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  • Famille Verte Vase

    Lot: 520
    Sold for: $296$250

    Famille Verte Vase, China, 19th century, the meiping shaped vase with tall shoulders, finely painted with birds and peonies, ht. 6 1/4 in. ...

  • Two Blue and White Vases

    Lot: 562
    Sold for: $1,659$1,400

    Two Blue and White Vases, China, the meiping and yuhuchunping (cut down neck) each painted in underglaze blue with a composite of floral scrolls, ht. 10 3/8, 8 3/4 in. ...

  • "Mille Fleurs" Vase

    Lot: 637
    Sold for: $948$800

    "Mille Fleurs" Vase, China, the meiping-shaped body brightly painted with a multitude flowers, Jiaqing mark to the base, ht. 13 5/8 in. ...

  • Blue and White Meiping

    Lot: 649
    Sold for: $267$225

    Blue and White Meiping, China, decorated in underglaze blue with molded design of a dragon and a phoenix travelling amidst painted floral and leafy meanders, ht. 14 5/8 in. ...

  • Turquoise Snuff Bottle

    Lot: 903

    Turquoise Snuff Bottle, of flattened meiping shape, each side finely carved in medium relief of plum blossoms grown on rockwork, matching turquoise stopper, lg. 1 5/8 in. ...

  • Famille Rose Meiping

    Lot: 1351
    Sold for: $22,515$19,000

    Famille Rose Meiping, China, Qianlong six-character seal mark in iron-red and of the period (1736-1795), the vase decorated on the exterior with two bats amidst stylized lotus borne on elaborate ...

  • Clair de Lune Porcelain Vase

    Lot: 1496
    Sold for: $830$700

    Clair de Lune Porcelain Vase, China, Republic Period, of meiping form, carved dragons in reverse, one striding amidst clouds the other emerging from crashing wave, covered with a pale blue glaze, ...

  • Celadon Vase

    Lot: 1563
    Sold for: $1,304$1,100

    Celadon Vase, China, Song dynasty (960-1279), meiping shape, the heavily-potted body carved in a freehand manner with floral and foliage scrolls set between leafy tip bands, covered by a pale ...

  • Celadon Meiping

    Lot: 1578
    Sold for: $830$700

    Celadon Meiping, China, 19th century, the elegantly-shaped body covered overall with sea-green glaze suffused with a network of fine crackles, ht. 6 3/4 in. ...

  • Cizhou-type Painted Meiping

    Lot: 1580
    Sold for: $148$125

    Cizhou-type Painted Meiping, China, of slender form, the exterior freely painted in brown on a white slip under a clear glaze infused with fine crackles, with a bird perched amongst chrysanthemum on ...

  • Cizhou Cut-Glaze Meiping

    Lot: 1581
    Sold for: $1,778$1,500

    Cizhou Cut-Glaze Meiping, China, Northern Song/Jin dynasty (11th-13th century), carved through the thick brown glaze to the buff-colored body with a broad band of foliage scrolls in the middle, set ...

  • Ivory Incense Vase

    Lot: 468
    Sold for: $9,480$8,000

    Ivory Incense Vase, China, 19th century, in the shape of an elongated meiping, characters carved around the surface in cursive script, along with three carved seals of wan wu (play things), the ...

  • Porcelain Vase

    Lot: 891

    Porcelain Vase, China, Tongzhi mark (1861-1873) and of the period, meiping shape, with a design of the three fruits and floral sprigs with acanthus around the base, ht. 7 1/2 in. ...

  • Chun Yao Vase

    Lot: 904
    Sold for: $533$450

    Chun Yao Vase, China, Yuan period, 14th century, lobated Meiping shape, thick turquoise glaze, ht. 6 1/4 in. ...

  • Porcelain Vase

    Lot: 909
    Sold for: $563$475

    Porcelain Vase, China, 18th century, Meiping form, apple green color with a crab's claw crackle, ht. 8 in. ...

  • Porcelain Vase

    Lot: 1053
    Sold for: $296$250

    Porcelain Vase, China, 20th century, Meiping form, underglaze blue decoration of women on horseback, ht. 14 in. ...

  • Two Sang de Boeuf Vases

    Lot: 494
    Sold for: $470$400

    Two Sang de Boeuf Vases, China, 19th century, a water coupe and a small Meiping vase, dia. 3, ht. 3 1/2 in., respectively. ...

  • Blue and White Vase

    Lot: 436
    Sold for: $881$750

    Blue and White Vase, China, 19th century, Mei-ping form, scene of Hsi Wang Mu visiting the Immortals, K'ang Hsi mark, ht. 10 1/4 in. ...

  • Cloisonne Vase

    Lot: 531
    Sold for: $1,645$1,400

    Cloisonne Vase, China, 18th century, Mei-ping form with stylized lotus on a turquoise ground, ht. 5 in. ...

  • Stoneware Vase

    Lot: 676
    Sold for: $323$275

    Stoneware Vase, China, Sung to Yuan period, 13th to 14th century, Meiping of Tzu Chou ware with deep brown glaze, ht. 13 ...

  • Gilt Bronze Sake Bottle

    Lot: 1556
    Sold for: $2,350$2,000

    Gilt Bronze Sake Bottle, Japan, 17th century or earlier, Meiping shape, traces of gilt remaining, ht. 10 1/2 ...

  • Tzu Chou Vase

    Lot: 1584
    Sold for: $1,175$1,000

    Tzu Chou Vase, Ch'in period, 13th century, Meiping shape with black decoration of peony flowers and foliage, ht. 13 1/2 ...