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  • Johan Mari Henri Ten-Kate (Dutch, 1831-1910) The New Pet/A Genre Scene with Children and a Magpie Signed Mari Ten Kate l

    Lot: 28
    Sold for: $6,900$6,000

    Johan Mari Henri Ten-Kate (Dutch, 1831-1910) The New Pet/A Genre Scene with Children and a Magpie Signed "Mari Ten Kate" l.l. Oil on panel, 13 x 8 in. (32.9 x 45.7 cm), framed. Condition: ...

  • William Henry Plummer (American, b

    Lot: 49
    Sold for: $1,150$1,000

    William Henry Plummer (American, b. 1839) Moonlight Sail Signed and dated "W. Plummer 1885" l.l. Oil on board, 12 x 6 in. (30.3 x 15.0 cm), framed. Condition: Varnish inconsistencies, ...

  • Attributed to Henry F

    Lot: 62
    Sold for: $690$600

    Attributed to Henry F. Farny (American, 1847-1916) Moonlight Pasture with Grazing Sheep Monogrammed "HF" l.l. Oil on canvas, 10 1/2 x 13 3/4 in. (26.8 x 34.6 cm), framed. Condition: Minor ...

  • Henry A

    Lot: 65
    Sold for: $2,070$1,800

    Henry A. Duessel (American, 19th/20th Century) Gentleman Fishing in an Autumn Landscape Signed, dated and inscribed "H.A. Duessel, 1894 NY" l.l. Oil on canvas, 30 1/4 x 50 1/4 in. (76.5 x ...

  • Henry Bacon (American, 1839-1912) Fisher Girl of Etretat, France Signed, inscribed and dated Henry Bacon, Etretat 1890 l

    Lot: 76
    Sold for: $4,715$4,100

    Henry Bacon (American, 1839-1912) "Fisher Girl of Etretat, France" Signed, inscribed and dated "Henry Bacon, Etretat 1890" l.l., label from Vose Galleries, Boston, on the reverse. ...

  • Henri Carnier (French, 19th/20th Century) Cherburg [sic]/A Harbor View Signed H

    Lot: 101
    Sold for: $460$400

    Henri Carnier (French, 19th/20th Century) "Cherburg [sic]"/A Harbor View Signed "H. CARNIER" l.r., identified on label on the reverse. Oil on panel, 7 x 12 1/2 in. (17.8 x 31.8 cm), ...

  • John Lavalle (American, b

    Lot: 224
    Sold for: $345$300

    John Lavalle (American, b. 1896) "Citadel of Henri Christopher Milot, Haiti" Signed and dated "John Lavalle 1938" l.r., labels from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Vose ...

  • George Henry Clements (American, 1854-1935) Jumping Rope Signed (in pencil) G

    Lot: 341
    Sold for: $173$150

    George Henry Clements (American, 1854-1935) Jumping Rope Signed (in pencil) "G.H. Clements" l.r. Ink and graphite on paper, sight size 3 3/4 x 6 3/4 in. (9.5 x 17.0 cm), framed. Condition: ...

  • Good English Violoncello

    Lot: 38
    Sold for: $18,400$16,000

    Good English Violoncello, James and Henry Banks, Salisbury, c. 1800, signed internally on the table, the two-piece back of narrow curl, the ribs of medium curl, the scroll of faint curl, the top of ...

  • English Violin

    Lot: 358
    Sold for: $690$600

    English Violin, labeled JAMES AND HENRY BANKS, 42 SALEM BOND STREET, LIVERPOOL, 1827, the one-piece back of light curl, the ribs of irregular narrow curl, the scroll plain, the top of fine grain, ...

  • Three Lithographed Tin Charity Boxes

    Lot: 128
    Sold for: $431$375

    Three Lithographed Tin Charity Boxes, each crme with blue lettering, for General Israel Orphans Home for Girls, Jerusalem, ht. 3; Great Charity "Chaye Olam" Institutions and Orphans Kitchen ...

  • Four English Silver Tableware Items

    Lot: 262
    Sold for: $633$550

    Four English Silver Tableware Items, various makers including Hester Bateman, London, 1781-1882, including a pair of 1796 Henry Chawner & John Eames, navette-form salt cellars with angular handles ...

  • Henri Louis Levasseur (French

    Lot: 816
    Sold for: $2,415$2,100

    Henri Louis Levasseur (French, fl. late 19th/early 20th Century) Bronze and Alabaster Allegorical Figural Group, depicting carved alabaster figure of a woman astride a bronze eagle on rocky ...

  • Henri de Montpezat (French

    Lot: 839
    Sold for: $431$375

    Henri de Montpezat (French, 1817-1859) "Chevaux & Voitures: Le Cabriolet A Pompe." Identified in the matrix. Aquatint, sight size 19 1/2 x 23 3/4 in., framed. Condition: Subtle toning, ...

