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Pinkburst Custom Guitars Bring Top Guitar Makers Together

It was 10 degrees in Manhattan when I entered the Upper West Side apartment building where Jay Jay French, legendary Twisted Sister guitarist, lives. When I rang at his door, he opened it with a wide grin and invited me into what could only be the home of a well-played musician. Walls decorated with gold records, rare original vintage Beatles and Rolling Stones photos, memorabilia of Old New York celebrities and entertainers, a state-of-the art sound system, and stacks of guitars, including thirteen bright pink axes that belong to the Pinkburst Project.… Read More

The Guitar Market: Underrated Acoustic Guitars

If you love acoustic guitars, and want to know where the best values are–if your motivation is to have and play something that you love–then you may want to consider vintage and antique instruments that are often overlooked in the marketplace.