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  • Four Doll Trunks

    Lot: 443
    Sold for: $345$300

    Four Doll Trunks, two wooden, two cardboard with metal and wood trim, small lot of assorted clothes and ...

  • Arranbee Bisque-Head Character Baby

    Lot: 444
    Sold for: $288$250

    Arranbee Bisque-Head Character Baby, Germany, early 20th century, blue glass eyes, open mouth with two upper teeth, molded painted blonde hair, flange neck, impressed Germany ARRANBEE 620.13, heads ...

  • Lot of Three Dolls

    Lot: 448
    Sold for: $201$175

    Lot of Three Dolls, a Bruckner mask-face girl, with cloth body, original chemise and hat (overall soil), ht. 12 1/2; a papier-mch} peddler woman wearing a big smile with molded teeth, with a tray ...

  • Small All-Bisque Position Baby Doll with Molded Clothes

    Lot: 450
    Sold for: $431$375

    Small All-Bisque "Position" Baby Doll with Molded Clothes, Germany, late 19th/early 20th century, painted blue eyes, closed smiling mouth, painted molded blonde hair frames face, molded ...

  • Early Kestner Pouty Bisque-Head Doll

    Lot: 451
    Sold for: $1,955$1,700

    Early Kestner Pouty Bisque-Head Doll, late 19th century, blue lined stationary eyes (reset), closed mouth with soft lip coloring (light speckling, rubs to right cheek and nose), fat roll on neck, ...

  • Seven Small Painted-eye All-Bisque Dolls

    Lot: 452
    Sold for: $403$350

    Seven Small Painted-eye All-Bisque Dolls, five Germany, one Japan, and one America, German group comprised of two babies with jointed limbs, and three older children, one with bare feet, Nippon girl ...

  • Kestner Bisque Turned Shoulder Head Doll

    Lot: 453
    Sold for: $546$475

    Kestner Bisque Turned Shoulder Head Doll, late 19th century, brown sleeping eyes, closed mouth, impressed 3 at crown, brown mohair over plaster pate, gusseted kid body, bisque lower arms (chips ...

  • Three All-Bisque Dolls

    Lot: 454
    Sold for: $259$225

    Three All-Bisque Dolls, two Germany, one Japan, plump Kestner-type with blue painted eyes, jointed at shoulders, very fat legs with molded stockings, high two-strap boots, (break across neck and ...

  • Early Kestner Bisque-Head Doll

    Lot: 455
    Sold for: $2,760$2,400

    Early Kestner Bisque-Head Doll, c. 1890s, blue-gray sleeping eyes, closed mouth with red line between lips, fat roll on back of neck, impressed mark made in Germany 7, replaced curled blonde mohair ...

  • French Bisque-Head Automaton Tambourine Player

    Lot: 463
    Sold for: $575$500

    French Bisque-Head Automaton Tambourine Player, early 20th century, blue stationary eyes, open mouth, pierced-in ears, head impressed Limoges France, remains of brown human hair wig, undressed ...

  • Large Composition Head Baby Doll

    Lot: 465
    Sold for: $86$75

    Large Composition Head Baby Doll, Germany, c. 1930s, blue sleeping eyes, open mouth with tongue, brown human hair wig, no marks visible but with modeling characteristics of K*R 126, bent limb ...

  • Schoenhut Bent Limb Nature Baby Doll

    Lot: 467
    Sold for: $259$225

    Schoenhut Bent Limb "Nature Baby" Doll, c. 1920s, all wood, blue decal eyes, somber mouth, (darker red center of mouth, light rubs, nose touched in), light brown human hair wig, ...

  • Composition Socket-Head Boy Doll by Raleigh

    Lot: 470
    Sold for: $431$375

    Composition Socket-Head Boy Doll by Raleigh, America, c. 1920, molded painted features, brown eyes, short hair, exposed ears, open-closed mouth with two upper teeth, unmarked but modeling indicative ...

  • Effanbee Composition Patsyette Doll

    Lot: 471
    Sold for: $144$125

    Effanbee Composition Patsyette Doll, c. 1935, brown painted eyes to right, molded painted bobbed hair, (overall paint crazing), body embossed Patsyette, (paint flaking, finger damage), original pink ...

  • Effanbee Composition Dolly-Face Nurse

    Lot: 472
    Sold for: $173$150

    Effanbee Composition Dolly-Face Nurse, early 20th century, blue tin sleeping eyes (sticking), open mouth with row of upper teeth, (fine hairline across cheeks), hard finish replicates bisque, ...

