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Collaboration in Design: Going Beyond Design by Committee

Does a great design genius really work alone? There’s this idea in our culture that a genius of any type, think Einstein or Picasso or Hemmingway, created his masterpieces in isolation. While a great idea originates in one person’s mind, the execution of the idea often requires collaboration.

How to Decorate with Art Deco Glass

A great first step toward incorporating Art Deco glass as a design element in your living space is to buy a vase. Art Deco glass vases can be found in a variety of forms, color and decoration. Let’s look at how a graphic, figural, and floral vase could fit into your design vision.

What’s Hot? Clarice Cliff Heats Up the Modern Design Market

An icon of the Art Deco era, Clarice Cliff was a 13-year-old apprentice pottery enameller who grew to become a one-woman tour-de-force in British ceramics. Employed by A.J. Wilkinson and later, Newport Pottery, Cliff seemingly single-handedly brought the industry into the modern age with her bold pottery designs that featured bright colors, free-flow landscapes, abstract and geometric patterns, and oddly modern shapes. These elements made her wares extremely popular during the 1920s and 30s, and collectors still find them appealing now.

Upcycling is Upending a World of Waste
Pottery shards adhered to an upcycled bathtub

Earth day lands on April 22nd this year, and I’ve already started to think about being green, and our responsibility to the world around us. In Americans’ quest for the new, hot, ‘thing’ it’s easy to overlook the treasures of the past, but the mid-century furniture, art glass, and other beautifully designed pieces I work with every day still have a place in our lives.

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