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Cats! Millions of Cats!

This spring, lovers of cats can have a “Fancy Feast” for their eyes at the Worcester Art Museum and at Skinner, Inc.

At Skinner on May 13th bidders can acquire a wonderful drawing of a cat by Wanda Gag in our Fine Paintings & Sculpture auction. The ink drawing (Lot 342) shows a wide-eyed kitten peeking out from a jumble of laundry on an overstuffed arm chair. Wanda Gag is known to many as the author of Millions of Cats. Published in 1928, the fanciful illustrations and rhythmic language have delighted generations of children.… Read More

Knights Running Amok at the Worcester Art Museum!

The Higgins Armory Collection is Moving

To anyone who grew up in central Massachusetts, it was heart-breaking to hear the news that the Higgins Armory Museum is closing at the end of 2013. This unique museum showcases one of the most significant collections of arms and armor in the country.

The good news is that the core collection– nearly 2,000 objects – will all move to the Worcester Art Museum, just across town, where they will be on permanent display.… Read More

Contemporary Art in Boston: The Smart & Witty Work of Annette Lemieux

Contemporary art is becoming all the rage (finally!) in Massachusetts. Sebastian Smee’s article in the Boston Globe, “Contemporary Art All the Rage Across Region,” (September 18, 2011) points out how MassMOCA, the ICA, and now the MFA are all giving contemporary art its due, and even The Clark Art Institute is getting into the act. The Worcester Art Museum (WAM) has been quietly and steadily showing contemporary work for years. Now in its ninth machination the Wall at WAM project, currently featuring Charline von Heyl, shows site-specific murals in the Renaissance Court. And, WAM brings at least one major contemporary show each year, which, for a museum of modest size, is nothing short of amazing.