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  • Tolai Mask, Lor

    Lot: 66
    Estimate: $1,200 - $1,800

    Tolai Mask, Lor, Gazelle Peninsula, New Britain, Papua New Guinea, 20th century, hollowed-out face mask, with elongated nose above a smiling mouth, with slit eyes below a horizontally cut brow, ...

  • Three Terra-cotta Heads and Torso

    Lot: 119
    Estimate: $500 - $700

    Three Terra-cotta Heads and Torso, Sokoto, Bura, and Akan, a head with elongated neck, mounted on wood base, a flattened face with elaborate coiffure, on custom stand, and a female torso on flat ...

  • Kusu Power Figure

    Lot: 135
    Estimate: $2,000 - $3,000

    Kusu Power Figure, Democratic Republic of the Congo, female figure with hands at sides, long narrow cutout arms and elongated torso, the angular face with slit mouth, a flat nose, and coffee bean ...

  • Ethiopian Gurage Panel

    Lot: 147
    Estimate: $2,000 - $3,000

    Ethiopian Gurage Panel, wood panel in the form of a human figure, with round, flat head, with linear engraving on the face, rounded neck, and torso with deep-cut grooved lines, on a metal stand, ...

  • Northwest Coast Silver Spoon

    Lot: 228
    Estimate: $700 - $900

    Northwest Coast Silver Spoon, Haida, late 19th century, the shallow bowl engraved with a totemic face, the tapering handle terminating in a hummingbird's head, lg. 5 in. Provenance: The Rosman ...

  • Carved and Polychrome Painted Staff with Head

    Lot: 1534
    Sold for: $1,625$1,300

    Carved and Polychrome Painted Staff with Head, possibly South Carolina, late 19th century, the top with carved head and elongated face with carved hair detail, painted eyes and lips above a carved ...

  • Nephrite Jade Dragon Belt Buckle

    Lot: 129
    Sold for: $3,625$2,900

    Nephrite Jade Dragon Belt Buckle, China, with an openwork chilong facing the dragon-head hook, carved and incised details on reverse, pale celadon stone with russet markings, lg. 4 1/8 in. ...

  • Gilt-bronze Figure of Thousand-armed Avalokitesvara

    Lot: 172
    Sold for: $3,125$2,500

    Gilt-bronze Figure of Thousand-armed Avalokitesvara, Sino-Tibet, with primary hands together at the chest and multiple arms radiating in the back, standing on lotus base mounted on a rectangular ...

  • Monumental Gilt-bronze Figure of Chakrasamvara with Vajravarahi

    Lot: 177

    Monumental Gilt-bronze Figure of Chakrasamvara with Vajravarahi, Sino-Tibet, standing over two prostrated figures atop a double lotus throne, his multiple arms winged out, his principle arms ...

  • Fragment of a Kesi Dragon Robe

    Lot: 189
    Sold for: $531$425

    Fragment of a Kesi Dragon Robe, China, 19th century, a side-facing dragon clutching a flaming pearl, above waves, ruyi-head clouds, and lishui stripes, framed and glazed, fragment size 30 x 14 1/2 ...

  • Embroidered Textile Hanging

    Lot: 202
    Sold for: $406$325

    Embroidered Textile Hanging, China, Qing dynasty, probably a fragment from an informal court robe, embroidered with a front-facing dragon and two side-facing dragons in couched gold thread, ...

  • Attributed to Lino Eneas Spilimbergo (Argentine, 1896-1964) Portrait Head of a Woman

    Lot: 189
    Sold for: $2,500$2,000

    Attributed to Lino Eneas Spilimbergo (Argentine, 1896-1964) Portrait Head of a Woman Unsigned. Oil on canvas, 29 x 22 in. (73.5 x 55.7 cm), unframed. Condition: Trimmed of tacking edges and ...

  • Collection of Moche Tumbaga Metal Pieces

    Lot: 1024
    Sold for: $1,000$800

    Collection of Moche Tumbaga Metal Pieces, Peru, six fragments made from copper alloy, a human face mask, two animal heads, probably jaguar, a claw arm, a disk and long object with a crescent at the ...

  • Two Pre-Columbian Stone Club Heads

    Lot: 1039
    Sold for: $344$275

    Two Pre-Columbian Stone Club Heads, one janoid with two opposing faces, (some stone loss on one side), the other an animal with upturned tail, lg. 4 and 4 1/8 in. ...

  • Peruvian Carved Wood Figure

    Lot: 1046
    Sold for: $688$550

    Peruvian Carved Wood Figure, Chancay, tall elongated wood figure, with fiber arms, cloth skirt, the head with a heavy brow and small nose, and painted face, mounted on wood base, ht. 27 1/2 in. ...

