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The Piedmont School of Violin-Making
From the Guadagninis to Pressenda and Rocca

When you think of Piedmont, Italy the first thing that comes to mind is most likely wine. Yes, Piedmont is a wine region, but it was also home to an important tradition of violin-making. The Piedmont school can be divided into three distinct periods, beginning in 1630 with the most important maker of his time: Chioffredo Cappa.

The Guadagnini family dominates the second period. Giovanni Battista Guadagnini arrived in the region in 1771 and introduced violin-making in the Lombard manner.… Read More

A Rare Cello from the Workshop of John Betts

Violoncellos produced in the Betts workshop are extremely sought-after, and this example, to be offered in the Skinner Fine Musical Instruments auction on April 28th, is no exception. The cello bears a label with a completion date of 1783; however, the accompanying Hill Certificate from 1936 dates it closer to 1790. It is also interesting that the employment of Vincenzo Panormo began around the year 1791.