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  • Four Small Items

    Lot: 27
    Sold for: $63$50

    Four Small Items, China, a miniature celadon-glazed chair; a miniature marble-top wood stand; a red/black lacquered footed cup and saucer; and a glazed ceramic model of a rabbit, ht. to 3 1/8, wd. ...

  • Near Pair of Celadon-glazed Jars

    Lot: 28
    Sold for: $16,250$13,000

    Near Pair of Celadon-glazed Jars, China, oviform with short neck, resting on a bisque foot ring, two raised reversed C-form handles at the sides, one with six-character Jiaqing mark on base, one ...

  • Fish-scale-glazed Celadon Bowl

    Lot: 30
    Sold for: $188$150

    Fish-scale-glazed Celadon Bowl, China, late 19th century, deep bowl with flaring mouth rim, resting on a short raised foot with bisque foot ring, ht. 4 1/8, mouth rim dia. 6 3/8 in. ...

  • Fish-scale-glazed Celadon Bulb Bowl

    Lot: 31
    Sold for: $113$90

    Fish-scale-glazed Celadon Bulb Bowl, China, late 19th century, low bowl, resting on three stylized ruyi-form feet, a band of six raised bosses around mouth rim, five spur marks on base, ht. 3 1/4, ...

  • Seven Ru Ware-style Celadon Items

    Lot: 32
    Sold for: $688$550

    Seven Ru Ware-style Celadon Items, China, a tripod censer; a gu-form vase; a hexagonal meiping-form vase; a handled mallet-form vase; a flattened six-lobed yuhuchunping-form vase with tubular ...

  • Fish-scale-glazed Longquan Celadon Dish

    Lot: 33
    Sold for: $750$600

    Fish-scale-glazed Longquan Celadon Dish, China, Ming style, with flanged banded rim, resting on a short raised foot, incised ring around the well, ht. 2 1/4, dia. 8 5/8 in. Provenance: Mary ...

  • Miniature Celadon-glazed Stoneware Covered Jar

    Lot: 34
    Sold for: $281$225

    Miniature Celadon-glazed Stoneware Covered Jar, China, Song style, compressed globular form with short waisted neck, rolled rim, and waisted bottom resting on a bisque foot ring, decorated with a ...

  • Celadon-glazed Stoneware Oil Bottle

    Lot: 35

    Celadon-glazed Stoneware Oil Bottle, China, compressed globular form with a small raised opening, decorated with a carved floral roundel and three rings around neck, ht. 2 3/8 in. Provenance: ...

  • Celadon-glazed Bowl

    Lot: 36
    Sold for: $1,063$850

    Celadon-glazed Bowl, China, with slightly rounded conical sides, resting on a raised bisque foot, recessed base, decorated with incised floral design on the interior, spur marks in the well, allover ...

  • Celadon Cup

    Lot: 37
    Sold for: $438$350

    Celadon Cup, China, deep bowl form, resting on a short stemmed foot, overall crackling, ht. 2 1/8 in. Provenance: Purchased from Bluett & Sons, London, September 2, 1985, in the collection of ...

  • Crackle-glazed Celadon Vase

    Lot: 38
    Sold for: $188$150

    Crackle-glazed Celadon Vase, China, four-sided hu-form with rectangular mouth and openwork tubular ears to two sides, resting on a bisque foot ring, ht. 6 5/8 in. ...

  • Celadon Tripod Censer

    Lot: 39
    Sold for: $2,625$2,100

    Celadon Tripod Censer, China, Song style, compressed circular form with straight neck and flanged band rim, decorated with three flanges running from shoulder to foot, the light gray green glaze ...

  • Four Glazed Stoneware Items

    Lot: 62
    Sold for: $125$100

    Four Glazed Stoneware Items, China, a small black-glazed round covered box; a round crackled celadon-glazed jarlet; a small white-glazed cup; and a guan-type crackled celadon-glazed jarlet with ...

  • Three Celadon-glazed Stoneware Vessels

    Lot: 107
    Sold for: $219$175

    Three Celadon-glazed Stoneware Vessels, Korea, late Goryeo period, two wine cups, one decorated with a meander band and one with lines, in white slip sanggam-inlaid design; and a small plain jarlet ...