  • Male Yoruba Ibeji Figure

    Lot: 1224
    Sold for: $113$90

    Male Yoruba Ibeji Figure, standing on a circular base, with raised feet, legs set apart with the arms detached from the body and hands on thighs, square shoulders beneath the oval face, with metal ...

  • School of Jan Anthonisz van Ravesteyn (Dutch, c. 1570-1657), Portrait of a Gentleman, Head and Shoulders, Wearing a Black Shirt and Whi

    Lot: 1352
    Sold for: $2,500$2,000

    School of Jan Anthonisz van Ravesteyn (Dutch, c. 1570-1657) Portrait of a Gentleman, Head and Shoulders, Wearing a Black Shirt and White Ruff Unsigned, attributed on two presentation plaques, ...

  • Bertil Vallien (Swedish, b. 1938) Barca 1 Studio Art Glass Sculpture

    Lot: 1667
    Sold for: $5,313$4,250

    Bertil Vallien (Swedish, b. 1938) Barca 1 Studio Art Glass Sculpture, late 20th century, sand cast on a pierced copper foundation, depicting a head floating in a crystal-filled boat, stand, incised ...

  • Carved Hardstone Belt Buckle

    Lot: 1343
    Sold for: $281$225

    Carved Hardstone Belt Buckle, China, with a dragon-head hook facing an openwork chilong crawling on its belly, pale celadon stone, lg. 3 3/8 in. ...

  • Jo Davidson (American, 1883-1952) France Aroused , A Study or Maquette

    Lot: 333
    Sold for: $9,375$7,500

    Jo Davidson (American, 1883-1952) France Aroused, A Study or Maquette Signed and dated "Jo Davidson/N.Y. 1917" in the bronze by the figure's right heel, stamped "CIRE/C.VALSUANI/PERDUE" by the ...

  • Colima Figural Vessel

    Lot: 1006
    Sold for: $688$550

    Colima Figural Vessel, Protoclassic, c. 100 BC-250 AD, in the form of a pear-shaped seated figure with short round legs and arms, cicatricial markings on the shoulders, tall spout molded as the ...

  • Jalisco Seated Figure

    Lot: 1007
    Sold for: $281$225

    Jalisco Seated Figure, Protoclassic, c. 100 BC-250 AD, seated with legs apart, with hands on knees below noded broad shoulders, wearing a crisscrossed turban, the elongated head with large nose ...

  • Kuyu Marionette Head

    Lot: 1085
    Sold for: $375$300

    Kuyu Marionette Head, the lower cylindrical section, with pointed handle and neck section, decorated with zigzag bands, the oval head with triple ridged coiffure, pointed braids on either side of ...

  • Baule Janus Heddle Pulley

    Lot: 1087
    Sold for: $500$400

    Baule Janus Heddle Pulley, the U-shaped body beneath the double head, each with a stylized face, long beard, and high incised coiffure, dark, encrusted patina, on wood base, (age cracks), ht. 8 ...

  • Kusu Gourd Torso

    Lot: 1100
    Sold for: $500$400

    Kusu Gourd Torso, female figure with hands on abdomen, long narrow arms and elongated torso, the angular face with slit mouth below a broad nose, and coffee bean eyes, the flat head with a filled ...

  • Chokwe Staff Finial

    Lot: 1113
    Sold for: $2,500$2,000

    Chokwe Staff Finial, a head sitting atop a shaft, the face with coffee bean eyes and slit mouth, the coiffure incised with fine geometric lines and brass tacks, traces of oil on surface, ht. 6 1/2 ...

  • Small Eskimo Figure

    Lot: 1245
    Sold for: $188$150

    Small Eskimo Figure, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, probably prehistoric period, small cone shaped torso with large head, the face with eyes and downturned mouth, with Plexiglas base, ht. 1 5/8 in. ...

  • E. Howard & Co. No. 25 Astronomical Floor Regulator

    Lot: 1178
    Sold for: $43,750$35,000

    E. Howard & Co. No. 25 Astronomical Floor Regulator, Boston, the walnut "drum head" case with hinged and glazed dial door over the 14 1/2-in. reverse-painted glass dial marked "E. Howard & ...

  • Staffordshire Salt-glazed Bear Jug

    Lot: 33
    Sold for: $1,750$1,400

    Staffordshire Salt-glazed Bear Jug, mid-18th century, the bear with removable head lid and lower bunghole, pebble surface and animated face, in a standing position, with glass and wood display case, ...

  • Group of American Coins and Currency

    Lot: 1110
    Sold for: $625$500

    Group of American Coins and Currency, thirty Eisenhower dollars, five 1970s Kennedy half dollars, fourteen rolls of mostly Lincoln cents, shield, Liberty head, buffalo and Jefferson nickels: 1868, ...