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  • Dutch School, 17th Century Style Two Figures at a Game Board and Smoking by Candlelight

    Lot: 14
    Estimate: $800 - $1,200

    Dutch School, 17th Century Style Two Figures at a Game Board and Smoking by Candlelight Unsigned, inscribed "Gerard H..." in pencil on the reverse. Oil on panel, 7 3/4 x 6 5/8 in. (19.8 x 16.0 ...

  • Five Bronze Censers

    Lot: 1054
    Estimate: $400 - $600

    Five Bronze Censers, China, 19th/20th century, all compressed circular forms, three with six-character Xuande marks on bases, including one with straight neck and handles on the flat rim, one on a ...

  • Attributed to Carl Crossman (American, d. 2019) View of a New England Church.

    Lot: 1304
    Estimate: $20 - $200

    Attributed to Carl Crossman (American, d. 2019) View of a New England Church. Signed "C. Crossman" beneath the image l.r. Etching on paper, plate size 9 7/8 x 7 7/8 in., framed. Condition: ...

  • Bessie Harvey (American, 1929-1994) Red and Black Mask

    Lot: 1016
    Estimate: $20 - $200

    Bessie Harvey (American, 1929-1994) Red and Black Mask. Unsigned. Red, black, and white acrylic paint, sequins, and plastic on unprocessed wood, lg. 24 in. Note: Highlighted in the 2017 ...

  • John Landry (American, 1912-1986) Two Works: Coconut King

    Lot: 1041
    Estimate: $100 - $200

    John Landry (American, 1912-1986) Two Works: Coconut King and Beaded Mardi Gras Float. Coconut King signed on base. Papier-mache, masking tape, plastic sheeting, coconut, and plastic beads, wd. ...

  • Two Children's Embroidered Collars

    Lot: 1194
    Estimate: $100 - $200

    Two Children's Embroidered Collars, China, Qing dynasty, both in the shape of a lion mask, mounted in a frame and glazed, collars to 9 1/2 x 11, frame 23 x 13 in. ...

  • Pre-Columbian Stone Funerary Mask

    Lot: 5
    Sold for: $3,125$2,500

    Pre-Columbian Stone Funerary Mask, Teotihuacan, Mexico, c. 450-650 AD, the large eyes deeply drilled at the corners for inlays, under slightly arched brows, wide nose with drilled nostrils, ...

  • New Guinea Wood Mask

    Lot: 50
    Sold for: $3,500$2,800

    New Guinea Wood Mask, Lower Sepik River region, early 20th century, ancestor mask, with cutout mouth and eyes, and pierced septum, pierced around the rim for fiber attachments, traces of pigment ...

  • New Ireland Malagan Mask

    Lot: 64
    Sold for: $3,250$2,600

    New Ireland Malagan Mask, Northern New Ireland, hollowed-out wood mask, with several cutout sections, the upper part in the traditional form of a malagan mask, the lower section in the form of a ...

  • Dan Mask, Gegon

    Lot: 114
    Sold for: $750$600

    Dan Mask, Gegon, hollowed elongated form, the bill with rounded tip and fur attachments, the medial ridge leading to slit pierced eyes, framed by encrusted metal, with arching brows beneath rounded ...

  • Guro Bete Face Mask

    Lot: 115

    Guro Bete Face Mask, hollowed-out zoomorphic mask, with small, open mouth, long narrow nose, and protruding eyes, with incised brows beneath two short, pointed horns and small ears, pierced around ...

  • Kran Mask, Dehe Gla

    Lot: 116
    Sold for: $750$600

    Kran Mask, Dehe Gla, We area, Liberia, anthropo-zoomorphic mask with ape-like characteristics, with a separate articulated jaw, long raised nose, high, angular cheeks, and large inverted triangle ...

  • Baule Mask

    Lot: 118
    Sold for: $2,875$2,300

    Baule Mask, Ivory Coast, hollowed-out portrait mask, with yoke collar around the neck, pointed chin, round, protruding open mouth, elongated raised nose, the eyes closed below an elaborate coiffure ...

  • Bwa Plank Mask

    Lot: 122
    Sold for: $3,750$3,000

    Bwa Plank Mask, Burkina Faso, with circular face, with pierced, open mouth, concentric circles for eyes, and a central, arching, beak-like projection from the forehead, beneath a large rectangular ...

  • Ibo Maiden Spirit Mask

    Lot: 128

    Ibo Maiden Spirit Mask, Nigeria, helmet form, the delicately carved face with open, pursed lips exposing teeth, beneath a narrow, pointed nose, framed by oval eyes slit through, beneath raised ...

