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  • Scenic Art Pottery Plaque

    Lot: 487
    Sold for: $690$600

    Scenic Art Pottery Plaque, Daniel Zuloaga, 1852-1921, rectangular plaque depicting a peasant walking along a road with a Spanish mission in the background, signed "Zuloaga" l.r. and ...

  • Buffalo Pottery Deldare Ware Mug

    Lot: 500
    Sold for: $86$75

    Buffalo Pottery Deldare Ware Mug, Buffalo, New York, 1908, handled mug with painted hunting scene of "The Fallow Field Hunt," black pottery stamp on base, (imperfections), ht. 4 1/4 ...

  • Arts & Crafts Art Pottery Vase

    Lot: 501
    Sold for: $86$75

    Arts & Crafts Art Pottery Vase, 20th century, cylindrical neck on vase with swollen waist, in semi-gloss mottled brown glaze, (a few minor surface scratches), ht. 6 5/8 ...

  • Moorcroft Art Pottery Vase

    Lot: 502
    Sold for: $690$600

    Moorcroft Art Pottery Vase, England, 20th century, swollen cylindrical vase decorated with alternating bands of floral motifs and ovals in red and blue semi-gloss glaze, impressed ...

  • Two Moorcroft Pansy Art Nouveau Pottery Pieces

    Lot: 503
    Sold for: $230$200

    Two Moorcroft Pansy Art Nouveau Pottery Pieces, England, c. 1972, rectangular covered box with pansy decorated cover; together with a small bowl with interior pansy and leaf design, both have pale ...

  • Two Art Pottery Vases

    Lot: 509
    Sold for: $173$150

    Two Art Pottery Vases, one with dripped dark green glaze over sea green glossy finish, the other with gray matte glaze with multicolor glaze at rim, indistinct mark, ht. 6 3/4, 9 7/8 ...

  • Two Art Pottery Floor Vases

    Lot: 510
    Sold for: $173$150

    Two Art Pottery Floor Vases, possibly Wannopee Pottery, New Milford, Connecticut, ribbed sides on ovoid form, one with turquoise semi-gloss glaze, the other turquoise with black drip glaze, ...

  • Boch Frres Rostrand Porcelain Vase

    Lot: 513
    Sold for: $201$175

    Boch Frres Rostrand Porcelain Vase, Belgium, early 20th century, cylindrical vessel on stepped base, decorated with stylized overlapping arches in relief, glossy ivory glaze, circular stamp ...

  • Boch Frres Ceramic Vase

    Lot: 515
    Sold for: $173$150

    Boch Frres Ceramic Vase, Belgium, early 20th century, stand-up rim on cylindrical footed vessel, decorated with three triple waves in relief, blue crackled glaze, stamped with a wolf over ...

  • Three Art Deco Pottery Pieces

    Lot: 523
    Sold for: $230$200

    Three Art Deco Pottery Pieces, Rrstands, Sweden, c. 1930, a triangular-form dish with blue lines in a triangular spiral on a blue glossy glaze ground, impressed "Rrstand Sweden" and ...

  • Three Mid-20th Century Pottery Items

    Lot: 533
    Sold for: $115$100

    Three Mid-20th Century Pottery Items, America, a Russel Wright Iroquois Casual China pitcher in creamy yellow glossy glaze with stamped maker's mark; two Haeger pottery items, a flattened oval ...

  • Weller Art Pottery Vase

    Lot: 545
    Sold for: $173$150

    Weller Art Pottery Vase, Zanesville, Ohio, 1900-25, "matte green" hexagonal shape with indented panels, incised "WELLER," (glaze chip at base), ht. 5 1/4 ...

  • Weller Coppertone Pottery Vase and Pottery Flower Frog

    Lot: 546
    Sold for: $230$200

    Weller Coppertone Pottery Vase and Pottery Flower Frog, Zanesville, Ohio, 1920s-30s, frog figure holding a water lily blossom on lily pad, incised "Weller Pottery"; together with a green ...

  • Weller Aurelian Pottery Vase

    Lot: 547
    Sold for: $230$200

    Weller Aurelian Pottery Vase, decorated by L. Knaus or Kennedy, Zanesville, Ohio, c. 1898-1910, cylindrical vessel decorated with blackberries on flowering leafy stem on dark brown ground, incised ...

