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  • Blue and White Jardiniere

    Lot: 1008
    Estimate: $500 - $700

    Blue and White Jardiniere, China, Kangxi style, decorated with a continuous landscape with legendary figures between two double rings, white-glazed interior, flat bisque base, with wood stand, ht. 6 ...

  • Pair of Small Doucai Bottle Vases

    Lot: 1014
    Estimate: $200 - $300

    Pair of Small Doucai Bottle Vases, China, mallet form, decorated with a chilong scroll design, six-character Yongzheng mark on base, ht. 4 1/2 in. ...

  • Near Pair of Blue and White Jars and Covers

    Lot: 1020
    Estimate: $600 - $800

    Near Pair of Blue and White Jars and Covers, China, late 19th century, decorated with "Double Happiness" characters against a foliate scroll ground, four-character Chenghua mark on base, with wood ...

  • Pair of Export Blue and White Lamp Vases

    Lot: 1026
    Estimate: $300 - $500

    Pair of Export Blue and White Lamp Vases, China, 19th/20th century, gu-form, decorated in three tiers, the top decorated with a banana leaf band, the middle with a seaport scene, and the bottom ...

  • Iron-red-decorated Blue and White Medicine Bottle

    Lot: 1027
    Estimate: $150 - $250

    Iron-red-decorated Blue and White Medicine Bottle, China, Republic period, cylindrical with raised neck and rolled mouth rim, resting on a bisque foot ring, decorated with a battle scene, "Ruoshen ...

  • Polychrome Enameled Vase

    Lot: 1029
    Estimate: $400 - $600

    Polychrome Enameled Vase, China, baluster form, decorated with a continuous Daoist landscape with Immortals and patterned bands and lappets, Kangxi mark on base, ht. 16 1/2 in. ...

  • Four-sided Enameled Blue-ground Vase

    Lot: 1035
    Estimate: $200 - $300

    Four-sided Enameled Blue-ground Vase, China, 20th century, with long waisted neck and flaring mouth, resting on a broad flat bisque foot rim, decorated with four auspicious flowers, ht. 11 1/2 in. ...

  • Three Rose Medallion Tea Caddies

    Lot: 1037
    Estimate: $300 - $500

    Three Rose Medallion Tea Caddies, China, 20th century, including a pair and a taller example, all hexagonal, the sides decorated with interior scenes alternating with bird-and-flower or still life ...

  • Set of Four Enameled Porcelain Plaques

    Lot: 1041
    Estimate: $800 - $1,200

    Set of Four Enameled Porcelain Plaques, China, Republic period, each depicting a couple in a garden scene, framed, overall 10 5/8 x 7 3/4, plaque 7 3/8 x 4 1/2 in. ...

  • Set of Four Grisaille Enameled Porcelain Plaques

    Lot: 1042
    Estimate: $800 - $1,200

    Set of Four Grisaille Enameled Porcelain Plaques, China, 19th/20th century, rectangular, each depicting legendary figures and immortals, along with a different animal, iron red details, with ...

  • Pair of Enameled Porcelain Fan-shaped Plaques

    Lot: 1043
    Estimate: $300 - $500

    Pair of Enameled Porcelain Fan-shaped Plaques, China, 20th century, one depicting six cranes in pine trees, inscribed "Luhe Tongchun"; the other seven chickens and bamboo, inscribed "Zhulin Qixian," ...

  • Famille Rose Porcelain Plaques

    Lot: 1046
    Estimate: $800 - $1,200

    Famille Rose Porcelain Plaques, China, Qing dynasty, rectangular, depicting a garden scene with a river view, depicting figures in various activities with playful boys, in a checkered border ...

  • Famille Rose Export Punch Bowl

    Lot: 1058
    Estimate: $500 - $700

    Famille Rose Export Punch Bowl, China, possibly 18th century, decorated with two figural landscapes in two large shaped reserves, alternating with two floral sprays in two floral reserves, against a ...

  • Qingbai-glazed Dish

    Lot: 1070
    Estimate: $600 - $800

    Qingbai-glazed Dish, China, Song style, with six-lobed rim and angled sides, resting on a raised foot, bisque base, decorated with incised floral design with combed lines, ht. 1 1/4, rim dia. 5 1/2 ...

  • Cream-glazed Gui -form Censer

    Lot: 1077
    Estimate: $300 - $500

    Cream-glazed Gui-form Censer, China, with chilong-inspired handles, bisque interior and foot ring, ht. 3 3/4, wd. 7 1/2 in. ...

