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  • Hanging Scroll

    Lot: 1349
    Sold for: $119$100

    Hanging Scroll, Zou Yuguang, ink and light colors on paper, depiction of chrysanthemum and bamboo, signed and with one seal, dedicated to Ms. Zou Yun, 27 x 17 in. Provenance: From the private ...

  • Hanging Scroll

    Lot: 1350
    Sold for: $8,295$7,000

    Hanging Scroll, Chen Qikuan (1921-2007), depiction of six monkeys in good humor, ink on paper, abstract style, signed and with one seal, dedicated to Mr. Zuhai and his wife, 9 x 11 1/2 in. ...

  • Hanging Scroll

    Lot: 1351
    Sold for: $237$200

    Hanging Scroll, Xu Ying, ink and light colors on paper, depiction of a mountainous landscape, signed and with one seal, dated a winter day in jiawu year (1954), dedicated to Mr. Zuhai, 22 x 12 ...

  • Calligraphy

    Lot: 1352
    Sold for: $3,200$2,700

    Calligraphy, Dong Zuobin (1895-1963), oracle bone inscription in red ink, inscribed, signed and with four seals, dated 1943, dedicated to Mr. Zuhai, 38 x 5 3/4 in. N.B. Dong Zuobin, the pioneer ...

  • Modern Painting

    Lot: 1353
    Sold for: $83$70

    Modern Painting, Zhu erzhen, ink and colors on silk, depiction of a standing lady in red, signed and with one seal, dedicated to Zou Yun, 19 x 11 in. Provenance: From the private collection of ...

  • Two Loose Paintings

    Lot: 1354
    Sold for: $119$100

    Two Loose Paintings, China, ink and colors on paper, depiction of a Pekingese dog and a panda, dated 1993, signed and with two and one seals respectively, 26 1/2 x 13 1/4, 13 x 17 1/2 in. ...

  • Calligraphy Couplet

    Lot: 1355
    Sold for: $237$200

    Calligraphy Couplet, Wang Zhimeng, standard script, reads "Zhong hou liu you yu di bu, he ping yang wu xian tian ji," dedicated to Mr. Zuhai, signed, three seals in total, dated a spring day in ...

  • Calligraphy Couplet

    Lot: 1356
    Sold for: $3,437$2,900

    Calligraphy Couplet, Dong Zuobin (1895-1963), oracle bone inscription in black ink and with corresponding characters in standard script, signed and with two seals, dated spring in xinmao year ...

  • Loose Calligraphy

    Lot: 1357
    Sold for: $59$50

    Loose Calligraphy, China, reads "Ya du hong chuo" (Great tolerance and grandiose manner), standard script, signed "Yi Lai," two seals, dedicated to Zuhai and Zou Yun, 10 x 38 1/2 in. Provenance: ...

  • Painting Album

    Lot: 1358
    Sold for: $44,438$37,500

    Painting Album, Chen Dingshan (1897-1987), nine leaves, ink and colors or ink on paper, depiction of a recluse in various landscape settings, inscribed, signed, and stamped, each painting ...

  • Painting Album

    Lot: 1359
    Sold for: $154,050$130,000

    Painting Album, China, ink and colors or ink on paper, all dedicated to "Ma Li Zhu Ren," dated spring in bingzi year (1936), including paintings by Xu Beihong (1894-1953), Huang Binhong (1864-1955), ...

  • Modern Painting

    Lot: 1360
    Sold for: $424,000$370,000

    Modern Painting, Zhang Daqian (1899-1983), colors on paper, depiction of blue and green mountains, dated a summer day in guiyi year (1953), inscribed "Boyuan dao di fa jiao, Daqian di Zhang Yuan," ...

  • Calligraphy Couplet

    Lot: 1362
    Sold for: $533$450

    Calligraphy Couplet, Ma Muxuan, "Chun ri tong he shuo shuang fang shu, nan shan zheng gao bei hai du shen" (the spring sun harmonizing and the glittering frost conflating, the south mountain ...

  • Handscroll

    Lot: 1365
    Sold for: $130,350$110,000

    Handscroll, Zhang Ruocheng (1722-1770), "Le quan jing she tu" (Painting of the Elegant Studio of Lequan), ink on paper, depiction of a contemplative scholar outside his studio in a rustic landscape, ...

