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  • Lithographed Tin Charity Box

    Lot: 126
    Sold for: $316$275

    Lithographed Tin Charity Box, Jerusalem, Alfred Saltzman, c. 1949, for the General Israel Orphans Home for Girls, Jerusalem, orange ground with blue and white decoration, lettering in Hebrew and ...

  • Meissen Partial Dragon Decorated Tea Set

    Lot: 600
    Sold for: $690$600

    Meissen Partial Dragon Decorated Tea Set, 20th century, comprising seven teacups, seven saucers, dia. 6; and nine side plates, dia. 7 in.; each enamel decorated with pair of birds to center, and ...

  • Partial English Porcelain Tea Set

    Lot: 648
    Sold for: $546$475

    Partial English Porcelain Tea Set, second half 19th century, with underglaze cobalt blue rim, above handpainted orange flowering vines, with gilt detailing and scrollwork throughout, comprising: ten ...

  • French .800 Silver Compact

    Lot: 177
    Sold for: $144$125

    French .800 Silver Compact, Marin, Paris, early 20th century, square, the obverse with engraved figure of Orion, set with faceted red and orange stones in the pattern of the constellation, the ...

  • Edison Projecting Kinetoscope

    Lot: 442
    Sold for: $24,150$21,000

    Edison Projecting Kinetoscope, by Edison Manufacturing Co., Orange, New Jersey, No. 5626, with hand-turned mechanism, shutter, adjustment mechanism, brass-bound Bausch & Lomb/Edison lens, No. ...

  • Two Glass Jewelry Items

    Lot: 128
    Sold for: $1,093$950

    Two Glass Jewelry Items, comprising a green dome ring decorated with sprays of etched wheat, size 4, signed R. Lalique; the other a molded glass orange foil-back elliptical-shape bar pin depicting a ...

  • Art Deco 14kt Gold and Carnelian Suite

    Lot: 229
    Sold for: $1,093$950

    Art Deco 14kt Gold and Carnelian Suite, necklace and bracelet designed with carved oval carnelian plaques spaced by black and orange enamel links with dragon motif, necklace suspending a carved ...

  • 18kt Gold and Enamel Fish Clip

    Lot: 320
    Sold for: $288$250

    18kt Gold and Enamel Fish Clip, the tropical fish decorated with blue, green, and orange guilloche enamel, diamond eye, stamped ...

  • Two Pearlware London-shape Bowls

    Lot: 401
    Sold for: $575$500

    Two Pearlware London-shape Bowls, Britain, one, c. 1820, banded in orange and black with black mocha "trees," dia. 5 1/2 in.; and one, c. 1840, banded in blue and black with white, black and ...

  • Pearlware Porter Mug

    Lot: 402
    Sold for: $4,313$3,750

    Pearlware Porter Mug, Britain, c. 1820, decorated with dipped fan designs in brown, blue, and orange on an ochre field bordered by reeded bands colored in the glaze with cobalt, extruded handle with ...

  • Pearlware Baluster-form Jug

    Lot: 405
    Sold for: $3,450$3,000

    Pearlware Baluster-form Jug, Britain, c. 1800, banded in orange and black with black slip-filled rouletting patterns and black mocha "seaweed" decoration, extruded handle with foliate ...

  • Pearlware London-shape Bowl

    Lot: 406
    Sold for: $748$650

    Pearlware London-shape Bowl, Britain, c. 1830, banded in tan with black borders, looping earthworm decoration in black, white, and orange on the tan field, dia. 7 ...

  • Slip-Banded Creamware Wash Basin

    Lot: 420
    Sold for: $9,775$8,500

    Slip-Banded Creamware Wash Basin, Britain, c. 1820, decorated inside and out in blue/gray, pink, orange, white, brown, and black with cat's eyes, cable (earthworm) and dots, ht. 6 1/8, dia. 14 ...

  • Hemispherical Creamware Bowl

    Lot: 431
    Sold for: $805$700

    Hemispherical Creamware Bowl, Britain, c. 1800, banded in orange and blue with black slip-filled rouletted bands, dia. 7 1/4 ...

  • Pearlware Pint Jug

    Lot: 439
    Sold for: $1,955$1,700

    Pearlware Pint Jug, Britain, c. 1820, with make-do tinsmith's replacement handle, the jug with two cobalt glazed rouletted bands bracketing an orange field with combed black bands, ht. 4 3/4 ...

