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  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Courtesan Plate

    Lot: 211
    Sold for: $492$400

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Courtesan Plate, England, c. 1730-40, probably Bristol, in the manner of a Limekiln Lane potworks, burnt orange rim to a blue Kangxi-style decoration with diaper banded border ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Lily Plate

    Lot: 212

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Lily Plate, England, c. 1730-40, probably Bristol, polychrome decoration of stylized foliage to a heptagonal frame bordering a central plant cluster, dia. 8 7/8 in. ...

  • Two Tin-glazed Earthenware Blue Decorated Plates

    Lot: 213
    Sold for: $338$275

    Two Tin-glazed Earthenware Blue Decorated Plates, England, c. 1745-55, a Bristol edge-to-edge punting plate with river landscape having trees to one side, buildings and mountains in the distance; ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Triad Fuddling Cup

    Lot: 214
    Sold for: $3,075$2,500

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Triad Fuddling Cup, England, c. 1640-60, probably Southwark, allover white glaze to three wheel-thrown baluster vase forms conjoined at their bellies and with entwined ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Wanli Dish

    Lot: 215
    Sold for: $3,075$2,500

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Wanli Dish, England, c. 1630, probably Southwark, attributed to the Pickleherring potworks, blue decoration, the wide border having panels alternating flowers with scrolls ...

  • Dated Tin-glazed Earthenware Wine Bottle

    Lot: 216
    Sold for: $4,305$3,500

    Dated Tin-glazed Earthenware Wine Bottle, England, c. 1649, probably Southwark, globular shape with narrow neck and loop handle, allover white glazed inscribed in blue "WHIT 1649," ht. 5 in. ...

  • Two Blue-decorated Tin-glazed Earthenware Plates

    Lot: 217
    Sold for: $277$225

    Two Blue-decorated Tin-glazed Earthenware Plates, England, c. 1750-75, probably London, both with chinoiserie-style decoration, one with crosshatch border surrounding a central fenced garden with ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Waterside Plate

    Lot: 218
    Sold for: $1,230$1,000

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Waterside Plate, England, c. 1750-60, possibly Bristol or Liverpool, edge-to-edge polychrome decorated with fisherman and another figure by bamboo stalks, a skiff to one side, ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Country Folk Plate

    Lot: 219

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Country Folk Plate, England, c. 1710-20, probably London, blue decoration of a Dutch-style rural landscape with travelers, dia. 8 3/4 in. Provenance: The Troy Chappell ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Fruit Bowl

    Lot: 220

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Fruit Bowl, England, c. 1750, probably London, blue decorated circular form with scalloped rim to a pierced border of intersecting rings with running foliate motif, the center ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Chinoiserie-decorated Drinking Mug

    Lot: 221
    Sold for: $3,998$3,250

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Chinoiserie-decorated Drinking Mug, England, c. 1680-95, probably London, bulbous body with loop handle, duck egg blue ground with dark blue seated figure in a landscape ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Taking of Portobello Dish

    Lot: 222
    Sold for: $2,583$2,100

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Taking of Portobello Dish, England, c. 1740-43, probably Bristol, undecorated flat rim surrounding a blue decorated with warships firing upon a fortress, dia. 8 5/8 in. ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Storage Bottle

    Lot: 223

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Storage Bottle, England, c. 1780-1800, probably London-Vauxhall, inverted baluster shape with loop handle and elongated turned neck, blue flower centering scrolled foliage, ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Fruit Tree Plate

    Lot: 224
    Sold for: $246$200

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Fruit Tree Plate, England, c. 1730-40, polychrome decorated with alternating foliage and grass border surrounding a central fenced garden with prominent tree bearing two pods, ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Swan Plate

    Lot: 225
    Sold for: $1,845$1,500

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Swan Plate, England, c. 1740-60, probably Bristol, rim-to-rim decoration in blue and manganese with central swan flanked by a tree and an architectural column, each with ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Manor Deep Dish

    Lot: 226
    Sold for: $492$400

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Manor Deep Dish, England, c. 1755, probably Liverpool, quasi-scalloped edge with polychrome decorated wall-to-wall rural landscape waterside and with a three-storey house ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Parrot Plate

    Lot: 227
    Sold for: $523$425

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Parrot Plate, England, c. 1750, probably London, yellow inscribed florals, scrolled foliage, and insects to a powder manganese rim bordering a polychrome decorated center with ...

