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The Don & Inge Cadle Collection

After a childhood in Denver, Colorado, Don Cadle attended Yale University in 1946, and after graduation, went on to Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, earning a doctorate in History in 1953. Then followed three years in the Army in West Germany, where he worked in military intelligence, and where he met and married Ingebord, his life partner and co-collector of rugs.

Following his Army service, Don and Inge moved back to the U.S., where Don worked for a number of Federal Agencies, including the Bureau of the Budget and the Department of Commerce, ending up as the CFO for NASA.… Read More

Lecture | Flower/Power: The Legacy of Persian Carpets


Flower/Power: The Legacy of Persian Carpets

A Lecture by Julia Bailey



Most Persian rugs made before the sixteenth century are now lost; our best idea of what they looked like comes from manuscript paintings. During the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, according to these paintings, rugs generally exhibited small-scale, abstract, geometric designs. But during the sixteenth century, under Safavid rule, carpets gained a new, more naturalistic vocabulary, representing both courtly life on earth and a hoped-for afterlife in a tree- and flower-filled garden paradise.… Read More

Inspired Offerings of Fine Oriental Rugs & Carpets at Skinner on March 28

BOSTON, MA – March 24, 2015 Skinner, Inc. is pleased to announce its auction of Fine Oriental Rugs & Carpets on Saturday, March 28th, featuring 329 lots that comprise a strong selection of early collectible rugs, Central Asian embroideries, Kashmir shawls, antique decorative carpets and more.

In addition to the auction preview, interested collectors can join Lawrence Kearney, Director of Fine Oriental Rugs & Carpets, for a gallery walk on March 27th, from 5:30–8:00 P.M. … Read More

Great Persian Carpets: the More You Look, the More You See

“In order for some one to know a carpet, he has to have stood in the middle of it,” the brilliant English art critic–and rug collector–David Sylvester noted (HALI, issue 42, page 82).

This antique Sarouk carpet, for instance, like most really good late 19th century Persian workshop carpets, commands one’s attention. But great Persian carpets do more than merely capture your attention, they repay and magnify that attention: the more you look, the more you see.… Read More

Skinner to Auction Fine Oriental Rugs and Carpets on March 22
Sale Marks Debut of Lawrence Kearney as Department Director

BOSTON, MA – March 10, 2014Skinner, Inc. is pleased to announce an auction of Fine Oriental Rugs & Carpets, antique textiles, Kashmir shawls, and Central Asian embroideries on Saturday, March 22. This wonderfully curated offering of eclectic and rare pieces marks the debut auction of Lawrence Kearney, Director of Fine Oriental Rugs & Carpets.

Mr. Kearney comes to Skinner with a distinguished background in the world of textiles, as a well-respected dealer of more than 30 years, and in letters, as an American poet of note.… Read More