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Georg Jensen: A Shining Legacy

Georg Jensen, the greatest silversmith of the 20th century, valued tradition yet always remained open to innovation. He also had a rare ability to recognize and foster talent in others. This generosity of spirit still guides the Georg Jensen Company and has been a major factor in its continuing success.

George Jensen, the master of Silver, deeply believed in the importance of the collaborative process, one of the basic precepts of the Arts & Crafts movement in which his work was rooted.… Read More

Georg Jensen: Master of Silver

The term “iconic” is much used—and abused—to refer to people or objects that are widely agreed to epitomize a particular style. When it comes to modern silver, iconic is indeed the fitting adjective for the world-renowned Danish designer Georg Jensen.

The most important silversmith of the 20th century, Jensen combined art and an artistry that resonate in the huge body of work bearing his name and distinctive style. His influence continues to this day.… Read More