  • Flambe-glazed Vase

    Lot: 1084
    Estimate: $300 - $500

    Flambe-glazed Vase, China, 19th/20th century, pear-shape resting on a bisque foot ring, the purple glaze mottled with blue and splashed red, white-glazed interior and base, six-character Qianlong ...

  • Turquoise Blue-glazed Dish with White Slip Decoration

    Lot: 1092
    Estimate: $800 - $1,200

    Turquoise Blue-glazed Dish with White Slip Decoration, China, 19th century, elongated quatrefoil form, resting on four short bisque feet, decorated with lotus scroll design, gilt rim, six-character ...

  • Small Sky Blue-glazed Meiping Vase

    Lot: 1094
    Estimate: $300 - $500

    Small Sky Blue-glazed Meiping Vase, China, with white-glazed mouth and interior and flat bisque base with engraved concentric circles, ht. 4 1/2 in. ...

  • Teadust-glazed Vase with Gilt Decoration

    Lot: 1099
    Estimate: $800 - $1,200

    Teadust-glazed Vase with Gilt Decoration, China, possibly 18th/19th century, four-sided flattened hu-form vase, with two elephant head handles, decorated with raised rings and gilt patterned friezes ...

  • Black-glazed Bowl

    Lot: 1101
    Estimate: $4,000 - $5,000

    Black-glazed Bowl, China, Yuan style, conical with slightly convex sides, resting on a bisque foot rim, the interior decorated with two friezes of brushed comb patterns in russet, the exterior with ...

  • Black-glazed Handled Jar

    Lot: 1104
    Estimate: $3,000 - $4,000

    Black-glazed Handled Jar, China, Jin style, slightly compressed globular form, with short straight neck, resting on a bisque foot ring, decorated with russet streaks, fine craquelure on the surface, ...

  • Jadeite Carving of Phoenixes

    Lot: 1115
    Estimate: $500 - $700

    Jadeite Carving of Phoenixes, China, with blossoming peonies and leaves, deep green mottled stone with white streaks and spots, mounted on a stand, overall ht. 10 1/2 in. ...

  • Hardstone Openwork Censer and Cover

    Lot: 1116
    Estimate: $1,200 - $1,500

    Hardstone Openwork Censer and Cover, China, bowl form with flanged rim decorated with two dragon heads with a loose ring, resting on an upturned bowl-form base with foliate scroll design in ...

  • Openwork Jade Pendant

    Lot: 1133
    Estimate: $400 - $600

    Openwork Jade Pendant, China, in the shape of bi disc on two chilong supports, one side decorated with an openwork chilong, the other engraved scroll designs, celadon stone with opaque russet ...

  • Jade-inset Wood Ruyi Scepter

    Lot: 1135
    Estimate: $400 - $600

    Jade-inset Wood Ruyi Scepter, China, jade plaques Ming dynasty style, the wood scepter with three jade openwork plaques, including an oval one on the head, a rectangular on the middle, and a near ...

  • Nephrite Jade Carving of a Bird

    Lot: 1137
    Estimate: $200 - $300

    Nephrite Jade Carving of a Bird, China, seated with lingzhi mushrooms in the beak, incised details, celadon stone mottled with gray streaks and dots, ht. 2 3/8, wd. 2 1/2 in. ...

  • Small Jade Ritual Vessel

    Lot: 1149
    Estimate: $400 - $600

    Small Jade Ritual Vessel, China, flattened hu form with two spouts, two finials on mouth rim, a handle on a side, decorated with archaic-style taotie-inspired design in bas-relief, deep gray green ...

  • Pair of Hardstone Plaque Table Screens

    Lot: 1151
    Estimate: $600 - $800

    Pair of Hardstone Plaque Table Screens, China, 19th/20th century, the round plaques decorated with flowers and rocks of various stones, the carved wood stands, rectangular base, multi-tiered, ...

  • Three Stone Carvings

    Lot: 1152
    Estimate: $400 - $600

    Three Stone Carvings, China, two sodalite carvings: a warrior on horseback and his retinue, and a seated female deity, both dark blue stone mottled with pale celadon inclusion and gray dots; and an ...

  • Carved Coral Branch

    Lot: 1154
    Estimate: $200 - $300

    Carved Coral Branch, China, depicting a swirling dragon with a precious jewel above waves, ht. 5 7/8, wd. 2 1/2 in. ...