  • Urhobo Mask

    Lot: 131
    Sold for: $3,125$2,500

    Urhobo Mask, Nigeria, the elongated face with open mouth, elongated nose, semi-closed pierced eyes, high forehead, with two horns at crown, pierced along the edges for attachments, dry, encrusted ...

  • Pende Shoulder Mask

    Lot: 138

    Pende Shoulder Mask, Democratic Republic of the Congo, with triangle decoration on the long beard, the broad face with raised closed mouth, pinched nose, downcast eyes below rounded brow, small ears ...

  • Yaka Mask

    Lot: 139
    Sold for: $531$425

    Yaka Mask, Democratic Republic of the Congo, handheld mask with cutout eyes in the heart-shaped abstract face, pigmented with kaolin, and pierced around the rim for attachments, with metal stand, ...

  • Goma Mask

    Lot: 142
    Sold for: $1,875$1,500

    Goma Mask, Democratic Republic of the Congo, hollowed-out face mask, with small round protruding mouth below a raised, elongated nose, with crescent-shaped eyes each within a large concave circle, ...

  • Songye Kifwebe Mask

    Lot: 144
    Sold for: $3,250$2,600

    Songye Kifwebe Mask, hollowed-out, tapering form, pierced around the edge for attachment, with a small square protruding mouth beneath a thin nose and crescent cutout eyes, the whole decorated with ...

  • Nande Mask

    Lot: 145

    Nande Mask, Democratic Republic of the Congo, the square chin, below an open mouth, with teeth defined, the long narrow nose, with two round cutout eyes on either side, the raised, arched brow ...

  • Contemporary Northwest Coast Sea Monster Mask

    Lot: 219
    Sold for: $1,500$1,200

    Contemporary Northwest Coast Sea Monster Mask, signed "David Mungo Knox, Fort Rupert, B.C." on the back, the front painted in traditional colors with cedar bark attachments, ht. 14 1/2, wd. 15 in. ...

  • Contemporary Northwest Coast Portrait Mask

    Lot: 221
    Sold for: $1,875$1,500

    Contemporary Northwest Coast Portrait Mask, 20th century, unsigned, hollowed-out naturalistic face mask, the front painted red, with eyebrows black, cut out mouth, nostrils, and eyes, with metal ...

  • Northwest Coast Argillite Shaman Group

    Lot: 227
    Sold for: $2,625$2,100

    Northwest Coast Argillite Shaman Group, Haida, late 19th century, group of three standing shaman, one in front with smaller, possibly masked figure standing in front, the other two behind, each with ...

  • Four Northwest Coast Mask Attachments

    Lot: 247
    Sold for: $8,125$6,500

    Four Northwest Coast Mask Attachments, Kwakwaka'wakw, 19th century, carved from cedar with traces of paint, two long raven's beaks, a bear snout with teeth bared, and a fish with a spiny tail, ...

  • Northwest Coast Wood Plaque Mask

    Lot: 248
    Sold for: $3,625$2,900

    Northwest Coast Wood Plaque Mask, late 19th century, polychrome cedar mask of a man with painted eyebrows, moustache, and goatee, with inscription verso: "118897 Seeger Nordwest-Kustel (N.AM)," 5 ...

  • Eskimo Wood Mask

    Lot: 260
    Sold for: $4,063$3,250

    Eskimo Wood Mask, Inupiaq, Alaska, 19th century, hollowed-out face mask, with pierced slit eyes below defined brow, nostrils also cut out, the open mouth with tongue slightly protruding, traces of ...

  • Ancient Apulian Red-figured Volute-krater

    Lot: 219
    Sold for: $22,500$18,000

    Ancient Apulian Red-figured Volute-krater, c. 340-330 B.C., handles terminating at swans' heads to the shoulder, human masks to the rim, decoration depicting a youth seated within a naiskos and ...

  • Wedgwood Black Basalt Brainstone Vase and Cover

    Lot: 284
    Sold for: $5,313$4,250

    Wedgwood Black Basalt Brainstone Vase and Cover, England, 19th century, the oval swan-handled vase with vermicular pattern, a Medusa mask below, all mounted on the backs of two winged sphinxes set ...

  • Wedgwood Rosso Antico Vase on Drum Base

    Lot: 298
    Sold for: $8,125$6,500

    Wedgwood Rosso Antico Vase on Drum Base, England, early 19th century, applied black basalt relief, the vase with trophies and palmettes above classical figures bordered with various urns, the drum ...