  • Weller Pottery Orris Jardinire

    Lot: 548
    Sold for: $230$200

    Weller Pottery Orris Jardinire, Zanesville, Ohio, c. 1920-30, thick rim on round vessel, band of stylized flowers and leaves over fluted sides, matte green glaze, unsigned, ht. 11 1/2, dia. 13 1/4 ...

  • Five Art Pottery Items

    Lot: 549
    Sold for: $546$475

    Five Art Pottery Items, America, two Rookwood vases, a 1926 oval vase with a double band of molded diamonds with shaded pink and green matte glaze; a 1944 oval vase with molded stylized flowers ...

  • Matte Green Zanesville Pottery Bowl

    Lot: 550
    Sold for: $230$200

    Matte Green Zanesville Pottery Bowl, Zanesville, Ohio, c. 1915, Pereco Ware line, squat round bowl decorated with four squares with abstract motifs in relief, impressed "612" on base, ht. 2 ...

  • New York Worlds Fair Pictorial Pottery Plaque

    Lot: 551
    Sold for: $46$40

    New York World's Fair Pictorial Pottery Plaque, by The American Potter, 1939, round plaque with relief decoration of a potter working at his wheel in a brick room with a window opening to the ...

  • University City and Fulper Art Pottery Vases

    Lot: 557
    Sold for: $374$325

    University City and Fulper Art Pottery Vases, a vase by University City, Missouri, c. 1913, oval form tapering to round base in mottled green, cream, and yellow, incised "U.C. 1913"; and a ...

  • Two Gouda Pottery Low Bowls

    Lot: 560
    Sold for: $288$250

    Two Gouda Pottery Low Bowls, Holland, one c. 1927, decorated with three clusters of flowers in a symmetrical pattern matte glaze in shades of orange, yellow, and blue on a black ground, blue painted ...

  • Gouda Pottery Vase and Bowl

    Lot: 561
    Sold for: $201$175

    Gouda Pottery Vase and Bowl, Holland, Art Nouveau style vase with elongated neck on squat form with stylized flowers and leaves in high glaze white, green, and rust on a taupe ground, painted ...

  • Three Gouda Pottery Pieces

    Lot: 562
    Sold for: $345$300

    Three Gouda Pottery Pieces, Zuid, Holland, early 20th century, a vase, an octagonal covered jar, and a small bowl, similarly decorated with Art Nouveau style flowers and leaves, high glaze in shades ...

  • Five Pieces of Art Nouveau Style Gouda Pottery

    Lot: 563
    Sold for: $489$425

    Five Pieces of Art Nouveau Style Gouda Pottery, Holland, early 20th century, a small vase with medallion portrait, a squat round bowl, a covered ewer, a covered jar, and a round squat vase with ...

  • Pottery Cup

    Lot: 110A
    Sold for: $115$100

    Pottery Cup, probably Gandhara, 2nd century A.D., black ware with a lobed body and a slightly trumpeted mouth decorated with geometric motifs, ht. 5 ...

  • Painted Textile

    Lot: 138
    Sold for: $748$650

    Painted Textile, India, 19th century, Islamic inscription in Kufic form, framed and glazed, 16 x 17 ...

  • Terra-cotta Amulet

    Lot: 151
    Sold for: $86$75

    Terra-cotta Amulet, India, 1st century B.C., mold-made image of a female divinity with an ornate headdress, 2 x 1 ...

  • Pottery Bust

    Lot: 228C
    Sold for: $115$100

    Pottery Bust, Nepal, 18th century or earlier, blackware molded with an image of Makala, ht. 3 1/2 ...

  • Pottery Shrine

    Lot: 310A
    Sold for: $115$100

    Pottery Shrine, Borobudur, probably 10th century, terra-cotta stupa with triangular piercings in dome-form enclosing a seated figure of the Buddha, ht. 7 ...

  • Rose Water Sprinkler

    Lot: 556
    Sold for: $489$425

    Rose Water Sprinkler, Persia, 18th/19th century, Meshed ware with blue and black floral decoration and repouss} base silver mounts, ht. 8 1/2 ...

  • Porcelain Vase

    Lot: 563
    Sold for: $2,875$2,500

    Porcelain Vase, Japan, early 20th century, trumpet form, celadon glaze with a design of exotic insects caught in a web in a grayish pink color, signed Makuzu Kozan gama sei on the base, (fine line ...