The Lankton Collection of African Art online

The Lankton Collection of African Art online

BID ONLINE MARCH 24–31, 2020

The Lankton Collection, an auction comprising approximately 575 pieces of African Art includes a wide range of tribal groups and object types, from masks, small figures, fiber, utilitarian objects, and large sculpture. A particular emphasis is on works from the Baule and Senufo peoples of the Ivory Coast; the Dogon from Mali; masks and sculptures from the diverse cultures of the Congo. Artworks from the Yoruba tribe and the Ibo of Nigeria, and many others.

The collection offers a considerable number of large standing figurative sculpture, from nail fetish figures to ancestor figures, to figurative drums.

The Lankton Collection is offered in its entirety with an inviting opening bid of $1,500 at 12PM on Tuesday, March 24 and will close at 7PM on Tuesday, March 31.


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