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  • U. S. Naval Officer's Sword

    Lot: 516
    Sold for: $1,528$1,300

    U. S. Naval Officer's Sword, Model 1852, with pierced floral guard, etched blade with U.S. and military motifs, and leather scabbard with brass rope-twist and dolphin mount, lg. 37 ...

  • Two American Swords

    Lot: 517
    Sold for: $646$550

    Two American Swords, comprising a Militia straight sword, with brass crucible and hilt, helmet pommel, ivory hilt and etched blade with military motif, in (partial) leather scabbard, lg. 32 in., and ...

  • American Eagle-Headed Artillery/Infantry Saber

    Lot: 523
    Sold for: $1,410$1,200

    American Eagle-Headed Artillery/Infantry Saber, with mother of pearl grip, Eagle thumb guard and blued gilt-etched blade, in metal scabbard with cast decoration, lg. 36 ...

  • Three Cavalry Sabers

    Lot: 524
    Sold for: $588$500

    Three Cavalry Sabers, all with brass guards, two with German blades, one in scabbard, lg. 35-41 ...

  • Cavalry Sabers By C. Roby & Co.

    Lot: 525
    Sold for: $558$475

    Cavalry Sabers By C. Roby & Co., West Chelmsford, Massachusetts, dated 1865, M1860, with brass guard, the blade marked AGM, in steel scabbard, lg. 41 ...

  • Two Cavalry Sabers

    Lot: 527
    Sold for: $470$400

    Two Cavalry Sabers, both with brass guards, plain blades and metal scabbards, lg. 40-42 ...

  • Cavalry Officers Saber

    Lot: 530
    Sold for: $294$250

    Cavalry Officers Saber, signed Alex. Coopel, Solingem and marked on the hilt and scabbard 12.R.A.F.4.19, with P guard and metal scabbard, lg. 35 ...

  • Two Swords

    Lot: 532
    Sold for: $353$300

    Two Swords, comprising a cavalry saber with brass guard, in scabbard, lg. 42 in., and a rapier, lg. 49 ...

  • Four U. S. Swords

    Lot: 534
    Sold for: $881$750

    Four U. S. Swords, comprising a cavalry sabre with brass guard, the blade signed W. Clauberg, Solingen, in metal scabbard, lg. 40 in.,a Noncommissioned Officer's M1840 sword by Ames, dated ...

  • Two Swords

    Lot: 535
    Sold for: $382$325

    Two Swords, comprising a Cavalry saber signed Horstmann's, Philad'a with brass guard and metal scabbard, lg. 51 in., and a Austrian(?) sword with monarch's cipher and crowned eagle ...

  • Collection of Elastolin U.S. and Scottish Soldiers

    Lot: 643
    Sold for: $646$550

    Collection of Elastolin U.S. and Scottish Soldiers, band and cavalry, approximately sixty-five ...

  • Two Continental Officer's Helmets

    Lot: 112
    Sold for: $1,528$1,300

    Two Continental Officer's Helmets, mid-late 19th century, comprising a French dragoon officer's helmet, with horsehair turban, (lacking plume), and a helmet with flame spike top on ...

  • Cuirassier's Todenkopf

    Lot: 165
    Sold for: $1,645$1,400

    Cuirassier's Todenkopf Death's Head Close Helmet, German, in the 17th century manner, with hinged visor with horizontal breath as stylized mouth, and hinged eye guard, ht. 11 1/2 ...

  • Cuirassier's Articulated Cuisse and Poleyn

    Lot: 166
    Sold for: $705$600

    Cuirassier's Articulated Cuisse and Poleyn, Europe, possibly 17th century, composed of tapered riveted horizonta; bands, the band above poleyn studded with the letter P, lg. approx. 27 1/2 ...

  • Decoupage Shadowbox Serving Tray

    Lot: 157
    Sold for: $1,116$950

    Decoupage Shadowbox Serving Tray, late 19th century, the decoupage scene using German prints depicting a 1743 royal parade of Maria Therese showing city architecture and the royal carriage flanked ...

