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  • Eight Household Items

    Lot: 600
    Sold for: $633$550

    Eight Household Items, America, 19th century, including three cast-iron porringers, a wood and sheet metal foot warmer, wrought iron calipers, a bed warmer with floral punch decoration on brass lid ...

  • Ceremonial Sword

    Lot: 509
    Sold for: $1,150$1,000

    Ceremonial Sword, Golok, Sumatra, 19th century, steel blade, carved and pierced with a floral pattern inlaid with silver, gold ferule, hilt of horn carved with floral scrolls, lg. 13 in., wooden ...

  • Lot of Four Dagger Hilts

    Lot: 512
    Sold for: $288$250

    Lot of Four Dagger Hilts, Indonesia, 19th century, a Javanese hilt with a six-point star, a floral carved horn hilt, together with two hilts from Cirebon, one of darkly stained ivory, the other of ...

  • Five Snuff Boxes

    Lot: 173
    Sold for: $173$150

    Five Snuff Boxes, late 19th/early 20th century, a German box, painted to lid with interior genre scene, dia. 3 1/2; a Scottish horn box; a fruitwood box carved to lid with the instruments of the ...

  • African Carved Wood Antelope Headdress

    Lot: 53
    Sold for: $144$125

    African Carved Wood Antelope Headdress, Bamana, the stylized animal with elongated head, slightly upswept horns, incised detail, and trade bead decoration, dark patina, (minor repair), lg. 22 ...

  • African Polychrome Carved Wood Antelope Mask

    Lot: 65
    Sold for: $316$275

    African Polychrome Carved Wood Antelope Mask, Guro, the hollow form with opened jaw showing carved teeth, oval eyes with pierced slits, keloids on forehead, and upturned horns, red, black, and white ...

  • African Polychrome Carved Wood Helmet Mask

    Lot: 67
    Sold for: $230$200

    African Polychrome Carved Wood Helmet Mask, Senufo, the "fire spitter" animal mask with long open muzzle surmounted by an abstract face, a standing leopard, and two horns, (cracks, wood ...

  • African Carved Wood Door Latch

    Lot: 71
    Sold for: $201$175

    African Carved Wood Door Latch, Bamana, the incised latch form, the head with horns and human facial features, ht. 10 ...

  • Eight Carved Wood and Horn Spoons

    Lot: 188
    Sold for: $345$300

    Eight Carved Wood and Horn Spoons, three undecorated horn spoons, and five wooden spoons, one Woodlands with a small bird carved on the handle, (damage to group), lg. of longest 13 1/2 ...

  • Rare Cherokee Polychrome Carved Wood Mask

    Lot: 213
    Sold for: $4,600$4,000

    Rare Cherokee Polychrome Carved Wood Mask, the hollow tapered form with down-turned pierced mouth, four top row teeth, prominent nose with pierced nostrils, pierced eyes, two short curved horns with ...

  • Carved and Painted Wood Cattle Meat Packers Trade Sign

    Lot: 361
    Sold for: $863$750

    Carved and Painted Wood Cattle Meat Packer's Trade Sign, Kansas, 20th century, fully carved head with applied carved ears and horns, painted brown and white with blue eyes, mounted on a round ...

  • Engraved Powder Horn

    Lot: 724
    Sold for: $230$200

    Engraved Powder Horn, America, 1831, with carved quatrefoil wood stopper secured with brass tacks, indistinctly inscribed "Water-iel, Alby Co ty W.H. Weaver Septm 16 1831," (wear), lg. 12 ...

  • Small Bronze Figure of a Bull with Ivory Horns

    Lot: 41
    Sold for: $345$300

    Small Bronze Figure of a Bull with Ivory Horns, early 20th century, the alert standing figure set with carved ivory horns, ht. 2 3/4, lg. 4 ...

  • Two Ivory Carvings

    Lot: 195
    Sold for: $489$425

    Two Ivory Carvings, Japan, late 19th century, carving of a rakan with a child, monkey, and dragon (slight loss to horn of dragon); the other of two hunters, ht. 10 1/4, 8 in., ...

  • Buffalo Horn Carving

    Lot: 548
    Sold for: $345$300

    Buffalo Horn Carving, China, first half 19th century, horn dyed an amber hue, figure of a small boy playing a lute on the back of a water buffalo, carved hardwood base, overall ht. 7 1/2 ...

  • Rhinoceros Horn Cup

    Lot: 588
    Sold for: $1,093$950

    Rhinoceros Horn Cup, 18th century or earlier, carved in the form of a magnolia flower with a base of branch and leaves, carved wooden stand, (losses), ht. 5 ...

  • Sword

    Lot: 688
    Sold for: $633$550

    Sword, Indonesia, 19th century, a parang from Sumatra, watered steel single-edged blade, carved horn hilt with a gold ferule with green and black enamel, wooden scabbard with fine line engraving of ...

  • Scottish Carved Horn Snuff Mull

    Lot: 5
    Sold for: $518$450

    Scottish Carved Horn Snuff Mull, first half 19th century, the curved end carved with the head of a dog, with bone detailing to eyes, gilt-metal neck rim etched with initials, lg. 3 ...

  • English Three-Piece Silver Plated Carving Set

    Lot: 146
    Sold for: $345$300

    English Three-Piece Silver Plated Carving Set, Sheffield, late 19th century, comprising a fork, knife, and steel, with engraved image of Windsor Castle to the knife blade, with horn handles and ...

  • Four Victorian Lorgnettes

    Lot: 340
    Sold for: $58$50

    Four Victorian Lorgnettes, one small goldtone pair engraved with name, one carved tortoiseshell, one horn suspended on goldtone and beaded chain, the fourth silver plate with floral engraving and ...