  • Effanbee Composition Anne Shirley in Scottish Attire

    Lot: 473
    Sold for: $316$275

    Effanbee Composition Anne Shirley in Scottish Attire, c. 1940, "Little Lady," gray-green sleeping eyes, original brown mohair wig, (very light crazing, tiny split over right eye), good cheek ...

  • Composition Doll Head Hat Stand

    Lot: 474
    Sold for: $345$300

    Composition Doll Head Hat Stand, Germany, Princess Elizabeth type face, blue glass eyes, closed smiling mouth, very curly blonde mohair wig (some paint loss high on forehead where wig glue pulled), ...

  • Alexander Dionne Quints in Original Bed

    Lot: 475
    Sold for: $748$650

    Alexander Dionne Quints in Original Bed, with Books and Paper Dolls, c. 1930s, brown painted eyes, molded hair, (some crazing, overall soiled), straight leg toddler bodies, marked Alexander, ...

  • Two Composition Madame Alexander Dolls

    Lot: 476
    Sold for: $403$350

    Two Composition Madame Alexander Dolls, one Alexander box, America, c. 1930s, both with blue sleeping eyes, one with brown mohair wig (combed), peach taffeta and brown velvet dress, one with blonde ...

  • Small R A Bisque Head Doll and R + B Composition Doll

    Lot: 477
    Sold for: $115$100

    Small R A Bisque Head Doll and R + B Composition Doll, Recknagel bisque head character baby with molded blue and white bonnet with bows, blue intaglio eyes, open-closed smiling mouth, molded tongue ...

  • Composition Mary Hoyer Doll

    Lot: 478
    Sold for: $144$125

    Composition Mary Hoyer Doll, c. 1940, blue sleeping eyes, reddish brown mohair wig, body marked The Mary Hoyer Doll, pink cotton print dress, red fabric snap shoes, ht. 14 ...

  • Lenci Felt Girl Doll

    Lot: 479
    Sold for: $115$100

    Lenci Felt Girl Doll, Italy, c. 1930s, brown painted eyes to left, somber mouth, brown mohair wig, jointed limbs, (overall soil, torso collapsed), bright red and black felt dress and cap with ...

  • Lenci Felt Boy Doll

    Lot: 480
    Sold for: $173$150

    Lenci Felt Boy Doll, c. 1930, brown painted eyes to right, short windswept light brown mohair wig, swivel neck, jointed limbs, original blue and white felt shirt and short pants, (overall soil, some ...

  • Lenci Felt Girl Doll

    Lot: 481
    Sold for: $115$100

    Lenci Felt Girl Doll, c. 1930, brown painted eyes to left, closed pensive mouth, (light stains, overall soil), short blonde mohair side-parted wig, maroon jumper, white sweater, ht. 16 ...

  • Cloth Kathe Kruse Girl Doll

    Lot: 482
    Sold for: $1,380$1,200

    Cloth Kathe Kruse Girl Doll, Germany, painted features, brown eyes, (small paint loss spot on tip of nose, light soil), blonde human hair wig in braids, slender cloth body, shaped knees, pink ...

  • Large Rollinson Painted Cloth Doll

    Lot: 484
    Sold for: $748$650

    Large Rollinson Painted Cloth Doll, America, early 20th century, blonde painted brush-stroke hair, blue painted eyes, molded applied ears, (left ear broken off, light soil), unmarked but typical of ...

  • Martha Chase Painted Cloth Doll

    Lot: 485
    Sold for: $316$275

    Martha Chase Painted Cloth Doll, America, early 20th century, blonde painted hair with sculpted brushstrokes, brown painted eyes, (eyebrow worn, wear to center of face), firmly stuffed cloth body ...

  • Simon Halbig Bisque Socket-Head Doll

    Lot: 486
    Sold for: $345$300

    Simon Halbig Bisque Socket-Head Doll, late 19th/early 20th century, blue sleeping glass eyes, open mouth, chubby cheeks, pierced ears (pinflake at hole), impressed mark SH 1039 3 1/2 DEP, replaced ...

  • Four Multi-National Articulated Wooden Dolls

    Lot: 487
    Sold for: $201$175

    Four Multi-National Articulated Wooden Dolls, early to mid-20th century, English or Dutch peg wooden, ht. 11; Swiss girl with carved hair in coiled braids over ears, ht. 8; American Springfield ...

  • Lot of Three Soft Dolls

    Lot: 488
    Sold for: $86$75

    Lot of Three Soft Dolls, early 20th century Skookum-type squaw and papoose, composition faces, floss hair, wrapped in blanket, ht. 11; mid-20th century fur and leather Eskimo doll, inked features, ...