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  • Shimazu Satsuma Four-legged Censer and Cover

    Lot: 230
    Sold for: $1,230$1,000

    Shimazu Satsuma Four-legged Censer and Cover, Japan, Meiji period, compressed globular form on four hoofed legs, decorated with two dragons and seated arhats, the cover with openwork details and a ...

  • Satsuma Tea Caddy with Gilt-bronze Cover

    Lot: 250
    Sold for: $369$300

    Satsuma Tea Caddy with Gilt-bronze Cover, Japan, early 20th century, square form on four bracket feet, decorated with seated arhats, the bronze inner cover with a coral bead knob, the outer cover, a ...

  • Hanging Scroll Depicting the Eighteen Arhats

    Lot: 498
    Sold for: $246$200

    Hanging Scroll Depicting the Eighteen Arhats, China, in the manner of Wang Su (1794-1877), with their attributes in nature with rocks, pines, and a dragon, ink and light color on paper, signed ...

  • Seven Hanging Scrolls

    Lot: 1392
    Sold for: $185$150

    Seven Hanging Scrolls, Japan, 19th/20th century, including sixteen arhats, six poets, and landscapes, lg. to 86 in. ...

  • Six Small Satsuma Vases

    Lot: 395
    Sold for: $615$500

    Six Small Satsuma Vases, Japan, 19th/20th century, a small bulbous vase with flared neck and foot, decorated with eight patterned panels including two interior scenes with figures, signed "Houzan"; ...

  • Painting Depicting an Arhat

    Lot: 706
    Sold for: $492$400

    Painting Depicting an Arhat, Japan, 19th/20th century, seated on a rock against a moonlit night scene, with a halo around his head, accompanied with a demon figure in prayer hands to his right, ink ...

  • Two Thangkas of Tsong Khapa

    Lot: 439
    Sold for: $738$600

    Two Thangkas of Tsong Khapa, Tibetan China, 18th and 19th/20th century style, each depicted sitting cross-legged on an upturned lotus pedestal behind an offering table with his hands in dharmachakra ...

  • Three Buddhist Painting Scrolls

    Lot: 60
    Sold for: $246$200

    Three Buddhist Painting Scrolls, China, depicting three Buddhist Arhat monks, ink and color on paper, each 22 x 12 in. ...

  • Three Buddhist Painting Scrolls

    Lot: 1399

    Three Buddhist Painting Scrolls, China, depicting three Buddhist Arhat monks, ink and color on paper, each 22 x 12 in. ...

  • Buddhist Painting

    Lot: 244
    Sold for: $1,353$1,100

    Buddhist Painting, Korea, 18th century, fragmental part of a bigger painting illustrating Shakyamuni preaching at Vulture Peak, Gyeongsangbuk-do style under Kwaemin (a monk painter), depicting ...

  • Ivory Covered Box

    Lot: 241

    Ivory Covered Box, Japan, 19th century, rectangular with rounded edges, decorated with carved lotus flowers and leaves in bas relief, stained in brown tones, interior of the box and cover decorated ...

  • Two Buddhist Stone Statues

    Lot: 449
    Sold for: $2,583$2,100

    Two Buddhist Stone Statues, China, a Buddha and a Buddhist arhat, each standing on a podium hewn to fit into a wood stand, overall ht. to 23 1/2, with stand ht. 3 1/2 in. Provenance: The estate ...

  • Nine Porcelain and Enamel Items

    Lot: 64A
    Sold for: $180$150

    Nine Porcelain and Enamel Items, China and Japan, 20th century, a celadon vase with rose canton and blue and white decorations, ht. 5 5/8, a rose canton baluster vase with painted with blue and ...

  • Six Satsuma Miniature Vases

    Lot: 366
    Sold for: $120$100

    Six Satsuma Miniature Vases, Japan, 20th century, a pair of baluster vases painted with arhats against a gold ground, mark on base, ht. 3 3/4, a bottle-shape vase decorated with reserves of women ...

