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Talking Auctions with Karen Keane & Steve Fletcher | Online September 30

Talking Auctions with Karen Keane and Steve Fletcher


Join us for a casual, free-flowing conversation with Karen Keane and Steve Fletcher  — get their inside view. The discussion will touch on the current market for antiques & fine arts, and delve into the fascinating stories behind some recent auction highlights, from the consignor with a great eye, who purchased a group of furnishings a half-century ago from legendary dealers of the day; to a carved model of a figurehead, donated to Goodwill, purchased on eBay, and sold at Skinner. 

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Antique Weathervanes, Part I: Horses, Roosters, and Cars… Oh My!

Collectors of American antiques love weathervanes. In fact, people love them so much that during the 60s and 70s antique weathervanes started disappearing from roofs across America. Thieves were stealing the valuable vanes in the middle of the night. I heard stories of weathervanes being stolen away by helicopter – they swooped down and lifted weathervanes off of barn roofs.