  • Fortin Pattern Barometer by Henry J. Green

    Lot: 60
    Sold for: $748$650

    Fortin Pattern Barometer by Henry J. Green, Brooklyn, c. 1900, of oxidized-brass, with lacquered scale and vernier, the body tube engraved "C.B. Robinson, Georges Mills, N.H.," in mahogany ...

  • Orotone Photograph of Henry Ford

    Lot: 252
    Sold for: $460$400

    Orotone Photograph of Henry Ford, in original frame, 12 x 14 ...

  • Beck International Binocular Microscope

    Lot: 343
    Sold for: $8,050$7,000

    Beck International Binocular Microscope, No. 9069, late 19th century, with rack-and-pinion focusing, dividing eye pieces, micrometer nose focusing, prism, divided circular stage with horizontal, ...

  • William Henry Jackson

    Lot: 553
    Sold for: $259$225

    William Henry Jackson, 14 stereographs (10 cabinet and four standard), including Rocky Mountain, and Yellowstone ...

  • Governor Boutwell and His Council

    Lot: 577
    Sold for: $8,050$7,000

    "Governor Boutwell and His Council, 1852," whole-plate copy-daguerreotype, attributed to John Adams Whipple, Boston, with gilt paper mat and black-painted glass, 15 x 13 in., in ebonized ...

  • Nathaniel Currier

    Lot: 92
    Sold for: $5,750$5,000

    Nathaniel Currier, publisher (American, 1813-1888) and Currier & Ives publishers (American, 1857-1907) Group of Lithographs of the First Sixteen U.S. Presidents: George Washington, undated, ...

  • Currier and Ives

    Lot: 275
    Sold for: $4,888$4,250

    Currier and Ives, publishers (American, 1857-1907), George Henry Durrie (American, 1820-1863) "Winter Morning - Feeding the Chickens," 1863, (Conningham, 6741). Identified in inscription ...

  • Currier and Ives

    Lot: 281
    Sold for: $3,335$2,900

    Currier and Ives, publishers (American, 1857-1907); After George Henry Durrie (American, 1820-1863) "The Farm-Yard in Winter," 1861, (Conningham, 1881). Identified in inscriptions in the ...

  • Henry J. Kinnaird (British, active 1880-1920)

    Lot: 214
    Sold for: $1,380$1,200

    Henry J. Kinnaird (British, active 1880-1920) "A Sussex Cowfield" Signed "Henry J. Kinnaird" l.l., titled l.r. Watercolor on paper, 13 1/2 x 20 1/2 in. (34.4 x 51.9 cm), framed. ...

  • William Henry Hilliard (American, 1836-1905)

    Lot: 240
    Sold for: $1,265$1,100

    William Henry Hilliard (American, 1836-1905) River View with Distant Church Spire Signed and dated "W. H. Hilliard 1869." l.l. Oil on canvas, 9 1/2 x 19 in. (24 x 48.3 cm), framed. ...

  • Gustave Henri Marchetti (French, b. 1873)

    Lot: 297
    Sold for: $518$450

    Gustave Henri Marchetti (French, b. 1873) Portrait of a Seated Gentleman/A North African Genre Scene Signed "G. Marchetti" l.r. Watercolor on paper, sight size 6 1/2 x 5 in. (16.8 x 12.5 ...

  • Robert Henri (American, 1865-1929)

    Lot: 383
    Sold for: $10,925$9,500

    Robert Henri (American, 1865-1929) Harbor View, c. 1903 Signed "Robert Henri" l.r. Oil on board, 5 3/4 x 8 in. (14.5 x 20.3 cm), framed. Condition: Minor losses/damage to ...

  • Henry Hammond Gallison (American, 1850-1910)

    Lot: 405
    Sold for: $5,463$4,750

    Henry Hammond Gallison (American, 1850-1910) After the Storm Signed "H.H. Gallison" l.l. Oil on canvas, 43 x 54 in. (109.1 x 137 cm), in a period frame (losses). Condition: ...

  • Edmund Henry Garrett (American, 1853-1929)

    Lot: 409
    Sold for: $1,955$1,700

    Edmund Henry Garrett (American, 1853-1929) The Water's Edge at Sunset Signed "Edmund H. Garrett" l.l. Oil on canvas, 30 x 25 in. (76.2 x 63.4 cm), framed. Condition: Minor scattered ...

  • Carved Walnut Lady Liberty Figure

    Lot: 1020
    Sold for: $29,900$26,000

    Carved Walnut Lady Liberty Figure, America, attributed to Edgar Alexander McKillop (1879-1950), Balfour, North Carolina, the eyes of pearly beads, with stand, ht. 30, wd. 6 1/4, dp. 7 1/2 in. N.B. ...

  • Painted Wooden Sign The Fox Chase/Whoopy, Henry Fajen

    Lot: 252
    Sold for: $431$375

    Painted Wooden Sign "The Fox Chase/Whoopy," Henry Fajen, Lake Huntington, New York, c. 1930, the two scenes addressing communication between the sexes; the first depicting an encounter ...