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  • Pair of Blue and White Dishes

    Lot: 1003
    Estimate: $300 - $500

    Pair of Blue and White Dishes, China, Kangxi style, decorated with floral designs, a leaf mark in a double ring on base, ht. 1 1/2, dia. 10 5/8 in. ...

  • Blue and White Charger

    Lot: 1005
    Estimate: $300 - $500

    Blue and White Charger, China, Ming-style, decorated with a phoenix scroll design below a lotus scroll band, dia. 12 in. ...

  • Two Blue and White Dishes and Four Famille Verte Dishes

    Lot: 1006
    Estimate: $200 - $400

    Two Blue and White Dishes and Four Famille Verte Dishes, China, Kangxi style, all decorated with bird-and-flower designs, the blue and white with floral rim, a double ring on base, the famille verte ...

  • Blue and White Covered Box

    Lot: 1007
    Estimate: $200 - $300

    Blue and White Covered Box, China, Ming style, circular with domed box and flattened cover, resting on a bisque foot ring, decorated with floral roundels and foliate scrolls, four-character Chenghua ...

  • Blue and White Jardiniere

    Lot: 1008
    Estimate: $500 - $700

    Blue and White Jardiniere, China, Kangxi style, decorated with a continuous landscape with legendary figures between two double rings, white-glazed interior, flat bisque base, with wood stand, ht. 6 ...

  • Pair of Doucai Bowls and Covers

    Lot: 1010
    Estimate: $800 - $1,200

    Pair of Doucai Bowls and Covers, China, both decorated with encircling friezes of lotus designs on the interior and exterior, six-character Qianlong marks both on the bowl and cover, ht. 3, dia. to ...

  • Doucai Enameled Bowl

    Lot: 1012
    Estimate: $300 - $500

    Doucai Enameled Bowl, China, late 20th century, upturned bell form, on a raised foot ring, decorated with three sprays of auspicious fruit and double rings, six-character Yongzheng mark on base, ht. ...

  • Blue and White Brush Holder

    Lot: 1018
    Estimate: $600 - $800

    Blue and White Brush Holder, China, Kangxi style, cylindrical form with slightly waisted sides, decorated with a continuous landscape with figures, flat bisque base, ht. 7 3/4, dia. 8 1/4 in. ...

  • Millefleur Enameled Porcelain Plate

    Lot: 1033
    Estimate: $400 - $600

    Millefleur Enameled Porcelain Plate, China, 20th century, decorated with assorted flowers on the interior, four-character apocryphal Qianlong mark on base, ht. 1 7/8, dia. 13 in. ...

  • Fencai -enameled Dish

    Lot: 1034
    Estimate: $200 - $300

    Fencai-enameled Dish, China, Republic period, decorated with auspicious emblems and flora and fauna, gilt rim, four-character "Xinxin zhenpin" mark in iron red on base, ht. 1 1/2, dia. 9 in. ...

  • Set of Four Famille Rose Porcelain Plaques

    Lot: 1045
    Estimate: $700 - $900

    Set of Four Famille Rose Porcelain Plaques, China, 20th century, round, each depicting a pair of different birds along with various flowers and plants, with four-character "Daoguang yuzi" mark in ...

  • Famille Rose Bowl

    Lot: 1049
    Estimate: $500 - $700

    Famille Rose Bowl, China, deep bowl, decorated with three bird-and-flower designs in three circular reserves, against a famille verte ground with floral sprays, four-character Yongzheng mark in ...

  • Famille Rose Porcelain Fishbowl

    Lot: 1051
    Estimate: $300 - $500

    Famille Rose Porcelain Fishbowl, China, late 20th century, deep oviform bowl with everted rim, the exterior decorated with legendary figures in panels against a turquoise blue ground with ...

  • Famille Rose Punch Bowl

    Lot: 1052
    Estimate: $600 - $800

    Famille Rose Punch Bowl, China, 19th century, resting on a short straight foot with a meander band, the exterior decorated with legendary figures, the interior two patterned bands around rim, with a ...

  • Famille Rose Box and Cover

    Lot: 1055
    Estimate: $200 - $400

    Famille Rose Box and Cover, China, circular with straight sides, decorated with butterflies against a yellow ground, the circular cover decorated with dragon-and-phoenix design on top, butterflies ...

