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  • White Porcelain Kakiemon Dish

    Lot: 1181
    Sold for: $148$120

    White Porcelain Kakiemon Dish, Japan, with barbed rim, decorated with a flower and bird design to the interior also with impressed scroll design, double ring in red encircling the foot rim, ht. 1 ...

  • Junyao-style Vase

    Lot: 1182
    Sold for: $369$300

    Junyao-style Vase, China, possibly Shiwan ware, tapered sides with two loops around neck, resting on three jutting feet, the thick blue glaze with two flambe splashes, ht. 6 1/4 in. Provenance: ...

  • Small Qingbai-glazed Box and Cover

    Lot: 1183
    Sold for: $185$150

    Small Qingbai-glazed Box and Cover, China, Song dynasty style, round form with straight ribbed sides, the cover decorated with a molded floral design, ht. 2 1/8, dia. 3 in. Provenance: A Maine ...

  • Carved Camphorwood Polychrome Lacquered Box and Cover

    Lot: 1184
    Sold for: $400$325

    Carved Camphorwood Polychrome Lacquered Box and Cover, China, late Qing dynasty, square, decorated with bats around a shou character against a carved checkered roundel in red and green, lacquered ...

  • Jun Ware Brush Washer

    Lot: 1185
    Sold for: $1,169$950

    Jun Ware Brush Washer, China, 19th century, flattened globular form on a raised bisque foot ring, ht. 1 7/8, dia. 5 1/2 in. Provenance: A Maine estate; purchased from Warren E. Cox in 1975. ...

  • Two Black-glazed Bowls

    Lot: 1186

    Two Black-glazed Bowls, China, the mottled interior with dense oil spots, on a raised bisque foot ring, ht. to 2 1/8, dia. to 4 1/2 in. Asian Art Online ...

  • White Porcelain Figure of Guanyin

    Lot: 1187

    White Porcelain Figure of Guanyin, China, standing on a lotus-decorated base, with a lotus stalk in her left hand, ht. 12 5/8 in. Asian Art Online ...

  • Green/Blue-glazed Water Dropper

    Lot: 1188
    Sold for: $277$225

    Green/Blue-glazed Water Dropper, China, Ming dynasty style, in the shape of a deity reclining against a toad with his hands atop the toad's head, bisque base, ht. 2 1/2, wd. 4 1/4 in. ...

  • Agate Carving of Shoulao

    Lot: 1189
    Sold for: $49$40

    Agate Carving of Shoulao, China, standing with a staff in his right hand, mottled red stone with gray streaks and spotty black inclusions, ht. 3 3/8 in. Provenance: A Maine estate. Asian ...

  • Mother-of-pearl-inlaid Scholar's Box and Cover

    Lot: 1190
    Sold for: $148$120

    Mother-of-pearl-inlaid Scholar's Box and Cover, China, rectangular, resting on four bracket feet with inlaid details, the four sides inlaid with flower and insect scroll designs, silverwork fittings ...

  • Banko Teapot

    Lot: 1191

    Banko Teapot, Japan, the tubular body and base with finely incised and engraved design, the body with pomegranates and a bird in polychrome enamel, the handle with openwork and a loose ring at the ...

  • Qingbai-glazed Covered Box

    Lot: 1192
    Sold for: $98$80

    Qingbai-glazed Covered Box, China, Song dynasty style, circular, decorated with raised bands of floral and foliate scrolls around a central roundel, bisque rims and base, ht. 2 1/2, dia. 5 1/2 ...

  • Two Export Blue and White Dishes

    Lot: 1193
    Sold for: $37$30

    Two Export Blue and White Dishes, China and Japan, a Kraak dish with a floral roundel and diaper band, Chenghua mark; and a transfer print dish with metal-clad mouth rim, dia. to 6 3/4 in. ...

  • Celadon Tripod Censer

    Lot: 1194
    Sold for: $2,460$2,000

    Celadon Tripod Censer, China, cylindrical, ribbed body, resting on a foot ring, the three cabriole feet, dull glaze with allover crackling, ht. 2 7/8, dia. 5 in. Asian Art Online ...

  • Two Yixing Teapots

    Lot: 1195
    Sold for: $369$300

    Two Yixing Teapots, China, 20th century, a double-bodied pot decorated with applied ribbon, signed "Youchun" to cover; and an angled bell-shape pot with raised calligraphy on one side, square mark ...