  • Fan Painting

    Lot: 1384
    Sold for: $5,333$4,500

    Fan Painting, Wu Guandai (1862-1929), and Shen Meisou (1849-1923), ink and colors on fan, depiction of a mountainous landscape with pavilions and pines, dedicated to "the master of Yi Guan Xuan," ...

  • Fan Calligraphy

    Lot: 1410
    Sold for: $5,036$4,250

    Fan Calligraphy, Shen Meisou (1849-1923), calligraphy on fan, running script, dedicated to Boyuan, signed "Meisou," with two seals, 7 3/8 x 19 3/4 in. Provenance: Ex P.Y. Wang Collection. ...

  • Tianhuang Seal

    Lot: 1686
    Sold for: $7,110$6,000

    Tianhuang Seal, China, carved in relief as group of scholars appreciating an unfolded handscroll under a pine tree while one is playing zither, the reverse carved with a lotus pond, the side ...

  • Famille Rose Baluster Vase

    Lot: 685
    Sold for: $4,740$4,000

    Famille Rose Baluster Vase, China, Republican period, the ovoid body finely painted with a mountainous landscape with pavilions, the neck in famille rose palette with stylized lotus blooms borne on ...

  • Polychrome Enameled Baluster Vase

    Lot: 689
    Sold for: $711$600

    Polychrome Enameled Baluster Vase, China, the rounded cylindrical body decorated with the three Immortals, Shoulao, Cai Xing, and Fu Xing with an attendant in a celestial landscape with bats and a ...

  • Hanging Scroll

    Lot: 787
    Sold for: $1,304$1,100

    Hanging Scroll, Zhang Shen, ink and colors on silk, landscape, signed, one seal, 62 1/2 x 15 in. ...

  • Seven Album Leaves

    Lot: 789
    Sold for: $2,607$2,200

    Seven Album Leaves, ink and colors on silk and mounted on silk., style of Shen Zhou (1427-1509), 19th century copy, weeping willow and boat after Hui Chong (?-c.1017), one seal; Huang Youtian (?), ...

  • Calligraphy

    Lot: 792
    Sold for: $652$550

    Calligraphy, Fu Shen (b. 1937), dedicated to Charles Chu, dated summer in xuzi year (2008), mounted on silk with no scrolls, 24 x 19 3/4 in. N.B. Fu Shen currently serves on the faculty of the ...

  • Handscroll

    Lot: 835
    Sold for: $7,110$6,000

    Handscroll, Zhang Shen, 19th century, ink and colors on paper, scene of scholars amongst pavilions and mountainous landscape after the rain, signed Cha Nong Zhang Shen, five seals including two ...

  • Famille Verte Brush Pot

    Lot: 1353
    Sold for: $356$300

    Famille Verte Brush Pot, China, of cylindrical shape, painted with Cai Shen (God of Wealth) with attendants, dia. 2 1/2, ht. 4 3/4 in. ...

  • Famille Rose Vase

    Lot: 1409
    Sold for: $948$800

    Famille Rose Vase, China, 19th century, the bottle vase painted with a winter scene with boys playing in a garden, the neck with stylized lotus and flanked by orange glazed archaic dragons, Shen De ...

  • Blue Glazed Dragon Vase

    Lot: 1551
    Sold for: $59$50

    Blue Glazed Dragon Vase, China, the bottle vase covered with blue glaze, depicted with a scaly dragon chasing a flaming pearl around the body, all between a band of crashing waves above the base and ...

  • Famille Rose Vase

    Lot: 959
    Sold for: $2,370$2,000

    Famille Rose Vase, China, 19th century, scene of children playing, Shen Te Tang seal mark on the base, ht. 16 in. ...

  • Jade Carving

    Lot: 1226
    Sold for: $800$675

    Jade Carving, China, 20th century, pure white stone, figure of Shen Tsai, the god of wealth, ht. 8 1/4 in. ...

  • Famille Rose Vase

    Lot: 682
    Sold for: $1,126$950

    Famille Rose Vase, early 20th century, Shen Te Tang mark, scene of a scholar with attendants, ht. 13 1/4 in. ...

  • Porcelain Cup and Saucer

    Lot: 652
    Sold for: $178$150

    Porcelain Cup and Saucer, 19th century, famille rose decoration of flowers and brocade patterns, Shen Te Tang mark on the base. ...