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  • LArlot Vosne Romanee Les Suchots 2010, 5 bottles

    Lot: 1131
    Sold for: $938$750

    L'Arlot Vosne Romanee Les Suchots 2010 Cote de Nuits wine staining to one label 5 bottles ...

  • Rhone Duo, 2 bottles

    Lot: 1232
    Sold for: $75$60

    Rhone Duo Bernard Faurie Hermitage 1983 (1 bt) u: 2.5cm, corrosion, bin soil and discoloration to capsule with light discoloration to capsule base, tears and losses to neck label, small scuffs and ...

  • Mixed Southern France Wines, 3 bottles

    Lot: 1300
    Sold for: $75$60

    Mixed Southern France Wines Domaine Parce Grand Vin de Banyuls (du Mas Blanc) Vieilles Vignes 1980 (1 bt) u: top shoulder, light staining and wear to capsule, light bin marks and fading to ...

  • Mixed Tuscan Wines, 4 bottles

    Lot: 1407
    Sold for: $213$170

    Mixed Tuscan Wines Palazzo Brunello di Montalcino 1997 (1 bt) u: bottom neck, label partially unaffixed at corner, Chianti Classico Riserva di Fizzano 1997 (1 bt) u: into neck, bin marks to ...

  • Mixed German Wines, 4 bottles

    Lot: 1451
    Sold for: $313$250

    Mixed German Wines F-W Gymnasium Trittenheimer Apotheke Riesling Beerenauslese 1989 (1 bt); u: above capsule, discoloration to capsule with evidence of possible old seepage, mostly unaffixed ...

  • ZD Wines, 5 bottles 1 magnum

    Lot: 1633
    Sold for: $200$160

    ZD Wines Cabernet Sauvignon 1997 (1 bt) u: into neck 1998 (1 mag) u: into neck, small bin nick to label base Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 1998 (1 bt) u: into neck 1999 (3 bts) u: all into neck ...

  • Starter Cellar #1, 24 bottles

    Lot: 1695
    Sold for: $750$600

    Starter Cellar #1 Philipponnat Royale Reserve Non Dose 2001 (1 bt) Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Rose Brut 1995 (1 bt) u: into neck Chateau Leoville Las Cases 2000 (1 bt) u: light wear to ...

  • Starter Cellar #3 Italian Influenced, 54 bottles

    Lot: 1697

    Starter Cellar #3 Italian Influenced Delamotte Blanc de Blancs NV (4 bts) Laurent Perrier Brut Rose NV (2 bts) Fattoria Saffredi Le Pupille 2001 (6 bts, banded owc) Castello Romitorio Brunello ...

  • Starter Cellar #4 Urban Cellar, 12 bottles

    Lot: 1698
    Sold for: $1,000$800

    Starter Cellar #4 Urban Cellar Peter Michael Les Pavots 2006 (2 bts) Usseglio Chateauneuf du Pape Reserve des Deux Freres 2007 (1 bt) Araujo Altagracia 2003 (1 bt) Chateau Montrose 2005 (1 bt) ...

  • Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1982, 12 bottles (owc)

    Lot: 11
    Sold for: $35,670$29,000

    Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1982 Pauillac, 1er Cru Classe u: three very top shoulder, seven top shoulder, two high shoulder, corrosion resulting in light losses to eleven capsule tops, case wear to ...

  • Chateau Beychevelle 1989, 6 bottles

    Lot: 31
    Sold for: $584$475

    Chateau Beychevelle 1989 St. Julien, 4eme Cru Classe u: two bottom neck, two very top shoulder, two top shoulder, wine stain to one label, moderate to heavy bin soil resulting in discoloration to ...

  • Chateau Trotanoy 1961, 1 bottle

    Lot: 55
    Sold for: $2,706$2,200

    Chateau Trotanoy 1961 Pomerol u: very top shoulder, corrosion and evidence of possible old seepage to bottom capsule, light staining to label "The 1961, which I have consistently rated between 96 ...

  • H. Jayer Echezeaux 1990, 1 bottle

    Lot: 76
    Sold for: $7,380$6,000

    H. Jayer Echezeaux 1990 Cote de Nuits u: 2.5cm, slight discoloration to label, capsule cut by Skinner Specialists "Knock out aromas of kirsch, blackberry extract and ripe earth lead to big, ...

  • Bruno Giacosa Barolo Falletto Riserva 1996, 1 magnum

    Lot: 105
    Sold for: $1,476$1,200

    Bruno Giacosa Barolo Falletto Riserva 1996 Piedmont u: at tax strip, wear and bin scuffs resulting in light fading to label "The 1996 Barolo Falletto de Serralunga (Red Label Riserva) possesses ...

  • Bartolo Mascarello Barolo 1993, 2 bottles

    Lot: 110
    Sold for: $461$375

    Bartolo Mascarello Barolo 1993 Piedmont u: both 1.5cm, light corrosion and wear to capsules, wine staining to label and import strip on one bottle, bin scrapes and losses to the other with light ...

