, ...

  • Album Leaves

    Lot: 1367
    Sold for: $1,227,000$1,100,000

    Album Leaves, China, twenty-five leaves, ink or ink and colors on paper, on the occasion of Boyuan's birthday celebration, including, Zhang Daqian (1899-1983), ten leaves of mountainous landscapes ...

  • Painting Album

    Lot: 1368
    Sold for: $5,333$4,500

    Painting Album, Yan Yu, dated the eleventh year in Jiaqing reign, corresponding to 1806, ink or ink and light colors on paper, twelve leaves, depiction of various landscape scenes of the four ...

  • Fan Painting

    Lot: 1369
    Sold for: $2,844$2,400

    Fan Painting, Gu Linshi (1865-1930), ink and colors on fan, rocky landscape with pines, dedicated to Boyuan, inscribed, signed, dated spring in renxu year (1922), and with one seal, 7 1/4 x 19 3/4 ...

  • Modern Painting

    Lot: 1370
    Sold for: $2,489$2,100

    Modern Painting, Wang Jiyuan (1893-1975), watercolor on paper, still life with peach and a jar, dated the beginning of the summer of bingwu year (1966), inscribed, signed, one seal, framed and ...

  • Fan Painting

    Lot: 1406
    Sold for: $20,145$17,000

    Fan Painting, Wu Hufan (1894-1963), ink and colors on fan, rock and creek, dedicated to Boyuan, inscribed, signed, dated the fourth month in bingyin year (1926), with two seals, 7 1/8 x 20 1/2 ...

  • Fan Painting

    Lot: 1407
    Sold for: $10,073$8,500

    Fan Painting, Chen Ziqing (1895-1946), ink and colors on fan, rocky landscape with creek and trees, gift to Boyuan's fortieth birthday, inscribed, signed "Chen Ziqing zhu" and "Wu Hufan jie yin," ...

  • Fan Painting

    Lot: 1408
    Sold for: $2,252$1,900

    Fan Painting, Wu Guxiang (1848-1903), ink and colors on fan, in the style of Zhao Songxue, two scholars conversing under a pine tree, inscribed, signed, dated spring in bingxu year (1886), with one ...

  • Two Fan Paintings

    Lot: 1409
    Sold for: $4,148$3,500

    Two Fan Paintings, Lu Hui (Lianfushi) (1851-1920), ink and light colors on fan, a leafy branch in the moonlight, with lengthy inscription, signed "Lianfu," with two seals; and peony branches, ...

  • Fan Calligraphy

    Lot: 1410
    Sold for: $5,036$4,250

    Fan Calligraphy, Shen Meisou (1849-1923), calligraphy on fan, running script, dedicated to Boyuan, signed "Meisou," with two seals, 7 3/8 x 19 3/4 in. Provenance: Ex P.Y. Wang Collection. ...

  • Two Fans

    Lot: 1411
    Sold for: $1,126$950

    Two Fans, Chen Zhaoxiong, calligraphy on fan, dedicated to "Bingheng ren xiong," together with a fan painting, ink and colors on paper, inscribed, signed, dated xinwei year (1931), with three seals, ...

  • Two Fans

    Lot: 1412
    Sold for: $474$400

    Two Fans, early 20th century, calligraphy on fans, signed "Gui Mu Ju Shi," to one side, with one seal, signed "Yao Mengda" to the other, dated the tenth month of gengchen year, with one seal, 7 x ...

  • Hanging Scroll

    Lot: 1413
    Sold for: $1,778$1,500

    Hanging Scroll, Zhang Gunian (b. 1903), ink and light colors on paper, bamboo, dedicated to Boyuan couple, inscribed, signed, dated the beginning of yimao year (1975), with five seals, 27 x 13 1/4 ...

  • Modern Painting

    Lot: 1414
    Sold for: $652$550

    Modern Painting, Chen Dingshan (1896-1989), ink on paper, recluse in a desolate landscape, dedicated to Boyuan, inscribed, signed "Dingshan," dated jiachen year (1964), with two seals, unmounted, 16 ...

  • Calligraphy

    Lot: 1415
    Sold for: $385$325

    Calligraphy Chen Chengkuan (1894-1958), calligraphy in standard script on gold-flecked red paper, mounted as a hanging scroll, dedicated to Boyuan, signed, dated mid-autumn in renchen year (1952), ...

  • Calligraphy Couplet

    Lot: 1416
    Sold for: $267$225

    Calligraphy Couplet, Chen Shuzhen, reads "Shi shi dong ming jie xue wen, ren qing lian da ji wen zhang," dedicated to Boyuan, signed "Zhen yu fu lin," with two seals, 40 1/4 x 7 1/2 in. ...

  • Modern Painting

    Lot: 1417
    Sold for: $444$375

    Modern Painting, China, black and red ink on paper, finger painting of prunus branches, signed, dated summer in gengwu year, with two seals, 16 x 42 3/4 in. Provenance: Ex P.Y. Wang Collection. ...

  • Calligraphy

    Lot: 1418
    Sold for: $593$500

    Calligraphy, Chen Dingshan (1896-1989), reads "Da nian bas hi yi shou," signed "Dingshan qi shi you qi" (1972), with three seals, mounted as a hanging scroll, 51 3/4 x 11 in. Provenance: Ex P.Y. ...

  • Two Modern Paintings

    Lot: 1419
    Sold for: $1,778$1,500

    Two Modern Paintings, Zhang Gunian (b. 1903), ink and light colors on paper, depiction of mountainous landscape surrounded by a sea of clouds, dated yiyi year (1965), inscribed, signed, one seal; ...