  • Three Export Famille Rose Chargers

    Lot: 1056
    Estimate: $300 - $500

    Three Export Famille Rose Chargers, China, 19th/20th century, an oviform Rose Medallion plate, flat bisque base; and a pair of Rose Mandarin plates with openwork basket rims, six-character Jiaqing ...

  • Famille Rose Export Punch Bowl

    Lot: 1058
    Estimate: $500 - $700

    Famille Rose Export Punch Bowl, China, possibly 18th century, decorated with two figural landscapes in two large shaped reserves, alternating with two floral sprays in two floral reserves, against a ...

  • Famille Verte Charger

    Lot: 1060
    Estimate: $500 - $700

    Famille Verte Charger, China, Kangxi style, depicting a garden scene with figures near a pavilion in the interior well, a geometric floral pattern band around the rim, artemisia leaf mark in a ...

  • Pair of Famille Rose Garden Seats

    Lot: 1062
    Estimate: $400 - $600

    Pair of Famille Rose Garden Seats, China, late 20th century, hexagonal forms with openwork double coin designs, decorated with interior scenes with figures, against a millefleur ground between ...

  • Qingbai Bowl

    Lot: 1069
    Estimate: $700 - $900

    Qingbai Bowl, China, Song style, conical form with six-lobed rim, resting on a bisque foot ring, decorated with carved floral roundel to the interior, bisque rim, ht. 1 3/4, dia. 7 in. ...

  • Qingbai-glazed Dish

    Lot: 1070
    Estimate: $600 - $800

    Qingbai-glazed Dish, China, Song style, with six-lobed rim and angled sides, resting on a raised foot, bisque base, decorated with incised floral design with combed lines, ht. 1 1/4, rim dia. 5 1/2 ...

  • Celadon-glazed Bowl

    Lot: 1071
    Estimate: $100 - $200

    Celadon-glazed Bowl, China, Northern Song style, with slightly flaring mouth rim, resting on a raised foot, decorated with incised scrolls and combed patterns, ht. 2 5/8, dia. 5 3/4 in. ...

  • Blanc-de-Chine Censer and Wood Cover

    Lot: 1074
    Estimate: $500 - $700

    Blanc-de-Chine Censer and Wood Cover, China, Ming style, cylindrical with slightly slanted sides, resting on three ruyi-form feet with incised scroll design, bisque well and base, the cover with ...

  • Pair of Batavia-glazed Bowls

    Lot: 1078
    Estimate: $300 - $500

    Pair of Batavia-glazed Bowls, China, Kangxi style, white-glazed interior, six-character Kangxi mark in a double ring on base, ht. to 2 1/8, rim dia. to 4 5/8 in. ...

  • Flambe-glazed Brush Washer

    Lot: 1080
    Estimate: $200 - $300

    Flambe-glazed Brush Washer, China, 19th/20th century, compressed globular form with rolled mouth rim, resting on a bisque foot ring and base, white crackle-glazed interior, ht. 1 5/8, dia. 4 in. ...

  • Flambe-glazed Tripod Censer

    Lot: 1086
    Estimate: $150 - $250

    Flambe-glazed Tripod Censer, China, late 20th century, compressed globular form, with two looped knobs on mouth rim, ht. 3 3/8, dia. 7 3/8 in. ...

  • Jun-glazed Bowl

    Lot: 1087
    Estimate: $800 - $1,000

    Jun-glazed Bowl, China, Song style, with a purple splash glaze on the interior, bisque bottom and foot, brown-glazed rim, ht. 3, dia. 7 in. China, Song style, with a purple splashed glaze on the ...

  • Junyao-style Dish

    Lot: 1088
    Estimate: $200 - $300

    Junyao-style Dish, China, the pale blue glaze mottled with a purple splash and meshes of white streaks and gray dots, gray-glazed rim, brown-glazed foot ring, ht. 1 3/8, dia. 6 3/4 in. ...

  • Robin's Egg-glazed Deep Bowl

    Lot: 1097
    Estimate: $1,000 - $1,200

    Robin's Egg-glazed Deep Bowl, China, possibly 19th century, with rolled and everted rim, resting on a bisque foot ring, four-character Yongzheng mark on base, with wood stand, ht. 5 7/8, dia. 8 1/8 ...

  • Black-glazed Bowl

    Lot: 1101
    Estimate: $4,000 - $5,000

    Black-glazed Bowl, China, Yuan style, conical with slightly convex sides, resting on a bisque foot rim, the interior decorated with two friezes of brushed comb patterns in russet, the exterior with ...