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Meet the Experts: Judith Dowling, Director of Asian Works of Art, Part II

While I was in graduate school studying Asian art, my husband had a sabbatical, and we took it in Japan. Before that, I’d visited Japan once or twice, but living there allowed me to immerse myself in the culture. I also went to China for several weeks, very soon after the country had opened up to the West. After I opened my gallery in Boston, I returned to Japan regularly looking for material.

Meet the Experts: Judith Dowling, Director of Asian Works of Art, Part I

The love for Asian works of art has been a part of me for a long time. When I was a young teenager, I went to the museum and I saw calligraphy for the first time. I thought it was beautiful. And then when I was told that it was a written language, I was fascinated.

Chinese Ceramics: Discover the Most Beautiful Glazes Ever Produced

I think Sung dynasty (960-1279) ceramics is a collecting area deserving of more exploration. The quiet, subtle beauty and simple, elegant shapes of these pieces appeal to the urban middle classes, scholars, and connoisseurs of fine ceramics.

Artisans created a wide variety of fine ceramics during the Sung dynasty, offering many choices to the collector of Chinese ceramics. It is not only the beauty that makes these pieces compelling to a collector, but also the high technical achievement , inventiveness, and quality of production that offers the collector a great deal to satisfy his curiosity.

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