  • Twenty-one Carved Wood Stands

    Lot: 1196
    Sold for: $221$180

    Twenty-one Carved Wood Stands, China, five square stands; five with S-shaped legs; ten round with short bracket feet; and an openwork cross-bar stand, ht. to 3 7/8, wd. to 7 3/8 in. Asian Art ...

  • Green-glazed Vase

    Lot: 1197
    Sold for: $62$50

    Green-glazed Vase, China, archaic storage jar form, with rolled everted rim and four loop lugs around shoulder, thickly glazed, bisque base, ht. 12 1/2 in. Asian Art Online ...

  • Mottled Black-glazed Stoneware Water Pot

    Lot: 1198

    Mottled Black-glazed Stoneware Water Pot, China, bulbous form with waisted neck and flat bisque bottom and base, glazed interior, ht. 8 1/2 in. Asian Art Online ...

  • Bronze Figure

    Lot: 1199

    Bronze Figure, Southeast Asia, standing on a square base, with arms folded and hands turned forward, ht. 5 3/8 in. Asian Art Online ...

  • Gilt-bronze Buddha Statue

    Lot: 1200
    Sold for: $185$150

    Gilt-bronze Buddha Statue, Thailand, Ayutthaya period style, standing with both hands in abhaya mudra, lacking feet, mounted on a modern stand, statue ht. 13 in. Asian Art Online ...

  • Pair of Famille Noir Covered Ginger Jars

    Lot: 1202
    Sold for: $185$150

    Pair of Famille Noir Covered Ginger Jars, China, baluster form with short straight neck, domed cover with a bud-shape finial, decorated with bird and flower design on black ground, ht. to 13 in. ...

  • Pali Palm-leaf Buddhist Manuscripts

    Lot: 1203
    Sold for: $98$80

    Pali Palm-leaf Buddhist Manuscripts, Burma, late 19th century, thirty-one palm leaf strips strung between two wood covers with arabesque foliate designs, 2 1/4 x 17 1/4 in. Asian Art Online ...

  • Cast Iron Kettle

    Lot: 1204

    Cast Iron Kettle, Japan, square, with circular mouth, bronze cover, the body decorated with family crest symbols on the sides, ht. 4 3/8, with handle raised 7 1/2 in. Asian Art Online ...

  • Two Ceramic Items and a Cloisonne Vase

    Lot: 1205
    Sold for: $98$80

    Two Ceramic Items and a Cloisonne Vase, a Chinese celadon covered jar with a bird and flower design in blue; a Japanese tall vase with a floral pattern design in moriage; and a Japanese cloisonne ...

  • Reproduction of a Painted Japanese Screen

    Lot: 1206

    Reproduction of a Painted Japanese Screen, depicting the arrival of a Portuguese ship in a trading port, framed, 17 x 81 in. Asian Art Online ...

  • Five Asian Items

    Lot: 1207

    Five Asian Items, a framed Chinese embroidered silk roundel with a bird design; a Japanese fish rubbing on fabric; a framed print portrait of an old white-bearded Korean man; and a pair of framed ...

  • Two Joined Framed Plaques

    Lot: 1208
    Sold for: $2,214$1,800

    Two Joined Framed Plaques, China, an enameled plaque with landscape, signed "Youmei Li"; and a lacquered plaque with flowers and insects, overall 16 3/8 x 11 1/4 in. Asian Art Online ...

  • Two Enameled Bowls

    Lot: 1209
    Sold for: $197$160

    Two Enameled Bowls, China and Japan, a four-lobed green enameled bowl with stylized chilong/lingzhi design; and a shallow bowl with figures, "fugui changchun" mark on base, with stands, ht. to 4 ...

  • Small Marble-top Stand

    Lot: 1210
    Sold for: $246$200

    Small Marble-top Stand, China, 19th/20th century, square, the apron carved with floral motifs and openwork scrolls, paw-form feet, 18 3/4 x 16 x 16 in. Asian Art Online ...

  • Carved Cinnabar Lacquered Covered Box

    Lot: 1211
    Sold for: $308$250

    Carved Cinnabar Lacquered Covered Box, China, Qianlong style, square with lobed corners, decorated in relief with a landscape with two figures, the sides with geometric patterns, four-character ...