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Today’s Interiors- Seeking Modernity in Antiques

A Lecture by Paula Daher – Daher Interior Design – Principal



Paula Daher – Daher Interior Design – Principal


Always creative and ever passionate about the process of achieving beautiful, functional interior design, Paula combines classical training in design and business with an analytical mindset to lead an award-winning design firm.… Read More

My Three Favorite Modern Design Websites

One of the best ways to feel more inspired about objects and design is to see examples of beautifully designed rooms and elegantly solved design problems. I’ve always enjoyed magazines and books on design, but of course nowadays there’s also a wealth of information online.

Do You Believe the Myths?

Antique furnishings are much more than “old” — they’re affordable, useful, sturdy, and stylish.

What comes to mind when you hear the word “antique”? Expensive? Old? Fragile? Stuffy? As a specialist at Skinner auction house, I know that these stereotypes are often undeserved. Not all antiques are unfashionable, pricey, or breakable collectors of dust. There is a secret underbelly to this world of old things that is surprisingly affordable, useful, sturdy, and stylish.… Read More

Visiting Beauport with Antiques Roadshow Host Mark L. Walberg

Beauport, a historic landmark on Eastern Point in Gloucester, Massachusetts, was the home of Henry Davis Sleeper. Sleeper exemplifies the passion of a veteran collector with his talent for creating a unique atmosphere. Even today, a century after he purchased Beauport, his ideas and arrangements are innovative, exciting, and inspiring to collectors and decorators.

How to Buy Antique Furniture made from Wood

Choosing a piece of antique furniture for your home can be a genuinely rewarding experience, But it can also be a challenge to select the right piece with so many options and limited time to consider them. Many antiques are one-of-a-kind pieces and once someone else has snapped one up or it’s gone through auction, you’re out of luck. The best strategy is to understand exactly what you’re looking for before you go shopping.

Here is the list of things I think about when I’m searching for antique furniture made from wood.… Read More

The Jet Age Returns: PAN AM and the Resilience of Modern Design

Did you ever travel by air back in the sixties? In those days, flying was an elegant affair. Passengers dressed in their finest clothes and dinner was served on china plates. The new television series PAN AM is set in the Jet Age of 1963, and the producers have gone to great lengths to replicate the design of the period, including clothing, cars, and interior sets.

How to Decorate with Art Deco Glass

A great first step toward incorporating Art Deco glass as a design element in your living space is to buy a vase. Art Deco glass vases can be found in a variety of forms, color and decoration. Let’s look at how a graphic, figural, and floral vase could fit into your design vision.