  • Louis XVI Beechwood Open Armchair

    Lot: 171
    Sold for: $764$650

    Louis XVI Beechwood Open Armchair, 20th century, with chapeau de gendarme cresting, scrolled arm supports, and bowfronted seat on fluted circular ...

  • John Wesley Jarvis (American, 1780-1840) Portrait of Col. James Burn

    Lot: 288
    Sold for: $1,763$1,500

    John Wesley Jarvis (American, 1780-1840)Portrait of Col. James BurnUnsigned, identified on label on the reverse.Oil on canvas (mounted), 20 1/8 x 18 3/16 in. (51.1 x 46.2 cm), unframed.Condition: ...

  • Meissen Porcelain Figure of a Cavalry Officer

    Lot: 569
    Sold for: $999$850

    Meissen Porcelain Figure of a Cavalry Officer, Germany, 20th century, the mounted figure with sabre drawn, on naturalistic base, ht. 10 1/2 ...

  • Allegorical Pinprick and Watercolor Picture

    Lot: 129
    Sold for: $288$250

    Allegorical Pinprick and Watercolor Picture, mid-19th century, depicting a queen and a cavalry soldier, with a castle titled "Europa" in the background, framed, 12 1/4 x 8 5/8 ...

  • English Cavalry Parade Helmet Inkwell

    Lot: 263
    Sold for: $374$325

    English Cavalry Parade Helmet Inkwell, mid-19th century, with large gilt-metal regimental badge to front, with red-dyed horsehair plume, rose head ear bosses, and chinstrap, the top of helmet ...

  • French Dragoon Officers Helmet

    Lot: 264
    Sold for: $316$275

    French Dragoon Officer's Helmet, late 19th century, with gilt-metal mounts, including comb ending in human mask, and set with black horsehair plume, flat leaf chinstrap, lg. 11 ...

  • Porcelain Figure of a Cossack

    Lot: 514
    Sold for: $1,035$900

    Porcelain Figure of a Cossack, Russia, 19th century, the standing male figure modeled with a long coat hanging off his shoulders, inscribed and printed marks, ht. 7 3/4 ...

  • Imperial Porcelain Figure of a Soldier

    Lot: 743
    Sold for: $1,495$1,300

    Imperial Porcelain Figure of a Soldier, Russia, c. 1820, depicting a subject representing the Dragoon regiment, Caucasian corps, modeled in a cross-legged pose and holding a pipe in his right hand, ...

  • U.S. Model 1850 Cavalry Sabre and Scabbard

    Lot: 600D
    Sold for: $863$750

    U.S. Model 1850 Cavalry Sabre and Scabbard, ricasso stamped "Sheble and Fisher, Philada," (scabbard dark), lg. 43 3/4 ...

  • U.S. Light Cavalry Sabre and Scabbard

    Lot: 600E
    Sold for: $518$450

    U.S. Light Cavalry Sabre and Scabbard, ricasso stamped "D.J. Millard," New York, (hilt missing leather wrap and wire, blade with dark areas, scabbard dark with some minor dents), lg. 42 3/4 ...


    Lot: 378
    Sold for: $4,406$3,750

    Two English Parade Helmets, both with applied gilt-metal oak leaves, laurel and scrolls, comprising a mid-19th century helmet, possibly 12th Lancers, with Order of the Garter centered by enameled ...

  • 2 PARADE HELMETS:(SEE 16-17)

    Lot: 393
    Sold for: $4,348$3,700

    Two English Parade Helmets, comprising a Victorian gilt-metal 7th Dragoon Guards helmet with applied laurel branches, with black horsehair plume, and chain and leather chin strap; together with an ...


    Lot: 464
    Sold for: $2,703$2,300

    Group of Four Imperial German Cuirassier's Helmets, early 20th century, two officer's helmets with applied gilt eagle badge and trefoil ear bosses, two others with brass eagle ...