  • Framed Buddhist Painting of Bodhisattvas and Arhats

    Lot: 476
    Sold for: $360$300

    Framed Buddhist Painting of Bodhisattvas and Arhats, Tibet, 20th century, color on cloth, each depicted with his attributes against a background of rolling waves, 29 1/2 x 19 in. ...

  • Pair of Satsuma Vases

    Lot: 32
    Sold for: $80$80

    Pair of Satsuma Vases, Japan, baluster form, decorated with multiple arhats, the waisted neck flanked by elephant-handles, mark on base, ht. 5 in. ...

  • Satsuma Teapot

    Lot: 33
    Sold for: $175$175

    Satsuma Teapot, Japan, the elongated body decorated with arhats, with chilong handle and spout, cover similarly decorated, mark on base, ht. 7 3/8 in. ...

  • Satsuma Vase

    Lot: 47
    Sold for: $306$250

    Satsuma Vase, Japan, 19th century, baluster shape, depicting arhats and Kannon on a gold ground, mark to base, ht. 9 5/8 in. ...

  • Satsuma Plate

    Lot: 53

    Satsuma Plate, Japan, 20th century, round, with three dragons in low relief surrounding arhats on a brocade and gold ground, the exterior rim with two dragons and the Tokugawa pawlonia crest, gold ...

  • Satsuma Jar and Cover

    Lot: 54
    Sold for: $213$175

    Satsuma Jar and Cover, Japan, 19th/20th century, baluster shape, depicting Kannon, arhats, and attendants in enamel and gold, with brocade pattern and two low-relief bows in gold on the shoulder, ...

  • Kutani Vase

    Lot: 37
    Sold for: $123$100

    Kutani Vase, Japan, decorated overall with the "One Hundred Arhats," ht. 11 1/2 in. ...

  • Satsuma Vase

    Lot: 55
    Sold for: $119$100

    Satsuma Vase, Japan, of square shape, gilded and enameled with reserves of courtesans and arhats, mark to base, ht. 3 5/8 in. ...

  • Satsuma Jardiniere

    Lot: 95
    Sold for: $444$375

    Satsuma Jardiniere, Japan, Meiji period, the bulbous body finely decorated in gilt and colors with a scene of arhats and attendants conquering a tiger to one side, and sages appreciating a ...

  • Satsuma Charger

    Lot: 96
    Sold for: $245$200

    Satsuma Charger, Japan, 19th century, the scalloped charger with enameled and generous gilt decoration of arhats, Kannon, and a dragon above crashing waves, mark to the base, wood display stand, ...

  • Four Satsuma Items

    Lot: 97
    Sold for: $276$225

    Four Satsuma Items, Japan, Meiji period, a pair of vases decorated with arhats and Kwannon, a wide bowl with figures in landscape, wood stand, and a tall vase with cranes amidst peony flowers on an ...

  • Satsuma Jar and Incense Burner

    Lot: 107

    Satsuma Jar and Incense Burner, Japan, 19th century, each side of the hexagonal jar finely painted with chrysanthemum branches, domed wood lid, and a compressed globular incense burner painted with ...

  • Kutani Jar and Box

    Lot: 111

    Kutani Jar and Box, Japan, 19th century, the melon-shaped jar raised on four short feet, decorated with a sinuous dragon and arhats in a landscape, mark to the base, and a square box raised on four ...

  • Ivory Sword Case

    Lot: 212
    Sold for: $356$300

    Ivory Sword Case, Japan, 19th century, finely carved in relief with arhats in a landscape, the handle inset with moonstone, mother-of-pearl, and other semi-precious stone beads, signed to the side, ...

  • Kutani Vase

    Lot: 149
    Sold for: $237$200

    Kutani Vase, Japan, 19th century, decorated in gilt with a roundel enclosing a sinuous dragon to one side, and an arhat in a landscape to the other, reserved on a floral ground, the waisted neck ...

  • Foliated Satsuma Vase

    Lot: 177
    Sold for: $237$200

    Foliated Satsuma Vase, Japan, late 19th century, the cylindrical body with petal-shaped rim, finely enameled in color and gilt with portraits of Arhats and Kwannon seated in rows on waves, mark to ...