  • Mixed Vintage Napa Wines, 1 magnum3 bottles

    Lot: 182
    Sold for: $492$400

    Mixed Vintage Napa Wines Beaulieu George de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 1970 (1 bt) u: very top shoulder Conn Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Lot 2 1978 (1 bt) u: into neck, discoloration ...

  • Twenty-eight Pieces of Cowdy Glass Workshop Stemware

    Lot: 1360
    Sold for: $160$130

    Twenty-eight Pieces of Cowdy Glass Workshop Stemware, England, c. 1990, twenty-one sherries and seven wines, in pink wrapped stem design, most with maker's labels, ht. 5, 6 1/2 in. Note: Cowdy ...

  • Forty-one Pieces of Cowdy Glass Workshop Stemware

    Lot: 1370
    Sold for: $209$170

    Forty-one Pieces of Cowdy Glass Workshop Stemware, England, c. 1990, eight cordials, nineteen sherries, a wine, and thirteen waters, in solid pink and pink twist stem designs, most with maker's ...

  • Fifty-six Pieces of Cowdy Glass Workshop Stemware

    Lot: 1383
    Sold for: $221$180

    Fifty-six Pieces of Cowdy Glass Workshop Stemware, England, c. 1990, seventeen cordials, twenty-two sherries, two wines, and fifteen waters, in solid amethyst and amethyst twist stem designs, most ...

  • Forty-two Pieces of Cowdy Glass Workshop Stemware

    Lot: 1385
    Sold for: $123$100

    Forty-two Pieces of Cowdy Glass Workshop Stemware, England, c. 1990, six cordials, seventeen sherries, two parfaits, eleven wines, and six and waters, in various color solid and stem twist designs, ...

  • Chateau Cos dEstournel 1971, 3 demi bottles

    Lot: 1029

    Chateau Cos d'Estournel 1971 St. Estephe, 2eme Cru Classe u: one high shoulder, one mid shoulder, one low mid shoulder, evidence of seepage to all, corrosion to capsules, heavy wine staining to ...

  • Chateau Pichon Lalande, 2 bottles

    Lot: 1055

    Chateau Pichon Lalande 1958 (1 bt) u: high mid shoulder, heavy corrosion to capsule, heavy damp staining and large tear to label, bin soil, good color and clarity 1959 (1 bt) u: mid shoulder, ...

  • Chateau Lynch Bages, 2 bottles

    Lot: 1082
    Sold for: $234$190

    Chateau Lynch Bages 1986 (1 bt) u: top shoulder, light corrosion to capsule, evidence of possible old seepage 1992 (1 bt) u: into neck, slight wine staining to label Pauillac, 5eme Cru Classe 2 ...

  • Chateau La Mission Haut Brion, 2 bottles

    Lot: 1094
    Sold for: $923$750

    Chateau La Mission Haut Brion 1976 (1 bt) u: very top shoulder, bin soil 1982 (1 bt) u: top shoulder, evidence of old seepage, corrosion to capsule top, wrinkling and wine staining to label, bin ...

  • Mixed St. Emilion Wines, 5 bottles

    Lot: 1117
    Sold for: $123$100

    Mixed St. Emilion Wines Chateau Clos de Jacobins 1986 (2 bts) u: one into neck, one very top shoulder, light bin wear to labels Chateau Fombrauge 1988 (3 bts) u: all bottom neck, evidence of old ...

  • Dunn Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, 2 bottles

    Lot: 1277
    Sold for: $246$200

    Dunn Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 (1 bt); L. Perrotti-Brown for TWA, 96 pts. 6/18 2012 (1 bt) evidence of possible old seepage with wine staining to label; R. Parker for TWA, 95+ pts. 10/16 ...

  • Mixed Napa Wines, 9 bottles

    Lot: 1320
    Sold for: $400$325

    Mixed Napa Wines Beaulieu Vineyard Rutherford 1985 (1 bt) u: very top shoulder, small wrinkle to vintage neck label Cabernet Sauvignon Beautour 1991 (1 bt) u: bottom neck Dry Creek Vineyard ...

  • Mixed Napa Wines, 4 bottles

    Lot: 1323
    Sold for: $135$110

    Mixed Napa Wines Trefethen Cabernet Sauvignon Estate 1988 (2 bts) u: both into neck, light bin markings and damp wrinkling to labels Etude Cabernet Sauvignon Estate 1990 (2 bts) u: both bottom ...

  • Mixed Napa Wines, 3 bottles

    Lot: 1324
    Sold for: $185$150

    Mixed Napa Wines Far Niente Estate 1990 (1 bt) u: very top shoulder, light wear to capsule Paradigm Estate 1995 (1 bt) u: bottom neck, light bin wear to label Viader Proprietary Red 1995 (1 bt) ...

  • Mixed Wine, 11 bottles

    Lot: 1349
    Sold for: $492$400

    Mixed Wine Chateau La Louviere 1994 (1 bt) u: into neck, bin soil 1993 (1 bt) u: into neck, light wear to capsule top, label slightly unaffixed at top corner Magnien Clos Saint Denis 1996 (1 ...