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The design history of Coe Hall, a Long Island great country house

Late George III Needlepoint Settee, England, 19th century, with later components, (LOT 526, $800-1,200)

On Saturday, October 3rd, a symposium entitled “Gilding the Coasts: Art and Design of Long Island’s Greatest Estates” will be held at the Long Island Museum in Stony Brook, New York, a Smithsonian affiliate, to explore the artful design and preservation of Long Island’s greatest country houses. This event is in conjunction with an exhibition by the same name at the museum.  These country houses numbered over 1,000 about 100 years ago with now only a few surviving today.… Read More

Highlights from the Sara and Bob Hunt Collection of Early English Oak

The Sara and Bob Hunt Collection of Early English Oak is an exemplary collection which brings together the best elements of English craftsmanship of the 17th-18th century (and earlier), and will be featured as part of the European Furniture & Decorative Arts auction on July 18th, 2015. Highlights from the sale to be auctioned include the following oak pieces and Bellarmine, which reveal many stories about how they were used, and how they could fit into your home today.… Read More