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  • Central Plains Stone-Headed War Club

    Lot: 105
    Sold for: $403$350

    Central Plains Stone-Headed War Club, probably Lakota, last quarter 19th century, the rawhide-wrapped wood handle stained dark blue, the axe-shaped head of white quartz, a quilled horsehair ...

  • Two Photographs

    Lot: 442
    Sold for: $460$400

    Two Photographs, mounted on cabinet cards, the first a war dance, marked on the back "War Dance Sioux," the second, plains people standing in front of tipi, marked on back "Cheyenne ...

  • Narciso Platero (Ha So De

    Lot: 458
    Sold for: $4,830$4,200

    Narciso Platero (Ha So De, Fiercely Ascending) (Native American, 1918-1998) Navajo Women, signed "HA-SO-DE" l.r., tempera on textured ivory paper, (minor paper thin spot u.r. corner), 22 ...

  • Jasper Johns (American, b. 1930)

    Lot: 72
    Sold for: $1,495$1,300

    Jasper Johns (American, b. 1930) Flag (for the Committee Against the War in Vietnam), 1969, edition of 300. Signed "J Johns" in pencil l.r., numbered "218/300" in pencil l.l. ...

  • James Hamlin Gardner-Soper (American, b. 1877)

    Lot: 530
    Sold for: $2,990$2,600

    James Hamlin Gardner-Soper (American, b. 1877) May I Have this Dance?/A World War I Illustration Signed "J.H. Gardner-Soper" u.r. Oil on canvas, 41 x 30 in. (104.3 x 76 cm), unframed. ...

  • Two Star Wars Lunch Boxes

    Lot: 53
    Sold for: $86$75

    Two Star Wars Lunch Boxes, Star Wars, Thermos, 1977, with instructions; and Return of the Jedi, 1983, with bottle and ...

  • Wedgwood Bone China Liberty Tea Service

    Lot: 379
    Sold for: $920$800

    Wedgwood Bone China Liberty Tea Service, England, c. 1917, decorated with the shield of the United States and flags of the Allies in World War I, sold to aid the War Relief Fund in 1917-18, ...

  • Book of Miscellany

    Lot: 48
    Sold for: $2,300$2,000

    Book of Miscellany, Marshall S. Bidwell Jr., Elmira, New York, c. 1853, the book contains poems, proverbs, portions of novels, conundrums, magic tricks, and many bits of information from many ...

  • Imported Civil War Officers Sword and Scabbard

    Lot: 600C
    Sold for: $575$500

    Imported Civil War Officer's Sword and Scabbard, probably Germany, no maker's mark, blade marked "Iron Proof," iron three-branch hilt, sharkskin grip, wire wrap, blade thinly etched ...

  • Imported Civil War Era Belgian Rifled Musket

    Lot: 600G
    Sold for: $575$500

    Imported Civil War Era Belgian Rifled Musket, back-action percussion lock marked "F.J. Malherbe et Cie," various control numbers on metal parts, stock has cheek rest, finger-grooved trigger ...

  • Civil War Burnside Percussion Saddle Ring Carbine

    Lot: 600L
    Sold for: $1,150$1,000

    Civil War Burnside Percussion Saddle Ring Carbine, with forestock, sling bar, and ring, (surface discoloration and light surface rust, some stock abrasions), lg. 39 1/2 ...

  • Post Civil War Converted Sharps Carbine

    Lot: 600M
    Sold for: $1,265$1,100

    Post Civil War Converted Sharp's Carbine, Civil War issue but converted to centerfire cartridge, blued three-groove barrel, case hardened lock, lg. 39 1/8 ...

  • Assorted Military Lot

    Lot: 600X
    Sold for: $748$650

    Assorted Military Lot, including staff-type sword marked "Chevaliers Lafayette," four 45/70 bayonets, foreign angular bayonet, Civil War era leather bayonet scabbard, a "U.S.N." ...

  • S.S. Imperator

    Lot: 255
    Sold for: $345$300

    S.S. Imperator, a framed travel agent's chromolithographed metal sign, depicting the German liner at sea, with brass label "S.S. Imperator, Hamburg-American Line, ...First of Three Sister ...

