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In Full Bloom – A Salute to Gardens

As Sir William Gilbert wrote in “The Mikado”, the flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la, bring promise of merry sunshine. The sunshine may be fleeting, but those welcome blossoms are the enduring theme of songs and poems and, of course, paintings.

For hundreds of years, floral still life paintings have flourished everywhere, from palaces to cottages. There are treasured examples ranging from kindergartener’s refrigerator art to multimillion dollar masterworks.… Read More

Discover Studio Art at Auction, August 21st through 29th

MARLBOROUGH, MA – August 20, 2014 – Skinner is hosting an Online Studio Paintings auction from Thursday, August 21st through Friday, August 29th. Bidders are invited to view all lots in the auction online, or in person at the Skinner Marlborough Gallery on August 26th and 27th.

The online auction features artwork in a variety of media from Old Masters to modern artists. Over 500 landscapes, marine art, portraits, prints, woodcuts, and summer scenes will be offered, along with a collection of Frank Weston Benson prints of birds and sculpture.… Read More

Got Fruit? Still Life Paintings of the Fall River School

Just as we are warned by nutritionists and dietitians not to grocery shop on an empty stomach, I might suggest that you wait to view this blog post until after dinner. It could have the beneficial side effect of making you reach for a peach instead of a bowl of ice cream for dessert!

The post Civil War period was an economic boom for the city of Fall River, Massachusetts, and its leading citizens found the bountiful still lifes of Dunning and his followers to be the perfect expressions of the optimism and opulence of the day. Dunning’s subject seems simple: Fruit. How sophisticated and refined can that be? At Dunning’s most extreme the answer is “very.”