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Top 5 Fine Art & Antiques Blog Posts this Holiday Season

The holidays are here, complete with great food, fancy parties, and shopping excursions in search of the perfect gift. When you feel like a break, read through these top five favorite blog articles written by Skinner expert appraisers during the busy fall auction season. Let us know which post was your favorite in the comments.

Top 5 Fine Art & Antiques Blog Posts of the Summer

It’s hard to believe that summer is already over. In the midst of vacations and appraisal house calls, Skinner antiques & fine art experts found the time to write intriguing and informative blog posts. These are the top 5 most popular articles from June, July, and August. Read them for the first time or enjoy a re-read, then join the conversation by leaving a comment.

Top 5 Fine Art & Antiques Blog Posts by Skinner Appraisers

Now that it’s June and summer is just around the corner, we’d like to celebrate by sharing some of the most popular blog posts of March, April and May. If you missed these Fine Art & Antiques articles before, now is your chance to check them out and join the conversation.

#5 The Mantua School, New and Old

by David Bonsey, Director of Fine Musical Instruments at Skinner, Inc.



This two part series explores the Mantua school of violin makers, including Guarneri, Balestrieri, Dall’Aglio, Scarampella and Gadda.… Read More

Three Expert Insights: Quality Details

Quality in antiques and collectibles can stem from fine workmanship or exquisite materials. Skinner experts and appraisers have weighed in on these aspects of quality in the two previous posts. However, there is yet one more major theme when it comes to quality: detail.

As Executive Vice President Stephen Fletcher puts it, “It’s like buying a car.” You could be looking at two identical models, and one has a walnut interior, gps, and a sunroof, while the other has nothing special.… Read More