  • World War I

    Lot: 482
    Sold for: $1,840$1,600

    World War I, thirteen boxed sets and part-sets by Keystone, Underwood & Underwood, and Realistic ...

  • Two War Sets

    Lot: 487
    Sold for: $489$425

    Two War Sets, Russo-Japanese War, Aladdin Stereographs, Doubleday, Page & Co., set of fifty, boxed, and Underwood, Boer War, partial set, ...

  • Nine Painted Wood Diapositive Viewers

    Lot: 497
    Sold for: $69$60

    Nine Painted Wood Diapositive Viewers, each with a slide of World War II or John Dillinger. Provenance: Said to have been part of a commercial ...

  • Military Stereographs

    Lot: 533
    Sold for: $1,380$1,200

    Military Stereographs, approx. 400, primarily Keystone and Underwood, Spanish-American, World War I, and ...

  • Civil War Stereographs

    Lot: 554
    Sold for: $1,093$950

    Civil War Stereographs, approx. forty-seven, including Brady/Anthony "Lt. Gen. Grant at his Head Quarters, VA," four others by Anthony, Taylor & Huntington, and a quantity of Gettysburg and ...

  • Governor Boutwell and His Council

    Lot: 577
    Sold for: $8,050$7,000

    "Governor Boutwell and His Council, 1852," whole-plate copy-daguerreotype, attributed to John Adams Whipple, Boston, with gilt paper mat and black-painted glass, 15 x 13 in., in ebonized ...

  • Theodore V. C. Valenkamph (American, 1868-1924)

    Lot: 280
    Sold for: $3,738$3,250

    Theodore V. C. Valenkamph (American, 1868-1924) "Six Masted Schooner Addie M. Lawrence" Signed "T.V.C. Valenkamph .1905." l.r., identified on the reverse Oil on canvas, 27 3/4 in. x ...

  • Friedrich Georg William Pape (German, 1859-1920)

    Lot: 395
    Sold for: $4,600$4,000

    Friedrich Georg William Pape (German, 1859-1920) World War I Generals Signed and dated "WILH. PAPE, 1919" l.r. Oil on canvasboard, 14 x 19 1/2 in. (35.8 x 49.6 cm), framed. Condition: ...

  • Carved Wood Head

    Lot: 1098
    Sold for: $1,150$1,000

    Carved Wood Head, attributed to Moses Ogden (1844-1919), Angelica, New York, a man with derby hat, with stand, ht. 4 7/8 in. N.B. Moses Ogden a wagon maker by trade and a Civil War veteran of the ...

  • Carved and Painted Wood Fish Weathervane

    Lot: 1543
    Sold for: $1,150$1,000

    Carved and Painted Wood Fish Weathervane, Wakefield, Massachusetts, 19th century, the salmon orange painted fish with chamfered edge and tin reinforced carved bracket, with stand, ht. 6, lg. 27 in. ...

  • Cloth Prisoner of War American Flag

    Lot: 284
    Sold for: $316$275

    Cloth Prisoner of War American Flag, made and dated in "Arlon Belgium Dec 11th, 1918," as per note on mat, with eight stars and five stripes, framed, (small losses, discoloration), sight 6 ...

  • Inlaid Burlwood Prisoner-of-War Bank

    Lot: 371
    Sold for: $1,150$1,000

    Inlaid Burlwood Prisoner-of-War Bank, late 19th century, the top decorated with geometric banding, the front with sailing vessels, the end panels with flags, all of various exotic woods, ...

  • Shaker Cogswell Family Correspondance

    Lot: 379D
    Sold for: $115$100

    Shaker Cogswell Family Correspondance, c. 1846-47, five letters written from Boston and Dorchester to Shaker Village in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and Pawtucket, Rhode Island, containing family and ...

  • Two Oak Canteens

    Lot: 453
    Sold for: $633$550

    Two Oak Canteens, purportedly belonging to General David Wooster, a Commander in the Revolutionary War, stave and lapped finger constructed vessels, both branded D. WOOSTER, (some loose joints, ...

  • American School

    Lot: 477
    Sold for: $2,990$2,600

    American School, 19th Century Portrait of John Ralli, Esq./ U.S. Consul to the Port of Odessa. Unsigned. Oil on canvas, 38 x 32 in., in a carved gilt frame. Condition: Lined, retouched, small ...