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  • Two Enameled Porcelain Plaques

    Lot: 216
    Sold for: $4,920$4,000

    Two Enameled Porcelain Plaques, China, 19th/20th century, in the manner of Wang Qi (1884-1937), rectangular, each depicting two Immortals under a tree, inscribed, one framed, plaque size to 15 3/8 x ...

  • Pair of Enameled Porcelain Plaques

    Lot: 411
    Sold for: $2,460$2,000

    Pair of Enameled Porcelain Plaques, China, in the manner of Wang Qi (1884-1937), depicting figures including a bearded hermit seated in a natural setting, inscribed with two seals, framed, plaque 7 ...

  • Hanging Scroll Depicting Plum Blossom, Bamboo and Pine

    Lot: 440
    Sold for: $615$500

    Hanging Scroll Depicting Plum Blossom, Bamboo and Pine, the three friends of winter, China, ink and color on paper, signed and sealed Zhang Weifang, with a poem in calligraphy on the right dedicated ...

  • Twenty-four Books on Chinese Ceramics

    Lot: 1013
    Sold for: $400$325

    Twenty-four Books on Chinese Ceramics, Zhang, Yuan dai qing hua yu wu cai ci qi (Blue and White and Polychrome Porcelain of the Yuan Dynasty); Wang, Underglaze Blue and Red Yuan, Ming and Qing; ...

  • Forty Books on Asian Art: A Core Reference and Study Collection

    Lot: 1121
    Sold for: $2,829$2,300

    Forty Books on Asian Art: A Core Reference and Study Collection, Hong Kong Urban Council, Ci yi yu hua yi: er shi shi ji qian qi di Zhongguo ci qi (Brush and Clay: Chinese Porcelain of the Early ...

  • Famille Rose Bottle Vase

    Lot: 266
    Sold for: $1,046$850

    Famille Rose Bottle Vase, China, Republic period, Wang Qi (1884-1937) school, cylindrical form with slender straight neck and rolled mouth, resting on a waisted stem foot, decorated in polychrome ...

  • Pair of Famille Rose Plaques

    Lot: 268
    Sold for: $3,998$3,250

    Pair of Famille Rose Plaques, China, Republic period, rectangular, polychrome enamel-decorated with Daoist hermit figures in a natural setting, inscribed with two seals, possibly by Wang Qi ...

  • Enameled White Porcelain Plaque

    Lot: 374

    Enameled White Porcelain Plaque, China, 19th/20th century, depicting an Immortal with two half-dressed boys, inscribed in cursive script with two seals by Wang Qi (1884-1937), with a conforming box, ...

  • Watercolored Woodblock Print Album

    Lot: 1373
    Sold for: $1,968$1,600

    Watercolored Woodblock Print Album, China, entitled Beijing Rongbaoqi Shijianpu, 2 vols., published by Beijing Rongbaoqi in 1955, using munban shuiyin technique, containing thirty-two works by Qi ...

  • Hanging Scroll

    Lot: 516A
    Sold for: $120$100

    Hanging Scroll, China, ink and color on paper, in the manner of Wang Yuan Qi (1642-1715), depicting a landscape with figures and trees, bears signature, with one seal, 35 1/2 x 16 1/2 in. ...

  • Famille Rose Plate

    Lot: 25
    Sold for: $800$800

    Famille Rose Plate, China, painted with two luohans swimming in the water and another one getting ready to jump in beneath a flowering tree, calligraphy on the left, with two seals, signed "Wang ...

  • Two Framed Plaques

    Lot: 482
    Sold for: $790$650

    Two Framed Plaques, China, an enameled scene of a Bu Dai Luohan playing with two children, and a depiction of an old man seated on a rock, both signed "Wang Qi Xie Yu Zhu Shan," inscribed, each with ...

  • Framed Porcelain Plaque

    Lot: 483
    Sold for: $711$600

    Framed Porcelain Plaque, China, enameled scene of a monk carrying an axe on his shoulder, a hat on his back, signed "Wang Qi Xie Yu Zhu Shan," with inscription, with two seals, 24 x 15 1/2 in. ...