  • Polychrome Tin-glazed Earthenware Plate

    Lot: 228
    Sold for: $431$350

    Polychrome Tin-glazed Earthenware Plate, England, c. 1750-60, probably Liverpool, pastoral landscape with strolling gentleman and seated lady by trees and fence, a structure in the distance, dia. 8 ...

  • Polychrome Decorated Tin-glazed Earthenware Plate

    Lot: 229

    Polychrome Decorated Tin-glazed Earthenware Plate, England, c. 1750-60, probably Bristol, fencepost reserves to a pale powdered manganese border framing a pillow-form cartouche with tassel corners ...

  • Two Tin-glazed Earthenware Chinoiserie-decorated Plates

    Lot: 230
    Sold for: $338$275

    Two Tin-glazed Earthenware Chinoiserie-decorated Plates, England, c. 1760, each blue, an octagonal Liverpool plate with floral border surrounding a floral garden center, dia. 8 3/8; and a London ...

  • Two Tin-glazed Earthenware Chinoiserie-decorated Saucer Dishes

    Lot: 231

    Two Tin-glazed Earthenware Chinoiserie-decorated Saucer Dishes, England, mid to late 18th century, each blue, a London dish with floral border alternating with scallop and dot motifs all surrounding ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Arion Plate

    Lot: 232
    Sold for: $923$750

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Arion Plate, England, c. 1765-75, probably London, blue decorated edge-to-edge with seascape featuring a central figure astride a dolphin and holding a lyre, three sailing ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Tea Canister

    Lot: 233

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Tea Canister, England, c. 1760-70, probably Bristol, octagonal form with blue decoration of borders of floral vines amongst scrollwork alternating with white ground floral ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Thistle Dish

    Lot: 234

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Thistle Dish, England, c. 1740, probably Bristol, blue decorated with two trim lines bordering a central floral and foliate pattern, dia. 7 1/2 in. Provenance: The Troy ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Gazebo Plate

    Lot: 235
    Sold for: $400$325

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Gazebo Plate, England, c. 1755, probably Liverpool, scalloped rim and blue decoration in a rim-to-rim Chinese landscape with boatman in the foreground, dia. 9 in. ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Freemason Dish

    Lot: 236

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Freemason Dish, England, c. 1755-60, probably Liverpool, blue decorated with central crest for the Order of Freemasons, a ribboned motto below "AMOR . HONOR . ET . JUSTITIA," ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Spoon Tray

    Lot: 237
    Sold for: $1,046$850

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Spoon Tray, England, c. 1760, probably Liverpool, shaped oval form blue decorated with lattice and floral border surrounding a central water landscape with houses and ...

  • Two Tin-glazed Blue Decorated Earthenware Plates

    Lot: 238
    Sold for: $338$275

    Two Tin-glazed Blue Decorated Earthenware Plates, England, c. 1735-70, probably London, an edge-to-edge plate with shepherd and shepherdess in a landscape by architectural ruins, dia. 9; and a ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Chinoiserie-decorated Plate

    Lot: 239
    Sold for: $308$250

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Chinoiserie-decorated Plate, England, c. 1750-60, probably Bristol, edge-to-edge decorated in blue with robed courtesan being offered a basket by an attendant and flanked by ...

  • Tin-glazed Earthenware Religious Plate

    Lot: 240

    Tin-glazed Earthenware Religious Plate, England, c. 1710-25, probably Bristol, blue decoration of a simple banded border surrounding a central eight-point star framing a central circular cartouche ...