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Pandemic Pastimes: Binge-watching Favorite Shows

Like many of you right now, I’ve spent the last few months retreating into comforts—comfort food, comfort clothes, and comfort TV. And nothing is more comforting than re-watching your favorites, the shows and movies you’ve seen hundreds of times and can recite line by line. After watching the much anticipated season 4 of The Crown (whether you liked this season or not, Gillian Anderson was INCREDIBLE), I found myself going back to seasons 1 and 2 again.  

The Queen’s jewelry reproductions were amazingly accurate, something I found lacking in seasons 3 and 4.… Read More

A Tiara Fit for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

This antique tiara from the Estate of Charles P. Fisher has a very special and well-documented history.

Charles Fisher’s grandmother, Julia Bryant Paine, purchased the tiara in London in 1897. Julia’s husband, Charles Jackson Paine, was appointed to the international Bimetallism Commission by President McKinley and served with Senator Wolcott of Colorado and ex-Vice-President Adlai E. Stevenson (the grandfather of Adlai who ran for president against Ike Eisenhower).… Read More