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Buckets, Pails, and Firkins; What’s the Difference?

Whether painted or undecorated; staved or tinned, with or without lids; utilitarian buckets, pails, and firkins have for over a century, been popular with collectors. Like so many things with the passage of time, the terminology that is used to describe these humble objects has become muddled.  I have always been a firm believer that when describing historical objects, we should describe them today as they were described during their original period of use.… Read More

Crowdsourcing a Collection: Local Voices and Stories at the Concord Museum

Over the last six months, as part of the Concord Museum’s 125th anniversary exhibition, Crowdsourcing a Collection, local citizens, historians, teachers, artists, public servants, sister institutions, and five voices from Concord’s past have chosen objects from the Museum’s collection that held meaning for them. Their responses are varied, but all are history in the first person.