  • Pearlware London-shape Bowl

    Lot: 442
    Sold for: $431$375

    Pearlware London-shape Bowl, Britain, c. 1830, banded in blue and black with four parallel orange trailed wavy slip lines on the white field, dia. 5 3/4 ...

  • Creamware Hemispherical Bowl

    Lot: 445
    Sold for: $575$500

    Creamware Hemispherical Bowl, Britain, c. 1795, with white bands and black mocha "seaweed" decoration on an orange field below a green glazed rouletted band, dia. 7 1/2 ...

  • Colored Blown Seal Bottle

    Lot: 524
    Sold for: $201$175

    Colored Blown Seal Bottle, possibly England, 19th century, amber glass with white, orange, cobalt, and green loop designs cased in colorless horizontally ribbed glass with colorless base incised ...

  • Grain-Painted Pine Make-Do Peg Board

    Lot: 1141
    Sold for: $1,495$1,300

    Grain-Painted Pine Make-Do Peg Board, 19th century, orange and black fanciful graining and black wooden pegs, ht. 7 1/2, wd. 48 ...

  • Carved and Painted Wood Articulated Bird of Prey Model

    Lot: 1154
    Sold for: $1,610$1,400

    Carved and Painted Wood Articulated Bird of Prey Model, America, late 19th century, flying full-bodied form with hinged outstretched wings, original paint in shades of brown with black and orange, ...

  • Two Carved and Painted Wood Songbirds

    Lot: 1156
    Sold for: $863$750

    Two Carved and Painted Wood Songbirds, possibly Pennsylvania, 20th century, the birds painted yellow and black with orange highlights perched on peaked wooden bases, (paint wear, repair), lg. 7 in. ...

  • Painted Double-Sided Gameboard

    Lot: 1325
    Sold for: $2,530$2,200

    Painted Double-Sided Gameboard, c. 1900, the obverse with Parcheesi board decorated in red, teal, orange, and green, checkerboard on the reverse with orange, black, and yellow paint, (paint wear to ...

  • Polychrome Parcheesi Gameboard

    Lot: 1424
    Sold for: $1,955$1,700

    Polychrome Parcheesi Gameboard, late 19th century, red, yellow, orange, and green paint, (paint wear), ht. 20, wd. 19 in. Provenance: Ex-collection Virginia Cave, ...

  • Parcheesi Gameboard on Wrought Iron Stand

    Lot: 1427
    Sold for: $575$500

    Parcheesi Gameboard on Wrought Iron Stand, America, late 19th/early 20th century, the orange, black, and cream-colored board on elaborate four-legged stand wrought to resemble twined twigs and ...

  • Small Orange Painted Basket

    Lot: 1460
    Sold for: $58$50

    Small Orange Painted Basket, America, late 19th century, with fixed handle and twisted rim, ht. 6, dia. 5 ...

  • Carved and Painted Wood Fish Weathervane

    Lot: 1543
    Sold for: $1,150$1,000

    Carved and Painted Wood Fish Weathervane, Wakefield, Massachusetts, 19th century, the salmon orange painted fish with chamfered edge and tin reinforced carved bracket, with stand, ht. 6, lg. 27 in. ...

  • Diamond Pattern Hooked Rug

    Lot: 50
    Sold for: $748$650

    Diamond Pattern Hooked Rug, mid-20th century, orange and gray diamonds on a brown ground, orange highlights, 40 1/2 x 32 ...

  • Two Cast Metal Figural Garden Sprinklers

    Lot: 117
    Sold for: $345$300

    Two Cast Metal Figural Garden Sprinklers, America, 20th century, a cast-iron frog sprinkler painted green, white, and black with traces of gilt, and a cast aluminum duck with traces of orange paint ...

  • Woven Diamond Pattern Wool Blanket

    Lot: 123
    Sold for: $230$200

    Woven Diamond Pattern Wool Blanket, Oregon City Woolen Mills, Oregon City, Oregon, c. 1925, woven in shades of black, green, turquoise, orange, and tan, partial label, (wear, repair), wd. 58, lg. 67 ...

  • Recipe Book of Laura Sarle

    Lot: 379B
    Sold for: $5,520$4,800

    Recipe Book of Laura Sarle, Canterbury and Shaker Village, New Hampshire, 1883-87, inscribed by the author, including recipes for hasty pudding, blancmange, and Temperance mincemeat, also with ...