  • Two Sanggam -inlaid Celadon-glazed Stoneware Items

    Lot: 108
    Sold for: $2,875$2,300

    Two Sanggam-inlaid Celadon-glazed Stoneware Items, Korea, Goryeo period, an eight-lobed pear-shape bottle decorated with four sets of floral designs with peonies in a roundel, a ruyi band, and ...

  • Pair of Hardstone Bi Discs

    Lot: 119
    Sold for: $113$90

    Pair of Hardstone Bi Discs, China, possibly for earrings, decorated with incised archaic ruyi cloud design, celadon stone, dia. 1 3/8 in. ...

  • Hardstone Carving of a Money Toad

    Lot: 120
    Sold for: $6,250$5,000

    Hardstone Carving of a Money Toad, China, with two three-legged toads and a pomegranate, celadon stone with russet inclusions, with a conforming carved wood stand, carving ht. 1 3/4, wd. 4 1/8 in. ...

  • Nine Openwork Carvings

    Lot: 123
    Sold for: $125$100

    Nine Openwork Carvings, China, set of two square celadon stone plaques, each with a figure amongst floral scrolls; a set of six jadeite pendant plaques with pomegranates, lingzhi mushrooms, and ...

  • Sixteen Jade/Hardstone Items

    Lot: 126
    Sold for: $188$150

    Sixteen Jade/Hardstone Items, China, eight openwork roundel plaques, including one in the shape of a lotus seedpod; an oval openwork plaque; six rectangular plaques, two with designs in relief; a ...

  • Seventeen Jade/Hardstone Items

    Lot: 127
    Sold for: $125$100

    Seventeen Jade/Hardstone Items, China, five openwork roundel plaques; four rectangular plaques, including one with a bodhisattva in relief; six variously shaped plaques including one with bamboo and ...

  • Nephrite Jade Dragon Belt Buckle

    Lot: 129
    Sold for: $3,625$2,900

    Nephrite Jade Dragon Belt Buckle, China, with an openwork chilong facing the dragon-head hook, carved and incised details on reverse, pale celadon stone with russet markings, lg. 4 1/8 in. ...

  • Carved Hardstone Shishi

    Lot: 130
    Sold for: $688$550

    Carved Hardstone Shishi, China, sitting with its head turned to one side, tail curled toward its head, pale celadon stone with dark to light gray streaks, wd. 3 5/8 in. ...

  • Carved Hardstone Paperweight

    Lot: 131
    Sold for: $2,750$2,200

    Carved Hardstone Paperweight, China, long, slender, rectangular form, with carved chilong scroll decorations on top, pale celadon stone with white to light gray inclusions, lg. 8 3/4 in. ...

  • Carved Hardstone Caparisoned Elephant

    Lot: 133

    Carved Hardstone Caparisoned Elephant, China, depicted walking, trunk down, a carved jar on his back, incised details, celadon stone with apple green and gray streaked inclusions, with a conforming ...

  • Serpentine Double Ibex Earring

    Lot: 297
    Sold for: $688$550

    Serpentine Double Ibex Earring, China, depicting two ibex on either end of a central ear hook, pale celadon stone with rust inclusions, lg. 2 1/4 in. ...

  • Chinese Export Celadon-glazed Porcelain Jug and Covered Sugar

    Lot: 1044

    Chinese Export Celadon-glazed Porcelain Jug and Covered Sugar, (repairs), ht. to 5 3/4 in. ...

  • Celadon Vase Mounted as a Lamp

    Lot: 1201
    Sold for: $150$120

    Celadon Vase Mounted as a Lamp, the body of the vase depicting a figural scene of a fan dance, on a carved wooden base, ht. 29 1/2 in. ...

  • Thirty-one Mostly Nephrite Jade Carvings

    Lot: 1490
    Sold for: $438$350

    Thirty-one Mostly Nephrite Jade Carvings, China, including a hairpin, a recumbent dog, eight rectangular pendants with carved figural decorations, a bat and lotus root carving, apple green to pale ...

  • Celadon Wine Cup and Small Bowl

    Lot: 1559
    Sold for: $150$120

    Celadon Wine Cup and Small Bowl, ht. to 2 1/2 in. ...

  • Small Sung Dynasty Celadon Bowl

    Lot: 1560
    Sold for: $88$70

    Small Sung Dynasty Celadon Bowl, (repaired), ht. 3, dia. 7 1/4 in. ...