  • Pair of Porcelain Plaques

    Lot: 485
    Sold for: $4,556$3,750

    Pair of Porcelain Plaques, China, 19th/20th century, one with an enameled scene of an Immortal holding a big peach with a basket and two bats in the sky; the other with enameled scene of a seated ...

  • Framed Porcelain Plaque

    Lot: 601
    Sold for: $31,995$27,000

    Framed Porcelain Plaque, China, early 20th century, the rectangular plaque decorated with an erotic scene with a ghost carrying a lady, inscribed, signed "Zhu Shan Wang Qi," with seals, wood frame, ...

  • Framed Porcelain Plaque

    Lot: 608
    Sold for: $521$425

    Framed Porcelain Plaque, China, the rectangular plaque enameled with a recluse and his attendant in a landscape, inscribed, signed "Wang Qi, Zhu Shan," dated wuchen year, rosewood display stand ...

  • Famille Rose Brush Pot

    Lot: 724
    Sold for: $184$150

    Famille Rose Brush Pot, China, the cylindrical side painted with a scene of two woodmen resting on the ground next to an outcrop, inscriptions to the reverse, dated yiyou year, signed "Zhushan Wang ...

  • Four Framed Album Leaves

    Lot: 1201
    Sold for: $4,148$3,500

    Four Framed Album Leaves, China, 19th century, ink and colors on silk, scene of female entertainer singing before an official guest, Immortals gathering, story of Cheng Wang and Shu Yu, and a ...

  • Fan Painting

    Lot: 1395
    Sold for: $2,015$1,700

    Fan Painting, Weng (?)qi, and Zhu Xiaozang (1857-1931), ink and light colors on fan, wintry landscape with cottages and mountains, dedicated to "the master of Yi Guan Xuan," inscribed, signed "Weng ...

  • Calligraphy

    Lot: 1418
    Sold for: $593$500

    Calligraphy, Chen Dingshan (1896-1989), reads "Da nian bas hi yi shou," signed "Dingshan qi shi you qi" (1972), with three seals, mounted as a hanging scroll, 51 3/4 x 11 in. Provenance: Ex P.Y. ...

  • Modern Painting

    Lot: 1423
    Sold for: $17,775$15,000

    Modern Painting, Qi Baishi (1863-1957), ink and colors on paper, depiction of a tea brewing scene, inscribed, signed "Baishi lao ren," dedicated to Xuetao, with two seals of the artist, mounted in ...

  • Polychrome Enameled Porcelain Plaque

    Lot: 623
    Sold for: $1,896$1,600

    Polychrome Enameled Porcelain Plaque, China, Republican period, painted with a fisherman meeting with scholars and his family in a rustic landscape setting, inscribed, signed "Wang Qi...Zhu Shan," ...

  • Hanging Scroll

    Lot: 737
    Sold for: $3,081$2,600

    Hanging Scroll, in the style of Wang Yuanqi (1642-1715), "Xi Shan Yuan Tiao Tu" (Panoramic View from Mount Xi), ink and light color on paper, dated summer in renwu year (1702), signed "Lutai Qi," ...

  • Large Ivory Seal

    Lot: 766
    Sold for: $18,960$16,000

    Large Ivory Seal, China, probably Qianlong period (1736-1795), of columnar form, the top section carved in high relief of five sinuous dragons chasing flaming pearls amidst clouds, four in profile ...

  • Chinese Painting Books and Others

    Lot: 886
    Sold for: $2,726$2,300

    Chinese Painting Books and Others, Immortal Chinese Paintings, two vols., published by Xiyuan Publishing House, 1998, first edition, collector's box; Three Hundred Masterpieces of Chinese Painting ...

  • Two Porcelain Plaques

    Lot: 1484
    Sold for: $23,700$20,000

    Two Porcelain Plaques, China, Republican period, one painted in famille rose palette depicting Bodhidharma reading a scroll, seated nearby a gnarled pine tree beneath the full moon, inscribed and ...