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William Edward Frodsham (1804-1825) Two-day Marine Chronometer, No. 1 London, c. 1825

William Edward Frodsham Two-day Marine Chronometer, No. 1 (Lot 209, Estimate: $4,000 - $6,000)

For hundreds of years, mariners sailed the vast oceans knowing their position north or south of the equator (latitude), but could not determine their distance east or west of the prime meridian (Greenwich, England), or longitude. One can imagine the deadly consequences of knowing only one of these. Despite many crazy theories and attempts to determine longitude, an accurate timekeeper capable of keeping time under the difficult conditions found at sea seemed to provide the answer.… Read More

Silver Yacht Trophies Recall a Long History of America’s Cup Races

Are you a yacht enthusiast, braving the ocean waves to spend time sailing or racing? Or perhaps you follow America’s Cup, the prestigious yacht race named after the schooner America, the first winner of the race in 1851. Yachts and yacht clubs have undeniably shaped seaside culture, and silver trophies such as the ones pictured here represent the best of the best in yachting history.

In the 18th and early 19th century, yacht clubs were established in European countries such as Russia, Ireland and Sweden.… Read More

Courageous Sailing and the Corporate Challenge Regatta

During bright and sunny spring and summer days, most of us can’t wait to get outside at the end of a workday. One thing that makes my weekends last just a little longer through May and June is the Corporate Challenge Regatta. For the past 5 or 6 years, Skinner has taken part in this event hosted by Courageous Sailing in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

Courageous Sailing is a non-profit organization that aims to use sailing to build character and camaraderie among Boston children from all economic and ethnic backgrounds.… Read More